List of Saint Seiya Episode.G characters

List of Saint Seiya Episode.G characters

This the list of characters of the manga Saint Seiya Episode.G by Megumu Okada.

Gold Saints

Leo Aiolia

nihongo|Leo Aiolia|獅子座のアイオリア|Reo no Aioria is the protagonist of Episode G. He is a thirteen year-old Gold Saint, and the younger brother of Sagittarius Aiolos.

Ever since his brother's death, he has tried very hard to distance himself from his "traitor" of a brother, dyeing his hair red, and constantly training to surpass him. He holds a grudge against most of the Gold Saints for their part in his brother's death, as well the Pope (who is secretly Gemini Saga in disguise), and often engages in fights with them (such as when Deathmask kicked Lithos) [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 5, p.171, by Megumu Okada] , and disobeys the Pope's commands.

However, it is made evident that even though he resents his brother, and suffers immensely because of him, he still loves him very much. One example of this is his battle with the Titan Coeus. During the battle, he sees his brother's spirit, who offers him words of comfort and encouragement.

He then recalls a day of training with his brother. He is arguing with his brother over a new attack, he, Aiolia, has developed. Aiolos tells him that, while his attack is insanely powerful, it also drains most of his Cosmo and left him nearly dead. Aiolos then tells him that he should "seal" the attack, and to only ever use it again to protect Athena, or the ones he loved.

Aiolia then snaps out of it, and unleashes the attack, "Photon Burst", which defeats Coeus, and would have destroyed him, if Hyperion had not saved him. Aiolia dedicates the attack to his brother, saying that he creates it to protect him.

Aiolia later shows his mettle again when fighting Cronus, the Titans' King. He professes his belief that humanity is not worthless and that the Titans have no right to interfere with their lives, and despite being severely wounded, manages to defeat Cronus with his "Photon Burst".The Titanesses, however, stop Aiolia's attack from completely annihilating Cronus, and Cronus is freed regardless. However, Aiolia does manage to destroy Cronus' power and memory, so that the new form he assumes is childish and has no idea of who he has been.

Aiolia holds his loved ones very close to his heart, more specifically his servants Lithos and Garan, considering them his family. In fact, Garan in one instance says the whole reason Aiolia became stronger is not just because of himself, but because of his desire to protect everyone and everything dear to him.

Aiolia has mastered the 7th sense, so he is able to move at the speed of the light. Although the original series doesn't mention any peculiarity in Aiolia's Cosmo energy, Saint Seiya Episode G portrays his materialized Cosmo as electricity. For this reason, his attacks are all lightning-based. This manga explains the "Lightning Bolt" as a shot of electricity into a vacuum space created by multiple previous punches, so this technique will travel at the speed of the light in vacuum. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 7, p56, by Megumu Okada]

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Lightning Bolt|雷光電撃 - ライトニングボルト|Raikō Dengeki - Raitoningu Boruto:: - nihongo|Lightning Plasma|雷光放電 - ライトニングプラズマ|Raikō Hōden - Raitoningu Purazuma:: - nihongo|Lightning Fang|雷光電牙 - ライトニングファング|Raikō Denga - Raitoningu Fangu:: - nihongo|Photon Burst|光子破裂 - フォトンバースト|Kōshi Haretsu - Foton Bāsuto

Sagittarius Aiolos

nihongo|Sagittarius Aiolos|射手座のアイオロス|Sajitariasu no Aiorosu is the older brother of protagonist Leo Aiolia, and a very prominent figure in the story, despite having been killed years before the start of the main part of Episode G.

Aiolos is an extremely brave and righteous Saint, and this is largely the reason for his bad reputation which haunts his younger brother throughout the story; by catching Gemini Saga disguised as the Pope, and stopping him from murdering the newly reincarnated infant Athena, he is sentenced to death by the false Pope [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 1, p.4, by Megumu Okada] . He is a friend of Garan's, who eventually becomes a servant for his younger brother, Aiolia. Garan and Aiolia once had a stand-off, after the Gold Saint catches him attempting to steal Athena's holy blood.

Other pieces of Aiolos' past include him destroying Typhoon's spirit as it awoke. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.4, Special chapter, p.196 onwards, by Megumu Okada] ; as well as single-handedly defeating the Sun Army, Horus' warriors.

In various parts of Episode G, Aiolos' spirit appears from time to time to guide his little brother, despite the former's resentment of him. In a flashback, it is Aiolos who has forbidden Aiolia to use a newly developed attack, the "Photon Burst", as he has deemed it to be too dangerous of a technique.

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Infinity Break|無限破砕 - インフィニティブレイク|Mugen Hasai - Infiniti Bureiku

Virgo Shaka

Shaka is one of the Twelve Gold Saints, and a very powerful one too. He has very a keen sense of Cosmo and capable of using it as a substitute for his almost always closed eyes. Upon confronting Kyanos Phlox who is then invisible, Shaka says that, in this world, there is nothing he can not 'see' [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.4, chapter 14, p.51, by Megumu Okada] . Once or twice, he is the very first one in the Sanctuary who senses some dark Cosmo at work within it [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 5, p.135, by Megumu Okada] [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.4, chapter 13, p.147, by Megumu Okada] .

Unlike other Saints, his religion is Bhuddism, which believes in natural order, changes, and rely not too much on gods. And probably due the fact that he believes in change at fundamental level, Shaka is willing to serve the current Pope, regardless of his true identity, as long as he appears to Shaka as a good person. His attacks are religious. They mainly involve Bhuddism's teachings, utilizing meditation to create illusions, manipulate dimensional power, nullify, attack, or counterattack.

