Thomas Schirrmacher

Thomas Schirrmacher

Thomas Schirrmacher is a Christian moral philosopher and a specialist in the sociology of religion. He is the rector of the Martin Bucer Seminar, a theological seminary seated in Bonn with campuses in several European countries, Germany.

Professor Thomas Schirrmacher holds chairs in ethics, in world religions and in international development in Germany, Romania, USA and India, is rector of Martin Bucer Theological Seminary with 11 campuses in Europe and president of Gebende Hände gGmbH (Giving Hands), an internationally active relief organisation. He has authored and edited 74 books, which have been translated into 14 languages.

As an international human rights activist he is on the board of the International Society for Human Rights since 2005, manager of the Religious Liberty Commission of the German and the Swiss Evangelical Alliance, and director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom of the World Evangelical Alliance.

He holds the following degrees: M.Th. (STH, Basel, Switzerland), Dr.theol. (Ecumenical Theology & Missiology, TU Kampen, Netherlands), Ph. D. (Cultural Anthropology, PWU, Los Angeles - unaccredited), Th. D. (Ethics, WTS, Lakeland, Florida), Dr. phil. (Sociology of Religion, State University, Bonn, Germany), honorary doctorates: D.D. (Cranmer Theological House, Shreveport), D.D. (ACTS UNIversity, Bangalore,. India).

He is listed in Marquis' Who's Who in the World, Dictionary of International Biography, International Who is Who of Professionals, EU-Who is Who, Who is Who in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 2000 Outstanding People of the 21st Century, 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, International Who's Who in Distance Learning, Kürschners Deutscher Sachbuch-Kalender.


As author:

Das Mißverständnis des Emil Brunner: Emil Brunners Bibliologie als Ursache für das Scheitern seiner Ekklesiologie. Theologische Untersuchungen zu Weltmission und Gemeindebau. ed. by Hans-Georg Wünch and Thomas Schirrmacher. Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Weltmission und Gemeindebau: Lörrach, 1982. 54 pp.

A study of Emil Brunner's ecclesiology and of the bibliology and hermeneutics of dialectical theology.

Mohammed: Prophet aus der Wüste. Schwengeler: Berneck (CH), 19841, 19862, 19903, 19964. 120 pp. (with Christine Schirrmacher)

A short biography of the founder of Islam and an introduction into Islam.

Theodor Christlieb und seine Missionstheologie. Verlag der Evangelischen Gesellschaft für Deutschland: Wuppertal, 1985. 308 pp.

A study of the biography, theology and missiology of the leading German Pietist, professor of practical theology and international missions leader in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Marxismus: Opium für das Volk? Schwengeler: Berneck (CH), 19901, 19972. 150 pp.

Marxism is proven to be a religion and an opiate for the masses. Emphasizes the differences between Marxist and Biblical work ethics.

Zur marxistischen Sagen- und Märchenforschung und andere volkskundliche Beiträge. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 19911, 20032. 227 pp.

10 essays and articles on the science of folklore and cultural anthropology in Germany. Includes a critique of the Marxist interpretation of tales and sagas, and studies on the history of marriage and family in Europe from the 6th century onward.

"Der göttliche Volkstumsbegriff" und der "Glaube an Deutschlands Größe und heilige Sendung": Hans Naumann als Volkskundler und Germanist unter dem Nationalsozialismus. 2 volumes. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 2 volumes, 19921, in one volume 20002. 606 pp.

Discusses the history of German cultural anthropology and folklore under Hitler, especially the leading figure Naumann, professor of German language, whose scientific theory is shown to be very religious in tone.

War Paulus wirklich auf Malta? Hänssler: Neuhausen, 1992, VTR: Nürnberg, 20002 (together with Heinz Warnecke). 254 pp.

The book argues that Paul was not shipwrecked on Malta but on another island, Kephalenia, and that the report in Acts is very accurate. The Pauline authorship of the Pastoral Epistles is defended with theological and linguistic arguments against higher criticism.

Psychotherapie - der fatale Irrtum. Schwengeler: Berneck (CH), 19931, 19942; 19973; 20014 (together with Rudolf Antholzer). 150 pp.

