Archducal hat

Archducal hat

The first archducal coronet ( _de. Erzherzogskrone) was shown on a portrait of Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria, though this coronet probably never existed. Ernest the Iron had a coronet made, and another was made on the death of Archduke Ferdinand II of the Tyrol in 1595. The final archducal hat ("Erzherzogshut") as the crown of the Archduchy of Austria was made in 1616 for the regent of the Tyrol, Maximilian III. Its place of production remains unknown. Since then it has been kept at the Augustinian monastery of Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria. It was brought to Vienna in 1620 for the Ceremony of Homage by the Estates (the so called "Erbhuldigung") for the new ruler, and was last there in 1835. Besides the archducal hat there are two other coronets. One is the ducal hat kept in the Landesmuseum Joanneum in Graz, Styria. The other was made for Joseph II in 1764 for his coronation as Holy Roman Emperor in Frankfurt of which only the metal frame remains.

The coat of arms of the federal state of Upper Austria ("Oberösterreich") features on the top the archducal hat of Austria.


*G. Kugler, Der österreichische Erzherzogshut und die Erbhuldigung, in: Der heilige Leopold, Ausstellungskatalog, Klosterneuburg 1985.

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* Austrian Crown Jewels
* Austrian Imperial Crown

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