Gemini Saga even implies that Shaka can be the strongest Saint, as he mentions that Shaka is the only person who can freely control the power of the Supernova. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.6, chapter 24, by Megumu Okada]

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Demon Pacifier|天魔降伏|Tenma Kōfuku:: - nihongo|Khan|カーン|Kān:: - nihongo|The Treasures of Heavens|天舞宝輪|Tenbu Hōrin

Aries Mu

The Aries Saint who lives in Jamir, Tibet [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 9, p.182, by Megumu Okada] , and is always depicted in every version like a Hindu, with two large districtive dots instead of his eyebrows. He appears calm on the outside, but this calm outlook belies his unmatched ferocity in battle [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 12, p.118, by Megumu Okada] . He is a descendant of the People from the Lost Continent, and thus grant him his ancestors's districtively powerful trait: the brute psychokinesis; allowing him to teleport himself away from attacks, bind his enemy, or even send him totally out of existence. His telekinetic restriction, once tested by Aiolia, is acknowledged as even more powerful than of Hyperion's [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 6, p.25, by Megumu Okada] . The inheritted technique, Stardust Revolution, is so powerful that it can destroy a Hecatonchire in one strike. Aiolia himself, upon witnessing these techniques, describes them as "beyond imagination" [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 12, p.112-118, by Megumu Okada] . His master is none other than the former Pope himself, Aries Shion, [Saint Seiya, vol. 19, p.105-109, by Masami Kurumada] who was a descendant of the People of the Lost Continent also.

In addition of these powers he possesses, Aries Mu is one and only Cloth Smith in this generation, capable of repairing the damaged Cloth, the special techniques of which involves psychokinesis and are known only to his people.

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Crystal Wall|結晶障壁 - クリスタルウォール|Kesshō Shoheki - Kurisutaru Wōru:: - nihongo|Starlight Extinction|星明識延 - スターライトエクスティンクション|Seimei Shikien - Sutāraito Ekusutinkushion:: - nihongo|Stardust Revolution|星屑革命 - スターダストレボリューション|Hoshikuzu Kakumei - Sutādasuto Reboryūshon

Capricorn Shura

The new Saint Seiya Episode G shows a version of Shura that conciliates both previous versions: here, Shura is a very loyal Gold Saint, but when he discovers the truth about Gemini Saga and decides to confront the false Pope for the truth, he is attacked by the Illusion Demon Emperor's Fist [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 12, p.144, by Megumu Okada] , a technique that controls the mind of its victim. According to Saga's will, Shura starts to follow his orders, but remains loyal to Athena at heart.

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Excalibur|聖剣抜刃 - エクスカリバー|Seiken Battō - Ekusukaribā

Taurus Aldebaran

In Saint Seiya Episode G, Aldebaran is depicted as an easy going, not-so-punctual person that likes to buy little souvenirs [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 9, p.169, by Megumu Okada] . Appears friendly and dislikes saying bad things behind anyone else. He is one of the few who does not mistreat Aiolia despite Aiolos' betrayal. He is also shown as someone that has strong faith in his beliefs and learns from his past errors, seeing them as steps and not as sins. Due to that, he is able to easily defeat the Brabeus Talanton that is smashing Leo Aiolia and Capricorn Shura with the weight of their sins.

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Ianuke|いあぬけ|Ianuke:: - nihongo|Great Horn|威風激穿 - グレートホーン|Ifū Gekisen - Gurēto Hōn

Aquarius Camus

Camus also appears in Episode G. Here, he is portrayed as and a very calm and honorable Saint, protecting several soldiers of the Sanctuary various times. As the Master of Cryomancy, who can almost reach the unattainable absolute zero, we often see the power of his freezing abilities, which can practically freeze almost everything, ranging from water to enemy soldiers [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 7, p.80-84, by Megumu Okada] . In his first debut in Episode G, he even freezes the air conducting electricity from the attack of the touchy Aiolia [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 3, p.67, by Megumu Okada] .

He at one point faces one of the Titans, Current Oceanus. He exposes more of his beliefs, telling the Titan that, if gods like him have the right to toy with humans' lives, it was only fair that humans has the right to choose which gods they want to worship.Fact|date=January 2008

He says that gods like the Titans, who do not comprehend the value of life, are unable to truly appreciate the immortality they possess, and that gods like them do not deserve to be worshipped.Fact|date=January 2008

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Diamond Dust|ダイヤモンドダスト|Daiyamondo Dasuto:: - nihongo|Kalitso|カリツオ|Karitsuo ("Russian for Ice Ring"):: - nihongo|Freezing Coffin|フリージングコフィン|Furīzingu Kofin:: - nihongo|Aurora Execution|オーロラエクスキューション|Ōrora Ekusukyūshon

Apart from his techniques Camus has the ability to freeze anything by increasing his cosmos. He is even able leave the Soma of Oceanus in a weak state.

Gemini Saga

nihongo|Gemini Saga|双子座のサガ|Jemini no Saga serves as a central antagonist in Episode G, and the cause of many tragedies that have plagued the Sanctuary, including Sagittarius Aiolos' supposed betrayal, Athena's disappearance, among others, though this information remains undisclosed to most of the Sanctuary.

Saga has been once a powerful, kind, and honorable Gold Saint, and one of the most powerful contenders for the position of Pope (Shion, the former Aries Saint, has been getting on in years, and will soon retire, passing the position to someone else).

Unbeknownst to the majority of the Sanctuary, however, Saga has an evil, malevolent presence lurking within him, which only his twin brother Kanon knew of. After Kanon finally rubs this in his face, and reveals to him his dark intentions of taking over the Sanctuary, and ruling the world with an iron fist, Saga declares his brother to be pure evil, and locks him away in Cape Sunion, a watery prison designed to contain Athena's enemies [Saint Seiya, vol.17, p.173, by Masami Kurumada] .