A critique of secular psychotherapy, showing that psychotherapy often is a religion, and that most psychotherapists call every school except their own unscientific.

Paulus im Kampf gegen den Schleier: Eine alternative Sicht von 1. Korinther 11,2-16. Bi-blia et symbiotica 4. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 19931, 19942, 19953, 19974 168 pp. Revised: VTR: Nürnberg, 20025

Exegetical examination of 1. Corinthians 11,2-16, following an alternative view of John Lightfoot, member of the Westminster assembly in the 16th century.

"Schirrmacher argues that from the biblical teaching that man is the head of woman (1 Cor 11:3) the Corinthians had drawn the false conclusions that in prayer a woman must be veiled (11:4-6) and a man is forbidden to be veiled (11:7), and that the wife exists for the husband but not the husband for the wife (11:8-9). Paul, however, rejected these conclusions and showed in 11:10-16 why the veiling of women did not belong to God's commandments binding upon all the Christian communities. After stating the thesis and presenting his alternative translation and exposition of 1 Cor 11:2-16, he considers the difficulties in the text, presents his alternative exposition in detail (in the form of thirteen theses), discusses quotations and irony in 1 Corinthians, and deals with other NT texts about women's clothing and prayer and about the subordination of wives." (New Testament Abstracts vol. 39 (1995) 1, p. 154).

Der Römerbrief. 2 vol. Neuhausen: Hänssler, 19941; Hamburg: RVB & Nürnberg: VTR, 20012. 331 + 323 pp.

Commentary on Romans in form of major topics of Systematic Theology starting from the text of Romans, but then going on to the whole Bible.

Der Text des Römerbriefes: Für das Selbststudium gegliedert. Biblia et symbiotica 7. Ver-lag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1994. 68 pp.

The text of Romans newly translated and structured for self study.

Ethik. Neuhausen: Hänssler, 19941. 2 vol. 883 & 889 pp.; Hamburg: RVB & Nürnberg: VTR, 20012. 3 vol. 2150 pp.; 20023. 8 volumes. 2850 pp.

Major Evangelical ethics in German.

Galilei-Legenden und andere Beiträge zu Schöpfungsforschung, Evolutionskritik und Chronologie der Kulturgeschichte 1979-1994. Biblia et symbiotica 12. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1996. 331 pp.

Title: Legends of Galileo and other Contributions to Creation Science, Criticism of Evolution and Chronology of the History of Culture 1979-1994.

Völker - Drogen - Kannibalismus: Ethnologische und länderkundliche Beiträge 1984 - 1994. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1997. 218 pp.

A collection of articles on cultural anthropology, especially on Indians in South America, cannibalism and the religious use of drugs.

Die Vielfalt biblischer Sprache: Über 100 alt- und neutestamentliche Stilarten, Aus-drucksweisen, Redeweisen und Gliederungsformen. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1997. 130 pp.

A hermeneutical study, listing more than 100 specific language techniques in the Bible with several proof texts for each of them.

Gottesdienst ist mehr: Plädyoer für einen liturgischen Gottesdienst. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1998. 130 pp.

An investigation into biblical proof texts for liturgical elements in Christian Sunday service.

Gesetz und Geist: Eine alternative Sicht des Galaterbriefes. Reformatorische Paperbacks. Reformatorischer Verlag: Hamburg, 1999. 160 pp.

This commentary emphasising the ethical aspects of Galatians wants to prove that Galatians is not only fighting legalists but also a second party of Paul's opponents, who were totally opposed to the Old Testament and the Law, and lived immorally in the name of Christian freedom, a view especially endorsed by Wilhelm Lütgert's commentary of 1919. Paul is fighting against the abrogation of the Old Testament Law as well as against using this Law as way of salvation instead of God's grace.

Law and Spirit: An Alternative View of Galatians. RVB International: Hamburg, 2001. 160 pp.

English version of the same book.

God Wants You to Learn, Labour and Love. Reformation Books: Hamburg, 1999. 120 pp.

