Tape refers to a strip of long, thin and narrow matter, usually rolled up. Most commonly, it refers to:

Recording media

* Magnetic tape
* Digital Audio Tape (or "DAT")
* Digital Compact Cassette (or "DCC")
* Digital video tape
* Cassette Tape, a magnetic data/audio storage device
* Videotape, for video storage
* Taping, officially known as "recording", the process of writing on a cassette

Adhesive tapes

* Pressure sensitive tape, adhesive tape, self-stick tape, including:
** Gaffers tape
** Duct tape
** Masking tape
** Electrical tape
** Transparent tape
** Box sealing tape
** Surgical tape
** Double-sided tape
** Adhesive transfer tape
** Filament tape or "Strapping tape"
** Spike tape
** Hockey tape
** Tape dispenser
** Slug tape

* Water activated or gummed tape
** Gummed paper tape
** Reinforced gummed tape

* Heat activated tape
* Drywall tape is paper, cloth, or mesh - sometimes with an adhesive

Other usages

* The Tape (Kid Capri album)
* Heat tape Trace heating
* Scotch tape, a brand
* Taping, the medical procedure of attaching tape to the body
* Tape measure
* Barbed tape
* Tape head
* Tape dispensers holds tape rolls
* Tape worm
* Tape (film), a 2001 film
* Twill tape, a narrow, sturdy woven fabric used like string
* Red tape, a colloquialism for heavy or undesirable bureaucratic process
* Optical celluloid tape used in movie projectors (a possible precursor to the compact disc)
* "Tape" (pr. (tah-peh), an alternative spelling of tapai, an Indonesian fermented food.

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