However, his words of Saga's evil haunts him still. Some time later, he is summoned to the Pope's room along with his fellow Gold Saint, Sagittarius Aiolos. The Pope declares Aiolos to be his successor. Later that night, Saga meets Pope Shion on top of Star Hill, the highest point of the Sanctuary, and murders him, finally letting his evil consume him, and takes the Pope's identity for himself. [Saint Seiya, vol.13, p.49-53, by Masami Kurumada]

He then proceeds to try and kill the infant Athena, only to be stopped by Aiolos [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 1, by Megumu Okada] . For this, Saga, in the name of the Pope, declares Aiolos a traitor to the Sanctuary, and orders Aiolos' friend, Capricorn Shura, to dispose of him. Since then, Saga has been impersonating Shion, using his control of the Sanctuary to further his ambitions.

He conspires with Cronus to free the Titans, and it is the King of the Titans who has given him the golden dagger which he attempts to kill Athena with. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 1, by Megumu Okada] He is shown as a very morally complex character. The two sides of Saga's personality, as in the original manga, are constantly arguing.

At one point in the story, when Cronus arrives at the Sanctuary to reclaim his Megas Drepanon, Saga reverts to his "good" side, and battles him. However, before he can defeat him, his "evil" side takes over, and he continues his role as an antagonist.

A connection is established with the Greek god of war "Ares", something which is inexistent in Masami Kurumada's original work. [Saint Seiya, TV Episodes, English version, TOEI Animation.]

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Another Dimension|異界次元 - アナザーディメンション|Ikai Jiken - Anazā Dimenshon: :: - nihongo|Galaxian Explosion|銀河爆砕 - ギャラクシアンエクスプロージョン|Ginga Bakusai - Gyarakushan Ekusupurōjon [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 13, p.160, by Megumu Okada] ::: - nihongo|Illusion Demon Emperor's Fist|幻朧魔皇拳|Genrōmaōken

Pisces Aphrodite

Saint Seiya Episode G shows us Aphrodite seven years before the original happenings of the story. Already a Gold Saint, Aphrodite is depicted as a self-centered and merciless person able to kill his opponents even if they are humans. Aphrodite is also depicted as thinking about beauty in fights and calling victory the greatest beauty that crowns the strongest warrior [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 5, p.157, by Megumu Okada ] . His participation, until now, is very short. After the Titans gate is discovered, he is sent by the Pope of the Sanctuary to cover the entrace of the Cronos' Labyrinth with his deadly roses.

Since Leo Aiolia rushed into the Titans' world before, the Pope's plans are ruined. Even so, Aphrodite saves the defenseless Aiolia from the attacks of the Titans' followers. After some argument between the two Gold Saints (since Aiolia was against Aphrodite bloodlust), the Gigas Anthrakma Zugilos appears. Aphrodite saves Aiolia and himself from Zugilos' deadly mace (that can destroy anything alive with its vibrations) and then kills the Gigas. After that, he travels back to the Sanctuary and leaves behind a carpet of vines and white roses protecting the exit of that world (to prevent an invasion against the Sanctuary).

In Episode G, Aphrodite is shown as a narcissistic person. This can be explained by the fact he is seven years younger than in the original timeline.

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Royal Demon Rose|ロイヤルデモンローズ|Roiyaru Demon Rōzu :: - nihongo|Piranhan Rose|ピラニアンローズ|Piranian Rōzu :: - nihongo|Bloody Rose|ブラッディローズ |Buraddi Rōzu

In Saint Seiya Episode G, Aphrodite is able to create and manipulate large rose's vines. So far, he uses them to refrain and strangle his targets, create massive vine blades and to create defensive cocoons to protect and heal his or another person's body (through his Cosmo energy).

Cancer Deathmask

A proud-to-be evil, and is not afraid at all to admit it [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.4, chapter 16, p.118, by Megumu Okada] . Deathmask is very cunning and will use any means to achieve his end, even if it means playing dirty. He believes firmly in the belief of justice through power, and with only a ruthless iron will can the world be at peace. He is also one of the very few people who knows Saga's true nature and his disguise as the Pope, yet he remains quiet due that Saga's beliefs mirrors his own values. He is rather rude, proud, violent by nature and can threaten or raise his hand against woman without feeling any guilt [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 5, p.171, by Megumu Okada] . He can kill heedlessly, and mercilessly to reach his goal, considering each kill a trophy of his greatness [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.4, chapter 17, p.149-150, by Megumu Okada] , and thus fills his Cancer Temple with the dead's deathmasks, from which came his name. Most people, or even a Gigas, consider the echoes of the dead in his Temple horrifying, yet Deathmask considers it praising [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.4, chapter 17, p.139, by Megumu Okada] . He is capable of focusing all his Cosmo at his fingerpoint, allowing him to rip soul out of a living body in one single blow [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.4, chapter 17, p.158-159, by Megumu Okada] .

In Episode G, Deathmask does not seem to care to hide his scorn towards Aiolia and his traitor of a brother. And this fact seems to make them strongly dislike each other, and once, they even engaged in a fight [Saint Seiya Episode G vol.2, chapter 6, p.27-29, by Megumu Okada] .

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Praesepe Underworld Waves|積尸気冥界波|SekiShiki Meikai Ha [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.4, chapter 17, p.156-157, by Megumu Okada]

Scorpio Milo

Gold Saint of Scorpio, and a close friend of Aquarius Camus. He is rather proud of Gold Saint's honor, and seems to disapprove Aiolia's crude manner. However, at times, he can overcome this dislike for the sake of Camus, his close friend, and become a little caring [Saint Seiya Episode G vol.1, chapter 6, p.82 and p.91, by Megumu Okada] . Sometimes, he shows his immaturity, as when he is caught in the argument with Leo Aiolia, calling him "Little Cat". [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.6, chapter 25, by Megumu Okada]

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Scarlet Needle|真紅光針 - スカーレットニードル|Shinku Kōjin - Sukāretto Nīdoru

Libra Dohko

Also known as nihongo|Libra Dohko|天秤座の童虎|Raibura no Dōko. Mentioned only briefly in both the main story and the gaiden [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 5, p.151, by Megumu Okada] , so far. He is one of the only two last survivors from the previous Holy War [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, gaiden, by Megumu Okada] , assigned by Athena to secretly keep watch over the sealed evil, and is still faithful to his duty until now. Over 236 years, he has been sitting and keeping watch at his post at Goroho, China, and has never left it since the end of the previous Holy War [Saint Seiya vol.19, p.1-3, by Masami Kurumada] .

