LackeyCCG is a computer program used to play virtually any collectible card game (CCG) against online opponents or for building and testing of CCG decks offline in a solitaire mode [Citation |last=Agnitti |first=Trevor |title=About LackeyCCG | |accessdate=2008-02-20] . It also allows for the searching of cards within each CCG. LackeyCCG currently has both Mac and Windows versions and will soon have a Linux version. The program was created by Trevor Agnitti and is currently in its beta testing stage.


Using LackeyCCG a person may play games such as Call of Cthulhu LCG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon and Magic, The Gathering [Citation |title=LackeyCCG PluginFinder | |accessdate=2008-02-21] . Players may create a plugin for use with LackeyCCG representing any CCG. Unlike programs such as Apprentice, LackeyCCG stores the card art for each card in the plugin. This is done so players may easily and quickly recognize cards being played [Citation |last=Agnitti |first=Trevor |title=About LackeyCCG | |accessdate=2008-02-20] . In addition LackeyCCG saves disc space and increases download speeds by using only one card image for each card, instead of four or more as programs such as CCG Workshop do. After installing or creating a desired plugin, players may also add additional plugins and may switch between the plugins to play different CCG's.

For copyright reasons, LackeyCCG does not come with any plugins aside from a basic plugin which shows users a template for making their own plugin, but users have shared the plugins they have made [Citation |title=LackeyCCG Forum | |accessdate=2008-02-20] .

Independent CCG Plugins

The LackeyCCG software is also being used to develop a number of independent games, including Duality [Citation |title=Duality Plugin Released! | |accessdate=2008-02-21] and Realms at War [Citation |title=Realms at War: an Indie CCG | |accessdate=2008-02-21] . Other plugins, while not on LackeyCCG, are being developed and are pending release, at various stages of completion. [Citation |title=LackeyCCG Design Forum | |accessdate=2008-02-21]


Players may connect with one another using an IP address or by using a server associated with LackeyCCG. Since LackeyCCG will accommodate multiple CCG's, it does not come with a rules engine. As such, players are responsible for keeping track of any point totals and moving all cards to the appropriate playing zones. Lackey has included many tools for tracking health, turns, and phases within each turn.

Through the use of forums players can organize everything from one time sit down games all the way up to tournaments. The use of the Lackey Forums can aid in tracking games as well as finding new people to play with.

Recently, Card Arena, a league site supporting Lackey, was released allowing for organized play in ladders and tournaments using the LackeyCCG program.

Currently all LackeyCCG versions are free programs, but the designer has plans to make a premium version in addition to the free version [Citation |last=Agnitti |first=Trevor |title=About LackeyCCG | |accessdate=2008-02-20] .

List of Plugins

Following is a list of all the plugins for LackeyCCG shared by users [Citation |title=LackeyCCG Forum | |accessdate=2008-02-21] .

*Aliens vs. Predator Collectible Card Game
*Babylon 5 CCG
*Battlestar Galactica CCG
*Beyblade TCG
*Bleach CCG
*Blue Moon CG
*Case Closed TCG
*Call of Cthulhu CCG
*Dark Eden
*Digimon TCG
*Digimon CCG Online
*Duel Masters TCG
*Epic Battles TCG
*Fullmetal Alchemist TCG
*Hecatomb TCG
*Harry Potter TCG
*InuYasha TCG
*Legend of the Burning Sands
*Legend of the Five Rings CCG
*Magic, The Gathering
*MegaMan TCG
*Netrunner CG
*Pokémon TCG
*Raw Deal collectable card game
*Realms At War
*Rifts CCG
*Shadowrun TCG
*Spycraft CCG
*Star Trek CCG 2E
*Star Wars CCG (Decipher)
*Star Wars TCG (Wizards)
*Star Wars PocketModel TCG
*The Legend of Zelda TCG
*The Lord of the Rings TCG
*The Spoils
*Tomb Raider CCG
*Universal Fighting System
* [ Unauthorized Dr. Who CCG]
*VS System
*Wheel of Time CCG
*World of Warcraft TCG


External links

* [ Official site]
* [ Card] - Online card game league that utilizes LackeyCCG

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