Four essays for Third World Christian Leaders on Learning with Jesus, Work Ethic, Love and Law and Social Involvement.

Dios Quiere que Tú Aprendas Trabajes y Ames. Funad: Managua (Nikaragua), 19991; 20002; RVB International: Hamburg, 20033. 70 pp.

Spanish version of the same book.

37 Gründe, warum Christen sich für eine Erneuerung unserer Gesellschaft auf christlicher Grundlage einsetzen sollten. Die Wende, 1999. 40 pp.

37 reasons for Christian involvement in society and politics.

Christenverfolgung geht uns alle an: Auf dem Weg zu einer Theologie des Martyriums. Idea-Dokumentation 15/99. Idea: Wetzlar, 1999. 64 pp.

70 thesis on persecution and martyrdom, written for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on behalf of the German and European Evangelical Alliance

World Mission - Heart of Christianity. RVB International: Hamburg, 1999. 120 pp.

Articles on the Biblical and systematic fundament of World Mission, especially on mission as rooted in God’s being, on ‘Mission in the OT’, and ‘Romans as a Charter for World Mission.. Shorter version of German original 2001.

Eugen Drewermann und der Buddhismus. Verlag für Theologie und Religionswissen-schaft: Nürnberg, 20001; 20012. 132 pp.

Deals with the German Catholic Author Drewermann and his propagating Buddhist think-ing. Includes chapter on a Christian Ethics of Environment.

Ausverkaufte Würde? Der Pornographie-Boom und seine psychischen Folgen. Hänssler: Holzgerlingen, 2000. (with Christa Meves). 130 pp.

The psychological results of pornography.

Eine Sekte wird evangelisch - Die Reformation der Weltweiten Kirche Gottes. Idea-Dokumentation 11/2000. Idea: Wetzlar, 2000. 56 pp.

Detailed report on the reformation of the Worldwide Church of God (Herbert W. Armstrong) from a sect to an evangelical church.

Legends About the Galilei-Affair. RVB International: Hamburg, 2001. 120 pp.

Shorter version of the German book 'Galilei-Legenden' mentioned above with essays on creation science.

Human Rights Threatened in Europe: Euthanasia - Abortion - Bioethicconvention. RVB International: Hamburg, 2001. 100 pp.

Updated Lectures on euthanasia and biomedicine at the 1st European Right to Life Forum Berlin, 1998, and articles on abortion.

Menschenrechte in Europa in Gefahr. RVB: Hamburg, 2001… 110 pp.

Updated Lectures on euthanasia and biomedicine at the 1st European Right to Life Forum Berlin, 1998, and articles on abortion. See slightly different English version above.

Aufbruch zur modernen Weltmission: William Careys Theologie. RVB. 64 pp.

First discussion of Carey’s theology in length, explaining his Calvinistic and Postmillenial background.

Be Keen to Get Going: William Careys Theology. RVB: Hamburg, 2001. 64 pp.

Same book in English.

Darf ein Christ schwören? RVB: Hamburg, 2001. 140 pp.

On Swearing and on its meaning for covenant theology. Taken from ‚Ethik’, vol. 1.

Christus im Alten Testament. RVB: Hamburg, 2001. 84 pp.

On Christ and the Trinity in the Old Testament and on ‘the Angel of the Lord’. Taken from ‚Ethik’, vol. 1.

Wie erkenne ich den Willen Gottes? Führungsmystik auf dem Prüfstand. RVB: Hamburg, 2001. 184 pp.

How to know the will of God – criticizes the inner leading of the Spirit. Taken from ‚Ethik’, vol. 1.

Love is the Fulfillment of Love - Essays in Ethics. RVB: Hamburg, 2001. 140 pp.

Essays on ethical topics, including role of the Law, work ethics, and European Union.

Mission und der Kampf um die Menschenrechte. RVB: Hamburg, 2001. 108 S.

The relationship of world missions and the fight for human rights is discussed on an ethical level (theology of human rights) as well as on a practical level.

The Persecution of Christians Concerns Us All: Towards a Theology of Martyrdom. zugleich Idea-Dokumentation 15/99 E. VKW: Bonn, 2001. 156 pp.

