Konstantinos Gkofas

Konstantinos Gkofas

name = Konstantinos Gkofas
"Κωνσταντίνος Γκόφας"
birth_date = 1790
birth_place = Pteri south of Aigio, (now Greece)
death_date = 1865 (age 82)
death_place = Kalavryta, Greece
nationality =
occupation = Greek revolutionary leader

Konstantinos Gkofas (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Γκόφας, 17th century - 1824) was a Greek revolutionary leader and a soldier during the Greek War of Independence and a politician.

He was born in Pteri south of Aigio and was the brother of Christos Gofas. He work with the Petmezades and founded to preserve one of the from the Turks during the robbery of 1806. During the start of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, he participated with Dimitrios Meletopoulos and battled several battles in the Peloponnese. He took part in the Sieges of Patras, Corinth, Tripoli and the battles of Akrata, Dramali, Messenia, Battle of Doliana and in August 8, 1827 in Kafkaria (.

Under the deeds of those, he was awarded the Silver Aristeio. Uses under the actions for the revolution was addressed in "under the service of the Revolutionary Commission" and with the claim in March 27, 1865 which he when he did not took part in any rewards for the deeds, that much and the rejection of his father. Dimitrios Gkofas as a officer paid for the salary and the supplying of soldiers. In the claim which happened by the truch from 1804 by Dimitrios Meletopoulos in which marked the services as long as Gkoufas and as long as his father, acquiesence in all of that space... known and the edge of subjection on its " in the battles. In which he from the total land from the newly formed Greek Government. From 1826, he was elected only in Pteri and entered the common important spot between the superior of the city.

He had six sons, Themistiklos, a landowner who died early, Michail Gkofas, a trader which finance for forty years and the first council president, Panagos Gkofas for many years, Greek consul to Tbilisi and in Batumi along with Spyridon, Vasileios and Leonidas Gkofas in which survives many relatives.


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