However, he is able to transport his Libra Cloth anywhere and create a projection of himself to defend a partner as he did in the fight between Leo Aiolia and Pontus.


Aries Shion

Master of Aries Mu, the former Pope and the former Aries Saint, killed and impersonated by Gemini Saga. He is one of the only two last survivors from the previous Holy War, along with Libra Dōhkō, assigned to the position of the Pope by Athena to train the new generation of Saints and watch over the Sanctuary [Saint Seiya vol.19, p.105, by Masami Kurumada] . He has appeared very shortly in the gaiden as a very graceful and powerful Gold Saint, and has shown only one technique in Episode G up until now. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol. 2, gaiden, by Megumu Okada] .

:Techniques::: - nihongo|Stardust Revolution|スターダストレボリューション|Sutādasuto Reboryūshon

=Sea Dragon Kanon=

The twin brother of Gemini Saga. He is trapped in Sunion Cape Prison by his own brother when he recognizes the darkness inside Saga. [Saint Seiya, vol.17, p.173, by Masami Kurumada] He escapes and make it to the Temple of Poseidon, and tells the god he is one of his Generals. And tries to manipulate the god to further his ambition. Once he finds his new plan, he swears revenge against his brother and all the Saints of Athena. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.8, gaiden 9, by Megumu Okada]


The nihongo|Titans|ティターン神族|Titān Shinzoku are twelve deities (six gods and six goddesses) that once ruled the world. They are the children of Gaia and Uranus, her son and husband. In ancient times, they were locked away by their father, who was afraid they would eventually dethrone him.

However, the youngest Titan, Cronus, led a rebellion against his father and defeated him using the "Megas Drepanon", his sacred weapon-armor created by his mother.

Some years later, Cronos' sons, led by Zeus, attacked the Titans and, after the battle known as Titanomachy, sealed them and all their powers inside their Somas in the depths of Tartarus. Now, with Cronos’ Labyrinth serving as their headquarters, they seek to destroy the Earth, and to once more establish themselves as its rulers.


*nihongo|Cronus|クロノス |Kuronosu is the main antagonist of Episode G, and the youngest of the titans, who rules as their king. Unlike the rest of his siblings, he was not sealed in Tartarus, but in a sacred room below the statue of Athena in the Sanctuary, and he was not only bound by the seal of his son, Zeus, but also that of Athena, his granddaughter. After thousands of years, the seals had grown weak and Cronos became able to project his will to any part of Earth in the form of a giant being with six arms [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 9, p.158, by Megumu Okada] [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 12, p.121-123, by Megumu Okada] .

He is self-centered and arrogant, refusing to acknowledge any other god but himself [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, chapter 4, p.98, by Megumu Okada] , and is always ordering everyone around him – his siblings (who, despite this, are all extremely loyal to him), and any other humans he encounters.

He proclaimed Aiolia to be the one destined to release him [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 12, p.128, by Megumu Okada] , as the Leo Saint uses lightning to attack – which is able to nullify Zeus’ seal, also lightning-based; the only element of nature Cronus cannot control. He is successful, but due to Aiolia's interference, he assumes a childish form and mind, along with incomplete powers. The other Titans are now trying to use Aiolia in order to recover their King's true form and powers. His Soma has the shape of a scythe, called "Megas Drepanon" [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.1, p.120, by Megumu Okada] , and is the Soma which is given the most attention.

(In Greek, the word "Drepanon" actually means sickle, not scythe. However, according to the myth, Cronus was said to wield a "giant sickle". So, saying that Cronus wields "Megas Drepanon", which means giant sickle, but is also practically a scythe, is correct too, in a way.)

His special techniques, so far, are:

:: - nihongo|Teleos Oracle (Distant Prophecy)|絶対神託 - テレオス・オラクル|Zettai Shintaku - Tereosu Orakuru: An attack that directly hits the opponent’s mind. It invites the victim to become Cronus’ servant. If the target resists, then a curse will be thrown upon it and its persona will be destroyed. It poisons the victim’s existence, throwing it in a miserable fate of betrayals and decadence, ending on death by the hands of those who were its friends – the same destiny shared by the descendants of Uranus. It also affects the target by waking the “evil” impulses and ambitions. It is an attack that clearly shows the divine power over the control of humans' lives.

:: - nihongo|Khaos Hyetos (Rain of Chaos)|渾沌豪雨 - カオス・ヒュエトス|Konton Gōu - Kaosu Hyuetosu: One of the many forms used by Cronus to control nature. It calls the rain and change its shape into incredibly long dark needles which penetrate the body of the enemy causing immeasurable pain. It passes through armors and affects the body directly. While hurting the enemy, it also drains its life and Cosmo energy.

:: - nihongo|Phainomenon Arkhein (Phenomenal Arcane)|現象支配 - パイノメノン・アルケイン|Genshō Shihai - Painomenon Arukein: Controlling nature, Cronus calls the veils of Earth’s depths to the surface and whirls the wind turning it into natural blades. This attack slashes the victim body using the innumerable wind blades while burns the target using the flames that emerges from the soil, which burns not just the body but also the life energy.

Ebony Hyperion

nihongo|Ebony Hyperion|漆黒のヒュペリオン|Shikkoku no Hyuperion is the first Titan released from Tartarus by Pontus. He is very kind, calm, and generous to his brothers and followers. He, unlike his siblings, along with Coeus, who seems to be his best friend – is trying not just to release Cronus from Zeus’ seal, but also all the human soldiers who followed the Titans in ancient times, along with their families.