70 thesis on persecution and martyrdom, written for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on behalf of the German and European Evangelical Alliance

Irrtumslosigkeit der Schrift oder Hermeneutik der Demut? VTR: Nürnberg, 2001. 82 pp.

Debate with Dr. Hempelmann on the inerrancy of scripture.

Beiträge zur Kirchen- und Theologiegeschichte: Heiligenverehrung — Universität Gießen — Reformation / Augustin - Böhl — Spurgeon — Brunner. VKW: Bonn, 2001. 200 pp.

Articles on topics from church history like ‘The beginning of the veneration of saints’ and on the named theologians.

Weltmission — Das Herz des christlichen Glaubens: Beiträge aus 'Evangelikale Missiolo-gie'. VKW: Bonn, 2001. 200 pp.

Articles on the Biblical and systeamtic fundament of World Mission, especially on mission as rooted in God’s being, on ‘Mission in the OT’, and ‘Romans as a Charter for World Mission.. Shorter version of German original 2001.

Säkulare Religionen: Aufsätze zum religiösen Charakter von Nationalsozialismus und Kommunismus. VKW: Bonn, 2001. 140 pp.

Articles on the religious nature of National Socialism and Communism. Includes texts of prayers to Hitler.

Paulus im Kampf gegen den Schleier!? VTR: Nürnberg, 20025. 130 pp.

Revised version. See commentary on first edition 19931.

Paul in Conflict with the Veil!? VTR: Nürnberg, 2002. 130 pp.

Same in English.

Hoffnung für Europa: 66 Thesen. VTR: Nürnberg, 2002

Official thesis and study of hope in the Old and New Testament for Hope for Europe of the European Ev. Alliance and Lausanne Europe.

Hope for Europe: 66 Theses. VTR: Nürnberg, 2002

Same in English.

Also available in Czech, Dutch, Spanish, Rumanina, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, lettish, Latvian.

ABC der Demut. RVB: Hamburg, 2002

Notes and bible studies on humility in alphabetical order.

Führen in ethischer Verantwortung: Die drei Seiten jeder Verantwortung. Edition ACF. Brunnen: Gießen, 2002

‘Leading in ethical responsibility’: An introduction into ethics for economic and other leaders for the Academy of Christian Leaders.

Der Papst und das Leiden: Warum der Papst nicht zurücktritt. VTR: Nürnberg, 2002. 64 pp.

A study of the writings of Pope John II. on suffering and an evaluation of their exegetical basis. Gives reasons why the pope does not resign.

Erziehung, Bildung, Schule. VTR: Nürnberg, 2002. 88 pp.

The chapters on rising of children, example, education, and Christian school from ‘ethics’.

Thomas Schirrmacher, Christine Schirrmacher u. a. Harenberg Lexikon der Religionen. Harenberg Verlag: Düsseldorf, 2002. 1020 pp.

In a major secular dictionary on world religions, Thomas Schirrmacher wrote the section on Christianity (‘Lexicon of Christianity’, pp. 8-267) and Christine Schirrmacher the section on Is-lam (‘Lexicon of Islam’, ’pp. 428-549).

Studies in Church Leadership: New Testament Church Structure – Paul and His Cowork-ers – An Alternative Theological Education - A Critique of Catholic Canon Law. VKW: Bonn, 2003. 112 pp.

Contains the named five essays. The first essay is translated from vol. 5 of ‘ethics’.

Im Gespräch mit dem Wanderprediger des New Age - und andere apologetische Beiträge. VKW: Bonn, 2003. 210 pp.

Essays and reports on non-Christian religions, New Age, reincarnation, manicheism from two decades of apologetic debates.

Verborgene Zahlenwerte in der Bibel? - und andere Beiträge zur Bibel. VKW: Bonn, 2003. 200 pp.

Essays and articles on Bible Numerics, the importance of Hebrew studies, Obadiah, the Psalms and other Bible related topics from 2 decades of studies.

Feindbild Islam. VKW: Bonn, 2003. 111 pp.

