Off and Running

Off and Running
Off and Running

Cover of "Off and Running" VHS
Directed by Edward Bianchi
Written by Mitch Glazer
Starring Cyndi Lauper
David Keith
Editing by Rick Shaine
Release date(s) 1991 (1991)
Country United States
Language English

Off and Running is a 1991 American film starring singer and actress Cyndi Lauper as a mermaid-themed lounge singer who gets involved with a caring but troubled man. Because of his involvement with horse racing and breeding (and consequent mafia ties), the man is murdered in front of her, and she goes on the lam to escape his killers. On the way, she takes on the company of a professional golfer and a rebellious pre-teen boy, and together they attempt to unravel the mystery behind her slain lover's past. The film was not widely distributed and coasted into notability mainly because of Lauper's involvement. It is generally available on VHS for less than a dollar. The film fared far better in other countries where Lauper's popularity has sustained. In Germany and Japan it was packaged as "Moon Over Miami".


  • Cyndi Lauper ... Cyd Morse
  • David Keith ... Jack Cornett
  • Johnny Pinto ... Pompey
  • David Thornton ... Reese
  • Richard Belzer ... Milt Zoloth
  • José Pérez ... J.W. (Woody) Vilela
  • Anita Morris ... Florence
  • Hazen Gifford ... John K. Sasser
  • Linda Hart ... Gina Pompelli
  • Tracy Roberts ... Patti
  • Dana Mark ... April
  • Heather Davis ... Loree
  • Sy Bondy ... Norman
  • Tony Jones ... Curtis Valentine
  • George Richards ... Auctioneer
  • Steven Reibel ... Bid Spotter
  • Mark Harris ... Shriner
  • Daniel L. Tasciotti ... Interviewer
  • Sydney Sandnes ... Desk Clerk
  • Jodi Lyn Wilson ... Hostess (as Jodi Wilson)
  • Gary Snow ... Yuppie Father
  • Nancy Duerr ... Yuppie Wife
  • Jonathan Dreyer ... Yuppie Boy
  • Nelson Oramas ... State Trooper
  • Joshua Spencer ... Kid #1
  • Kelly Scarberry ... Little Girl
  • Tim Hawkins ... Banjo Man
  • Harold Bergman ... Sy
  • Mary Alvarez ... Reporter

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