Hyperion is a gentle man with his brothers. However, he changes completely when he faces an opponent or when he cultivates his hatred for Zeus and the other gods who defeated the Titans.

When it comes to fighting, Hyperion is merciless and uses his fists against any opponent, disregarding any bystander, be it a woman or child. When he is in his Soma, he resembles a horned demon, due to the fact that his helmet has two curved horns. However, despite looking like one, he can be merciful to a foe who shows exceptional value like Aiolia. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 8, p.133-134, by Megumu Okada]

Hyperion possesses a very high analytical perception; he can fully read through a technique even after seeing it for the very first time, and then is able to develop an adequate form of defense to nullify it, or a counter-attack to instantly retaliate. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 7, p.54-56, by Megumu Okada] He was also the first one to suspect of Pontus’ loyalty.

He seems to have developed a special connection to Aiolia after their first fight [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 8, p.133-134, by Megumu Okada] , becoming something of a rival of the Gold Saints. This is further showed as he is the one who welcomes Aiolia when he enters the Chronus Labyrinthos, the home of the Titans themselves. There he soundly defeats him, and is never shown again until much later, when his suspects over Pontus become truth. There he attempts an attack to Mnemosyne but is stopped, and after freeing himself he personally goes fighting the Gold Saints. During his brief encounter with Pontus, the mythological significance of Hyperion is made clear: he himself was a Sun deity, much like the myth, but when offered an alliance by Pontus he refused, becoming another victim of Mnemosyne's trickery. Part of his powers were then sealed away in what would have become the demon-serpent Apophis of Egyptian mythology. It is there that he was resurrected by Pontus' Ichor and became the very first Titan to return active after their defeat at the hands of Zeus.

He seems to fully control the wind, which assumes a black color when following Hyperion’s orders, using it in many ways like transportation, or attacks. His Soma has the shape of a greatsword [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 8, p.109, by Megumu Okada] . His special techniques, so far, are:

:: - nihongo|Ebony Vortex|漆黒旋風 - エボニー・ボルテクス|Shikkoku Senpū - Ebonī Borutekusu: His main attack. Controlling the wind, engulfs the enemy in a vortex of dark wind. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 6, p.16-17, by Megumu Okada] The vortex never ceases until the body it imprisons is completely devastated. The whirls slashes the enemy’s body, ripping its limbs, and also generates many pressure variations making the blood of the victim boil and evaporate. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 7, p.69, by Megumu Okada] As Aiolia has discovered, the Ebony Vortex can be destroyed from inside if it receives many strong blows at the same time in different spots. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 7, p.90-94, by Megumu Okada]

:: - nihongo|Gurthang Vortex|死剣旋風 - グアサング・ボルテクス|Shiken Senpū - Guasangu Borutekusu: Summoning the Gurthang sword (based on the homonymous sword created by Tolkien), Hyperion not only gains an incredible weapon but also a new technique. In Gurthang Vortex, the wind starts to move around Gurthang in circles, Hyperion then points the sword towards the enemy and a high pressure is created on the end of the sword. All matter around is revolved and destroyed in a violent whirl of pressure.

:: - nihongo|Helios Vortex|???: A variant of the Ebony Vortex, where Hyperion summons an enormous storm of solar wind at extreme heat, able to incinerate everything within its path.

:: - nihongo|Prominence Blade|???:

:: - nihongo|Ouroborus Prominence|???:

Apart from his techniques Hyperion can concentrate his Cosmo in his fists creating an incredibly high pressure. With this, he can toy with an enemy’s body by throwing it away without touching it, spinning it around or even deflects blasts thrown at him. [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.2, chapter 7, p.57-61, by Megumu Okada]

Dimension Iapetos

nihongo|Dimension Iapetos|次元のイアペトス|Jigen no Iapetosu is the second Titan released from Tartarus by Pontus. Unlike all the other Titans, Iapetos shows a very childish personality.

He is easily angered, very cocky, and proud of his power – and likes to show it off. He is sarcastic, rude, and sadistic, even with his siblings. He has an androgynous appearance, and is sometimes depicted like he's wearing lipstick [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 10, p.54, by Megumu Okada] [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 11, p.91, by Megumu Okada] . Iapetos, despite his personality, is incredibly strong. In his fight against Mu, though interrupted by Cronus, he left the battle without a single scratch and has not yet even used all of his powers [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 12, p.125, by Megumu Okada] , while the Aries Saint, considered one of the strongest Gold Saints, is covered in his own blood [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 13, p.170, by Megumu Okada] .

Despite being completely loyal to Cronus, Iapetos can act on his own if he thinks necessary. Doing this, he is once discovered by Cronus and then offers his own life as a payment, but he is “saved” by Hyperion’s arguments [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 13, p.175, by Megumu Okada] . Even so, Iapetos seems to hold a grudge against Hyperion and Coeus, treating them as stubs. However, this may be due to his cocky and somewhat childlike personality, at odds with the calm and collected one of his siblings.

He is also the one who kidnapped Lithos in order to lure Aiolia to Cronus’ Labyrinth. There he challenged the Leo Saint alongside with Themis, but was almost defeated by Aiolia with Virgo Shaka's aid. It is there that he showed his true powers, killing his own wife in the process and turning into a berserker and demonic version of himself (not too different, albeit with a pair of horns on his head). Using both his and Themis' powers he proved to be a formidable foe, but was nonetheless defeated and restored to his senses, where he granted his opponents his Ichor to heal their wounds and then threw himself into the depths of Tartarus, Themis in his embrace. By far, he is the first Titan that was defeated in the manga.