May Arab Christians call God ‚Allah’? Is Allah the Father of Jesus? How Political Parties in Germany misrepresent Islam.

Religijos mokslas. Prizmês knyga. Siaulai (Litauen): Campus Fidus, 2004. 106 pp.

In Latvian: Essays on Religions, Marxism, National Socialism and the devil in Art and Lit-erature.

Bildungspflicht statt Schulzwang. VKW/VTR/idea: Bonn "et al.", 2005. 90 pp.

A scientific evaluation of homeschooling.

Der Ablass RVB/VTR: Hamburg, 2005. 144 pp.

History and theology of the Catholic view on indulgences.

Die Apokryphen RVB/VTR: Hamburg, 2005. 92 pp.

History and theology of the Catholic view on the apocrypha and an apology of the Protes-tant position.

Thomas Schirrmacher "et al." Christ und Politik: 50 Antworten auf Fragen und kritische Einwände. VKW: Bonn, 2006. 125 pp.

Schirrmacher and three members of parliament from Switzerland answer questions around the relation of church and state and the political involvement of Evangelicals.

Der Segen von Ehe und Familie: Interessante Erkenntnisse aus Forschung und Statistik. VKW: Bonn, 2006. 125 pp.

Introduction to 200 scientific studies and statistics, that prove the blessing of longterm mar-riage and stable family.

As editor (always with own contributions):

Patrick Johnstone. Handbuch für Weltmission: Gebet für die Welt. Hänssler: Neuhausen, 19872, newest edition 19936 (together with Christine Schirrmacher). 811 pp.

Adapted German version of 'Operation World', a handbook and lexicon on the situation of Christianity and missions in every country of the world.

Gospel Recordings Language List: Liste der Sprachaufnahmen in 4.273 Sprachen. Mis-siologica Evangelica 4. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1992. 120 pp.

List of 4273 languages in the world, in which evangelistic cassettes are available.

"Die Zeit für die Bekehrung der Welt ist reif": Rufus Anderson und die Selbständigkeit der Kirche als Ziel der Mission. Edition afem: mission scripts 3. Verlag für Kultur und Wissen-schaft: Bonn, 1993. 134 pp.

Articles by Schirrmacher and by theologians from the 19th century about Rufus Anderson, leading American missionary statesman, Reformed professor of missions and postmillennial theologian - together with the first translation of texts of Anderson into German.

William Carey. Eine Untersuchung über die Verpflichtung der Christen [1792] . Edition afem: mission classics 1. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1993 (together with Klaus Fiedler). 100 pp.

First German translation of the book by the Calvinist Baptist William Carey of 1792, with which the age of modern Protestant world missions started.

Bibeltreue in der Offensive: Die drei Chicagoerklärungen zur biblischen Unfehlbarkeit, Hermeneutik und Anwendung. Biblia et symbiotica 2. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1993. 90 pp.

German translation of the three Chicago-Declarations on biblical inerrancy, hermeneutics and application.

Im Kampf um die Bibel - 100 Jahre Bibelbund. Biblia et symbiotica 6. Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1994 (together with Stephan Holthaus). 168 pp.

'Festschrift' for 100 years of "Bibelbund". Articles on biblical inerrancy and on the history of the major German organization fighting higher criticism, the "Bibelbund" (Bible League), and its theological journal "Bibel und Gemeinde", edited by Schirrmacher 1988-1997.

Eduard Böhl. Dogmatik. Hänssler Theologie. Hänssler: Neuhausen, 1995; 2nd ed.: Ham-burg: RVB & Bonn: VKW, 2004. 508 pp.

A Reformed Systematic Theology from the last century edited by Thomas Schirrmacher; with a lengthy introduction on Böhl's life and work.

Der evangelische Glaube kompakt: Ein Arbeitsbuch. Hänssler: Neuhausen, 1998; 2nd ed.: Hamburg: RVB & Bonn: VKW, 2004. 246 pp.

German translation of the Westminster Confession of Faith, adapted and with commentary and changes in Presbyterian, Congregationalist and Baptist versions.

Werden alle gerettet? Referate der Jahrestagung 1998 des AfeM (with Klaus W. Müller). Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1998. 160 pp.

