American Tru Spinners

American Tru Spinners

American TRU-Spinners (ATS) is an American company producing spinning rims for the custom car market.

Product & Origin

The inventor and founder of Tru-Spinners, James (J.D.) Gragg, was working on concept cars in the 1980s when the idea of the Tru Spinner wheels was born. He has over 80 inventions from holographics, golf, musical instruments, nautical equipment, air purification, tools, medical equipment and even more exciting auto related products.Over seven years of research into the ball bearings have resulted in some of the longest spin times ever recorded. Some documented spin tests produced motion times of over 18 minutes.

Legal battles

ATS prevailed in a four year long battle in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California against U.S. alloy wheel manufacturers and distributors. ATS publicly announced that all defendants brought to trial were declared to have committed patent infringement upon ATS's U.S. Spinner patent and that all seven defendants were ordered to "Cease and Desist" manufacturing, distribution and sales of the technology. The defendants were also ordered to pay ATS an undisclosed amount in awarded damages. ATS was awarded a yet to be announced amount against the Wheel Outlet of Georgia and Triple X Spinners for patent and trademark infringement.


* [] Legal statement on infringement.

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