Although all the Titans – or most of them, at least – can create dimensional portals to travel from Cronos’ Labyrinth to some place on Earth, Iapetos seems to be the only one who can fully control the dimensional portals. He can open and expand them with a single movement of his arms (or even without it) and can use them very effectively in battle. Also, he is a master of the strange ink-like substance known as "Khaos", a mixture of every one of the elements and a very potent force, with which he can conjure his most powerful techniques. The name of this energy and his composition suggest that it is indeed what existed before the creation of the universe, as Iapetos himself states.

He can also control Hecatonchires telepathically [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 11, p.82, by Megumu Okada] , using them as tools of war. It’s still unknown if his telepathic control can be applied to other beings inferior to him. As in mythology, in Episode G, Iapetos is Themis' husband and Atlas’ father, but Atlas has not played a role in the story, although he has been mentioned by Themis. Iapetos' Soma has the shape of a double-edged sword xiphos.
His special techniques, so far, are:

:: - nihongo|Khora Temnein (Space Cut)|空間切断 - コーラー・テムネイン|Kūkan Setsudan - Kōrā Temunein: Moving an arm, Iapetos creates a dimensional rift. It expands extremely fast and everything in its way is engulfed by it, and completely devastated in the same instant or, at least, locked in another dimension. This attack can be potentialized by opening many dimensional rifts instead of just one, making the expansion speed and range much greater. The technique can be also be used in conjunct with the Hecatonchire.

:: - nihongo|Hekatonkheir Kalein (Hecatonchire Summon)|百手招喚 - ヘカトンケイル・カレイン|Hyakute Shōkan - Hekatonkeiru Karein: In this move, Iapetos opens a dimensional portal and summons an Hecatonchire from it [Saint Seiya Episode G, vol.3, chapter 11, p.82, by Megumu Okada] . The Hecatonchire completely obeys Iapetos, who seems to control him telepathically in order to erase any vestige of its will. It is unknown how many Hecatonchires Iapetos can control at the same time. It is possible that he has just one of them being controlled. It is also possible that he can dispose of all the three (Briareus, Cottus and Gyges). The Hecatonchires are giant creatures with fifty minor heads on the top of the giant one and two immense arms that can split into a hundred more. Their bodies are very resistant: Iapetos normally uses them in conjunction with the Khora Temnein, ripping their arms to make them reappear in other place. Even after the hundred arms are ripped by Iapetos, they still can be fully controlled in order to attack an enemy and, after that, fuse again with the body of the Hecatonchire.

:The Hecatonchire can use nihongo|Hekaton Menis (Rage of Hecatonchire)|百の激怒 - ヘカトン・メニス|Hyaku no Gekido - Hekaton Menisu in which the bracelets on one of the arms are destroyed by the muscles expansion and the arm suddenly divides itself into fifty minor arms. They wall attack the enemy at the same time causing major damages. nihongo|Hekaton Molybdaina (Lead-strength Hecatonchire)|百弾 - ヘカトン・モリュブダイナ|Hyakutama - Hekaton Moryubudaina, another of the Hecatonchire’s attacks. This time, both arms divide into one hundred more and they all attack the enemy with extreme speed and power.

:: - nihongo|Melas Planetes (Black Planets)|闇之惑星 - メラス・プラネーテス|Yami no Wakusei - Merasu Puranētesu: As Iapetos and Themis stated, a Titan's Cosmos is so explosively powerful and enormous that it can command entire star system or even parallel universes. This technique creates a whole planet complete with its own population, an immeasurable quantity of Cosmos energy devoted to protect the Titan and attack its foes. The planet itself can attack with gigantic surges of Dunamis, similar to jet-black water, and it is the source of power for the Hex Aster Xiphos technique.

:: - nihongo|Hex Aster Xiphos (Six Star Xiphos)|六星之刃 ヘクス アステル クシポス|Rokusei no Yaiba - Hekusu Asuteru Kushiposu: Summons 6 Cyclops and arms them with swords. These are no ordinary Cyclops: in fact they are massive humanoids made of some sort of obsidian-like matter, with no faces and a single glowing galaxy-like eye on their foreheads. The giant swords they wield are also covered with runes. They are summoned from the energy gained through the Melas Planetes technique, and Iapetos can absorb their whole power if they're crushed, forming six long tentacle-like appendages with which access to his most powerful techniques.

:: - nihongo|Khaos Kyklos (Chaos Cycle)|: This is the first step necessary to unleash the Khaos Prosbole technique, with which Iapetos creates in front of him a circle of Khaos.

:: - nihongo|Khaos Blade (Chaos Blade)|: Using the black circle created with the Khaos Kyklos technique as a sort of gate, Iapetos can swing his armblades and coat his arm-blades with Khaos, enabling him to execute the Khaos Prosbole technique.

:: - nihongo|Khaos Prosbole (Chaos Transference)|: The final step that unleashes all the power of Khaos upon Iapetos' foes, it has the Titan use his arm-blades coated with Khaos to unleash monstrously powerful blows, able to break defenses such as Virgo Shaka's Kahn with ease.

Dark Lightning Coeus

nihongo|Dark Lightning Coeus|黒雷のコイオス|Kokurai no Koiosu is the third Titan released from Tartarus by Pontus. Cronus considers him his “greatest killer”. Even so, Coeus is the most caring and gentle of all the Titans. His admirability is not reserved just to his siblings, but also to his enemies. Although very focused in his missions, Coeus seems to avoid unnecessary killings, despite seeming to like a good fight.