The proceedings of a missiological consultation on the relationship between Christianity's mission and other religions.

The Right to Life for Every Person / Lebensrecht für jeden Menschen. Abortion - Eutha-nasia - Gen Technology: Proceedings of the 1st European Right to Life Forum Berlin, 1998. Abtreibung - Euthanasie - Gentechnik: Beiträge des 1. Europäischen Forums Lebensrecht Berlin, 1999 (with Walter Schrader, Hartmut Steeb). Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 1999. 310 pp.

Basic articles on biomedical topics, includes reports on most European countries.

Kein anderer Name: Die Einzigartigkeit Jesu Christi und das Gespräch mit nichtchristli-chen Religionen. Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Peter Beyerhaus. Verlag für Theologie und Religionswissenschaft: Nürnberg, 1999. 470 pp.

Festschrift for Prof. Peter Beyerhaus, the leading evangelical authority on missions, ecu-menical issues and on other religions and an evangelical elder statesmen. Covers all aspects of the relationship of Christian faith to other religions.

Missionswissenschaft im Zeichen der Erneuerung: Ehrengabe zum 70. Geburtstag von Peter Beyerhaus. Sonderausgabe = Evangelikale Missiologie 15 (1999) Heft 2 (together with Klaus W. Müller und Christof Sauer) (1999) afem

Shorter version of the former Festschrift for mass distribution

Ausbildung als missionarischer Auftrag: Referate der Jahrestagung 1999 des AfeM (with Klaus W. Müller). Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 2000. 210 pp.

Lectures on the relation of missions and theological eductaion by leading representatives of schools, alternative programmes, missions and third world churches.

Mission in der Spannung zwischen Hoffnung, Resignation und Endzeitenthusiasmus: Re-ferate der Jahrestagung 2000 des AfeM (together with Klaus W. Müller). Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft: Bonn, 2001. 240 pp.

Lectures on the relation of eschatology and missions in history and in present reality.

Märtyrer 2001 — Christenverfolgung vor allem in islamischen Ländern. (with Max Kling-berg). zugleich Idea-Dokumentation 14/2001. 140 pp.

Documentation on the present status of persecution of Christians in Islamic countries.

Anwalt der Liebe - Martin Bucer als Theologe und Seelsorger: Zum 450. Todestag des Re-formators. Jahrbuch des Martin Bucer Seminars 1 (2001). VKW: Bonn, 2001. 160 pp.

Yearbook of the Martin Bucer Seminary on Life and Theology of the reformer Martin Bucer.

Die vier Schöpfungsordnungen Gottes: Kirche, Staat, Wirtschaft und Familie bei Dietrich Bonhoeffer und Martin Luther. VTR: Nürnberg, 2001. 110 pp.

Three lengthy essays discuss the importance of the four major creation orders family, church, work and state in the Bible, for Martin Luther and for Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Baumeister bleibt der Herr: Festgabe zum 80. Geburtstag von Prof. Bernd Schirrmacher (with Klaus Schirrmacher und Ingrid von Torklus). VKW: Bonn, 2001. 33300 pp.

Festschrift for my father on his 80th birthday. Essays mainly concentrate on Christian edu-cation and schools.

A Life of Transformation: Festschrift for Colonel V. Doner. RVB International: Hamburg, 2001. 350 pp.

Festschrift for one of the giants of international Christian relief work and social involvement.

Märtyrer 2002 — Jahrbuch zur Christenverfolgung heute (with Max Klingberg). zugleich Idea-Dokumentation 7/2002. 140 pp.

Yearbook with documentation of the present status of persecution of Christians.

Patrick Johnstone. Gebet für die Welt. Hänssler: Holzgerlingen, 2003. 1010 pp.

Adapted German version of 'Operation World', a handbook and lexicon on the situation of Christianity and missions in every country of the world.

Märtyrer 2003 — Jahrbuch zur Christenverfolgung heute (with Max Klingberg). zugleich Idea-Dokumentation 11/2003. 180 pp.

Yearbook with documentation of the present status of persecution of Christians.

