Temple Sinai (Denver, Colorado)

Temple Sinai (Denver, Colorado)

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name = Temple Sinai
formation = 1967
type = Synagogue
location = Denver, Colorado
website = http://www.sinaidenver.org/index.php

Temple Sinai is a synagogue located in Denver, Colorado. It was started in 1967 by Rabbi Raymond A. Zwerin. It is a full-functioning synagogue with a religious school catering preschoolers to confirmation students. Services are performed every Friday night, Saturday morning, and on holidays. Rabbi Zwerin has recently retired as senior rabbi. The current senior rabbi is Richard S. Rheins and the current assistant rabbi is Jay TelRav.

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* [http://www.sinaidenver.org/index.php Temple Sinai Website]
* [http://www.sinaidenver.org/pdfs/IntheBeginning.pdf Temple Sinai History]

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