Despite being the "good guy" among the Titans, Coeus is lethal when fighting and merciless once the enemy decides to fight. He has however a sense of decorum, much like his sibling Hyperion, with which he has a deep bond of friendship. As the first act after being reborn, he challenged Leo Aiolia while the Saint was on guard duty for Virgo Shaka. The resulting fight saw Coeus with the upper hand for all the fight, but he was almost destroyed when Aiolia unleashed his most powerful technique, the Photon Burst. Very perceptive, Coeus noticed that the Saint's blow, whilst extremely potent, was performed in a real fight for the first time. Saved and healed by Hyperion, Coeus was the third Titan that challenged the Gold Saints after their assault to Chronus' Labyrinth. Much more powerful than before, manifesting feats such as stopping every single shot of the Lightning Plasma (which counts 100 million volleys per second) bare-handed and rendering the Photon Burst useless, he is crippled when Aiolia gains the true strength of the 7th Sense, and is mortally wounded by the Leo's Lightning Bolt. There he understands Pontus' and Mnemosyne's plot, but is prevented to warn his brethrens as is sucked into Tartarus as well. Aiolia attempts to save him, but Coeus accepts his fate and, before dying, gives to his opponent the power of his black lightnings (what this would do, it is actually unknown).

Coeus, like Aiolia, can control and use lightning in battle. However, his are completely black, an impure version (for the true extent of his powers was sealed due to Mnemosyne's powers). With this however, he can magnify his speed to the point of being impossible to follow even for a Gold Saint, who has mastered the 7th Sense and the speed of light.

Once his Soma assumes the shape of a rapier, it gains a high perforation power, capable of penetrating a Gold Cloth with his fingers. Coeus is very close to Hyperion and both are trying to release their human followers without the connivance of their brothers. His special techniques, so far, are::: - nihongo|Ebony Illumination|漆黒光源 - エボニー・イルミネイション|Shikkoku Kōgen - Ebonī Irumineishon: Coeus creates black orbs of energy which can be freely controlled by him. They fly directly to their target, but their trajectory can be changed by Coeus's will. Once they hit their target, they explode causing physical damage and engulf the enemy, locking him inside.

:: - nihongo|Sparkle Rapier|閃光刺突 - スパークル・レイピア|Senkō Shitotsu - Supākuru Reipia: A beautiful attack that consists in Coeus creating an enormous amount of hands made of dark energy. They fly around the enemy doing circular movements, making this attack resemble a horizontal cyclone. When the target is near, all the hands converge on a single point and pass through his body, similar to a rapier. They hit the body directly, passing through any armor as if it isn’t there. The damage causes to the enemy is done on the inside, directly to its internal organs and blood vessels.

:: - nihongo|Ebony Gale|漆黒疾風 - エボニー・ゲイル|Shikkoku Shippū - Ebonī Geiru: With a strong movement of his fist, Coeus condenses the air, creating a sharp blow that hits the enemy as a blade. The movement, like the Sparkle Rapier, can pass through armors and directly injures the body due to the fact that the attack is made of air.

:: - nihongo|Thunder Black Rotation|雷黒自転|Raikoku Jiden: A defensive technique in which Coeus creates a giant black sphere that can absorb any attack. This technique is able to stop the Photon Burst of Leo Aiolia in his second fight against him.

:: - nihongo|Ebony Rapier|エボニー・レイピア|Ebonī Reipia:

:: - nihongo|Ebony Plasma|エボニー・プラズマ|Ebonī Purazuma:

Galaxy Kreios

nihongo|Galaxy Kreios|星漢のクレイオス|Seikan no Kureiosu is a Titan released together with Oceanus, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea, Mnemosyne and Themis by Pontus after the last be helped by Iapetos. He has a very cold personality, is very serious and extremely violent. He fights and acts according to a very strong sense of honor. Still, he is not bound by his code of honor, and sees the existence of a god as a completely free existence moved only by its all-powerful will.

He attacks the Sanctuary to serve as a diversion to Athena’s forces while Cronus tries to retrieve the Megas Drepanon, or simply just because he wants fight. He is highly respected by the Titan’s minions, as is shown by Spathe’s words. There he will find his nemesis, Capricorn Shura, with his Excalibur proving more than a challenge for the god's Aster Blade. In their first fight Shura manages to barely save his life, only cutting in half Kreios' blade and lightly wounding him. After his retreat, the Titan is seen much later conversing with his wife, the goddess Eurybia, after which he challenges the Gold Saints once more. He finds his demise after a brutal fight with the Capricorn Saint, where before his death he grants his Ichor to Shura, as Iapetos done before with Aiolia and Shaka.

With the Aster Blade, a huge sickle created by his Cosmo, Kreios is known for very accurate and sharp blows. His attitude is such that even furious he doesn’t lose his mind. After fighting against Shura, he acknowledges the Saints of Athena as worthy adversaries, and left, leaving the key to Cronus’ Labyrinth. His Soma has the shape of a sickle.

His special techniques, so far, are:

:: - nihongo|Aster Blade (Star Blade)|星断剣 - アステル・ブレイド|Seidanken - Asuteru Bureido: The immense sickle created by Kreios’ Cosmo. Due to the fact the sickle is immaterial, it can be reconjured if destroyed and can pass through anything without touching it if Kreios desires. This way, this sickle can cut the enemy’s body through armors. The blade of the sickle does not just cuts the body, but also disrupts the energy of the enemy hurt, weakening it.

:: - nihongo|Aster Choreía (Chorea of Stars)|星断円斬 - アステル・コレイア|Seidan Enzan - Asuteru Koreia: The Aster Blade changes its form and becomes circular with angular blades around. It attacks spinning, acting exactly like the Aster Blade. The difference is the Aster Choreía drains the blood and energy of the enemy. This way, Kreios can look inside the enemy's memories, and use the energy drained to boost his attacks.

:: - nihongo|Aster Cyclos (Star Cycle)|星断光輪 - アステル・キュクロス|Seidan Kōrin - Asuteru Kyukurosu: An attack used after the Aster Choreía is formed. Using not just Kreios’ energy, but also all the energy drained by the Aster Choreía, the Aster Cyclos consists of a ring made of pure and dense energy. The ring is shot against the enemy and, despite the enormous power that it contains, is not very fast.

:: - nihongo|Aster Shield (Star Shield): A semi-spherical shield made out of Orichalcum, very similar in appearance to a vast sky filled with stars. This is a defensive device, the technique only summons it, but it is a potent protection indeed, as it was able to withstand many blows of Excalibur before crippling.