Wenn Kinder zu Hause zur Schule gehen (with Thomas Mayer). VTR: Nürnberg, 2004. 260 pp.

Documentation and scientific essays on homeschooling in Germany.

Menschenrechte für Minderheiten in Deutschland und Europa: Vom Einsatz für die Reli-gionsfreiheit durch die Evangelische Allianz und die Freikirchen im 19. Jahrhundert (with Karl Heinz Voigt). Idea-Dokumentation 3/2004. Bonn: VKW, 2004. 130 pp.

Research articles on the history of the defence of religious freedom by the Evangelical Alli-ance in Germany and Great Britain in the 19th century.

Herausforderung China: Ansichten, Einsichten, Aussichten: Eine Dokumentation von i-dea und China Partner (with Konrad Brandt). Bonn: VKW, 2004. 214 pp.

A collection of reports, lectures and opinion on the situation of religions and the Chris-tian faith in China, combining reports on persecution and reports on huge progress for public Christianity.

Europa Hoffnung geben: Dokumentation (with Thomas Mayer). VTR: Nürnberg, 2004. 197 pp.

Lectures of a theological conference in Budapest by John-Warwick Montgomery, Thomas K. Johnstone, William Mikler, Bernhard Knieß on the future of Europe and how to defend the gospel of hope in Europe.

Märtyrer 2004 - Das Jahrbuch zur Christenverfolgung heute. (with Max Klingberg). Idea-Dokumentation 8/2004. VKW: Bonn, 2004. 160 pp.

Yearbook with documentation of the present status of persecution of Christians.

Tabuthema Tod? Vom Sterben in Würde. (with Roland Jung, Frank Koppelin). Jahrbuch des Martin Bucer Seminars 4 (2004), zugleich idea-Dokumentation 9/2004. VKW: Bonn, 2004. 220 pp.

8 major Evangelical ethicists discuss topics around counseling serious ill and dying people, death, euthanasia, counseling to relatives.

Mission verändert – Mission verändert sich / Mission Transformes – Mission is Transfor-med: Festschrift für Klaus Fiedler. (with Christof Sauer). Nürnberg: VTR & Bonn: VKW, 2005. 572 pp.

Festschrift for African missionary and doyen of African and German mission history Klaus Fiedler.

Märtyrer 2005 - Das Jahrbuch zur Christenverfolgung heute. (mit Max Klingberg). Idea-Dokumentation 11/2005. VKW: Bonn, 2005. 170 pp.

Yearbook with documentation of the present status of persecution of Christians.

Ein Maulkorb für Christen? Juristen nehmen Stellung zum deutschen Antidiskriminie-rungsgesetz und ähnlichen Gesetzen in Europa und Australien. idea-Dokumentation 12/2005 (with Thomas Zimmermanns). VKW: Bonn, 2005

Studies in religious hate laws, andiscrimination laws and their influence on Christian communities.

* Scham- und Schuldorientierung in der Diskussion Kulturanthropologische, missiologi-sche und theologische Einsichten (mit Klaus W. Müller) 2006 VTR/VKWY

This study explains the difference between shame- and gulitoriented cultures and shows, that the ‘Biblical’ message emphasizes shame and guilt equally and thus can be applied to cultures in the West, the East, in modern and in Third World cultures.

Familienplanung - eine Option für Christen? idea-Dokumentation. VKW: Bonn, 2006. 170 pp.

A Protestant view of family planing.

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  • Christenverfolgungen — Als Christenverfolgung bezeichnet man eine systematische, gesellschaftliche und/oder staatliche Benachteiligung und existenzielle Bedrohung von Christen aufgrund ihres Glaubens. Nach Schätzungen dreier Menschenrechtsgruppen sollen 75 bis 80… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Auge für Auge — (hebräisch עין תּחת עין ajin tachat ajin) ist Teil eines Rechtssatzes aus dem Sefer ha Berit (hebr. Bundesbuch) in der Tora für das Volk Israel (Ex 21,23–25 EU): „… so sollst du geben Leben für Leben, Auge für Auge, Zahn für Zahn, Hand für Hand,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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