Ana Bešlić

Ana Bešlić

Ana Bešlić (salaš Šara Pustara near Bajmok, March 16, 1912 - Belgrade February 27, 2008, Belgrade) was the sculptor from Serbia, originating from Croat family from Bačka in autonomous province of Vojvodina.

She was born in a salaš Šara Pustara near the Bačkan town of Bajmok, between Osijek and Subotica, at that time in southern Hungary in Austria-Hungary.

Ana Bešlić was one of most important representative os modern sculpturism in Yugoslavia and Serbia. By genre, she belonged to the group of artist that since 1950's, became recognisable by their artistic curiosity and non-mainstream approach, being the pioneers of changing of sculptor's style in Yugoslavia. Still, her creations were mostly oriented towards the making of monuments.

She attended schools in Zagreb, Graz and Vienna, but she developed her artist education on Akademija likovnih umetnosti in Belgrade in 1949.

Part of her works were donated to the city of Subotica (monument of Blaško Rajić etc.).

Last years of her life she spent in Belgrade, where she died in 2008.


Her best known sculptures are "Plamen", "Majka i dete", "Talija", "Slomljena krila" (being one of most known sights in Palić), "Majka i sin", Podravka's rooster, "Tina Turner", "Blaško Rajić" etc.


She won numerous awards for her work.

Rajko Ljubič, a film director from Subotica, made a documentary about her in 2005.

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