List of people from Skopje

List of people from Skopje

Below is a list of notable people born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia or its surroundings.

*Mother Teresa, Roman Catholic Humanitarian
*Justinian I, Eastern Roman Emperor
*Constantine Tikh of Bulgaria, tsar of Bulgaria
*Srgjan Kerim, President of the United Nations General Assembly
*Darko Pančev, European Cup Football Winner
*Milčo Mančevski, Macedonian film director
*Yahya Kemal Beyatlı, Turkish poet
*Mike S. Zafirovski, buisnessman involved in the success of several companies
*Mario Đurovski, football striker playing for FK Vojvodina
*Čedomir Janevski, assistant coach of AA Gent
*Aleksandar Vasoski, defender for Eintracht Frankfurt
*Blagoja Vidinić, former football coach and former football player
*Petar Mazev, painter
*Maja Dzartovska, painter
*Labina Mitevska, actress
*Naum Panovski, theatre director and writer
*Vlado Bučkovski, former prime minister of the Republic of Macedonia
*Nikola Gruevski, current prime minister of the Republic of Macedonia
*Vasil Tupurkovski, politician
*Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan, poet, essayist, and literary critic
*Blagoj Nacoski, tenor opera singer
*Darko Dimitrov, songwriter, composer, and music producer
*Trifun Kostovski, mayor of Skopje
*Jovan Jovanov, singer and composer
*Andrijana Janevska, singer and musician
*Vlado Janevski, singer
*Goce Nikolovski, singer
*Esma Redžepova, Romani vocalist
*Elena Risteska, singer and songwriter
*Tamara Todevska, singer
*Tijana Dapčević, singer
*Martin Vučić, singer
*Nikola Eftimov, fashion designer
*Martina Pavloska, model
*Katarina Ivanovska, model
*Simon Trpceski, musician
*Venko Markovski, Bulgarian writer and poet and a political figure from the Republic of Macedonia
*Veni Markovski, Bulgarian Internet pioneer
*Boban Babunski, Macedonian football coach
*Vaska Ilieva, folk singer
*Darko Tasevski, Macedonian footballer
*Aleksandar Bajevski, Macedonian footballer
*Kiril Dojčinovski, former Yugoslav footballer
*Saša Ilić, Macedonian goalkeeper
*Zlatko Nastevski, retired Macedonian footballer
*Berat Sadik, Finnish striker
*Goran Stankovski, Hong Kong footballer
*Goce Toleski, footballer
*Zoran T. Popovski, scientist and professor
*Zoran Jolevski, Macedonian ambassador to the United States
*Muharem Bajrami, footballer
*Branimir Stulic, musician, composer,former frontman of AZRA

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