The Source of the river of Svijaga

The Source of the river of Svijaga

Geobox Protected Area
name = The Source of Svijaga river
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category_local = Natural Monument
category_iucn = III

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country = Russia
region = Ulyanovsk
region1 =
region_type = Oblast
district = Kuzovatovo area
district1 =
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city_type = Settlements
city =
city1 =
city2 =
city3 =
location =
lat_d = 53
lat_m = 31
lat_s = 30
lat_NS = N
long_d = 47
long_m = 32
long_s = 16
long_EW = E
elevation =
biome = Biotsenozy of a source of the river of Svijaga
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lowest_lat_NS =
lowest_long_d =
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established_type = Nature sanctuary of Russia
established = 1989
established1_type =
established1 =
management_body =
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The Source of Svijaga river ( _ru. Исток р. Свияга) is a natural monument in Ulyanovsk Oblast, Volga Federal District, Russia.

Basic natural features

The most important feature of the Protected Area is the main source of river Svijagi itself. This lies about 5 km to the southwest from village of Kuzovatovo, where the land rises a height of 332 m above sea level, combined песчано by stony adjournment of paleogen. At this height the vegetation consists of good tall-trunked pine wood зеленомошник a cowberry shrub, and in places bilberry. Here occur various of representatives of family грушанковых - ортилия one-sided, грушанка круглолистная, зеленоцветковая and small, зимолюбка umbellate, sometimes неоттинанта клобучковая - rare орхидное plant.

The site of the source of Svijagi - 102 quarter (though the most part верховий is in 103 quarter). The source originates from a wood-bog surrounded by the wood

It is little affected by human activity. Svijaga, a small pure streamlet, flows on a bottom of a deep broad gully with гигрофитной vegetation. Business with нижерасположенными верховьями this river is worse is. Here over several kilometers, three dams intercept the greatest part of water flowing from a source of Svijaga. The special alarm is caused with the first dam where there is деревообрабатывающее the enterprise polluting water. The second dam is cleaner, but on its banks there are various industrial buildings. Behind the second dam of Svijaga becomes a small streamlet and then in Kuzovatovo becomes the very small river proceeding for some kilometers on enough wide пойме. Here верховья Svijaga are deeper because of an abundance of springs from underground aquifers.

The other source is at village the Red Glade (on northern suburb of village). The broad gully where the Svijaga originated is heavily trodden by cattle, and the majority of springs is trampled. This source is in the extremely bad status.

The third source of Svijaga in rather better position, is located to the west from the village of Baevka. It originates from a spring on the edge of a pine wood. The springs are powerful, and the water clean.

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