Samuel Łaszcz

Samuel Łaszcz

Samuel Łaszcz, Prawdzic Coat of Arms (1588–1649), famous nobleman in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Starosta of Owrucz, soldier, outlaw and troublemaker, with family estate in Łaszczów. Received 236 sentences of exile (banicja) and 37 sentences of infamy (infamia). He is rumored to have sewn them to his coat (delia). Fought with Jeremi Wiśniowiecki. He was protected from the law by the patronage of hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski, because Łaszcz, an able soldier and commander, could always be counted to fight for the Commonwealth in the times of war, a quality that Koniecpolski admired. From the legal point of view, as a professional soldier, Łaszcz was subject to the military, and not civil jurisdiction, and therefore was able to enjoy the protection of his superiors. He spent much time in Makarow in Ukraine. When Chmielnicki Uprising begun in 1648, Sejm absolved him of all his crimes in return for his services, however Łaszcz fell ill several months later and, abandoned by most of his friends, died in 1649.


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