:: - nihongo|Shield Bash: This technique involves the Aster Shield, used as some sort of a mace to hit with massive force.

:: - nihongo|Shōshiken: After stabbing himself with the handle of his Aster Blade, Kreios forges a new blade made out of his own Ichor, similar to a rapier and exceptionally potent, but devoid of all the Aster Blade's abilities. It appears that this sword magnify all of its force in its cutting power.

Kreios is also able to freely summon and manipulate crystals of Orichalcum, the very first component of the Saints armours.

Current Oceanus

nihongo|Current Oceanus|清流のオケアノス|Seiryū no Okeanosu is a Titan released together with Kreios, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea, Mnemosyne and Themis by Pontus after the last be helped by Iapetos. He seems to be the most rational of all the Titans and it is next to impossible to see a vestige of emotion on his face. He attacks the Sanctuary in order to take Aiolia to Cronus’ Labyrinth, so the Titans can use him to restore Cronus.

But, in fact, his visit is merely a part of the plan: it is a diversion, so Iapetos can kidnap Lithos, and is also the way found to make Aiolia follow the Titans, once he can use the portal that Oceanus created to go back to the Labyrinth. In that occasion, he faces the unexpected presence of Camus.

Even considering the natural advantage Camus has, being able to freeze all the water created by Oceanus, the Titan has the upper hand during the entire fight. Still, he leaves the place as originally planned without finishing his fight against Camus. He has yet to appear again.

As his name suggest, Oceanus can control and summon water at will. His Soma has the shape of a pair of daggers. His special techniques, so far, are:

:: - nihongo|Thalassa Deluge (Sea Flood)|大海氾濫 - タラッサ・デリュージュ|Ōumi Hanran - Tarassa Deryūju: With a mere movement of his hand, Oceanus creates a huge amount of water that flows like a tidal wave toward the enemy. It is an expansive attack, due to the fact it can expand in every direction around Oceanus' body. Since the water comes from distilling, it is completely pure, and thus, doesn’t conducts electricity, rendering every one of Aiolia's attacks ineffective against Oceanus.

:: - nihongo|Stream Edge|清流之刃 - ストリュウム・エッジ|Seiryū no Yaiba - Sutoryūmu Ejji: Using humidity in the atmosphere, Oceanus creates very sharp blades to his two daggers. They are more used to create the Current Impact technique.

:: - nihongo|Current Impact|海流衝撃 - カレント・インパクト|Kairyū Shōgeki - Karento Inpakuto: An attack utilizing the Stream Edge. The daggers creates two water typhoons. The water whirls so fast that, when collided, a very strong wave of impact is created, slashing anything in its way.

:: - nihongo|Auge Hydor (Water of Auge)|輝光水流 - アウゲー・ヒュドール|Kikō Suiryū - Augē Hyudōru: Oceanus creates small water points around his body. With his order, those little amount of water shoots through the air until they touch an enemy. After hitting the opponent, the water penetrates the body of the enemy without any difficulty. From this moment on, Oceanus gains total control upon all the liquid inside the body of the victim. That way, he can abruptly force all the blood of the enemy to burst through skin, stop its flux, or anything else he desires.


nihongo|Rhea|レア|Rea is one of the six Titanesses released along with the other five, Oceanus and Kreios. Currently, not much is known about her. Different from mythology, Rhea, the other Titanesses and Oceanus have fought against the Olympian gods in Titanomachia, so she too has been sealed in Tartarus. She is Cronus’ wife and, therefore, mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. Even so, she appears to be a mysterious Titaness who stays completely loyal to Cronus. And although she is able to acknowledge a human’s strength, she still doesn’t tolerate a human trying to overcome gods.

After Cronus is released, she immediately appears at the Statue of Athena to protect her king, who is defenseless at the moment. After that, she attacks Aiolia and Shura with her Ge Python. Back to Cronos’ Labyrinth, she teaches Cronus how to use his Soma as a vest. During the invasion of the Gold Saints, she stays in the Labyrinth, fighting with his monstrous summons against Aquarius Camus.

Rhea's full powers have yet to be revealed, but she appears to be able to summon and control mythical beasts such as the Lernaean Hydra and the Salamander at will. Her Soma has the shape of a katar. Her special technique, so far, is:

:: - nihongo|Ge Python (Earth Python)|天地乃蛇 - ゲー・ピュートーン|Tenchi no Hebi - Gē Pyūtōn: Huge stone snakes Rhea is able to create with her Cosmo. It seems Rhea cares at least a little for her snakes. Rhea seems to be able to sense the snake, so she realizes it when the monster is defeated by Aldebaran and makes it stronger. Powered up, the snakes become a single, multi-headed one resembling the mythological Lernaean Hydra. The blood of the Ge Python is a corrosive poison that burns on contact. Every severed head is immediately regenerated and it can only be defeated if the main head is destroyed.

:: - This technique has no known name yet, but allows Rhea to summon a gigantic fire monster known as a Salamander. It appears as an enormouos lizard-like monstrosity completely covered in flames, quadrupedal, and able to spit enormous fireballs and tongues of fire. Its sheer power and size makes it a very powerful opponent indeed.


nihongo|Themis|テミス "Temisu" is one of the six Titanesses released along with the other five, Oceanus and Kreios. Just as in mythology, Themis is a symbol of justice. With a strict personality, she is a wild woman, angry and rude with her enemies. In fights, she likes to make her enemies die slowly, not for pleasure – like her husband Iapetos –, but to make them feel the power of justice she represents. She seems to be friendly towards Mnemosyne, but this appears to be a one-sided relationship.

Themis first appeared with the other Titanesses as they protected Chronus from Aiolia's Photon Burst. There, she fought against the Leo Saint and defeated him, only to be stopped by Capricorn Shura when delivering a would-be finishing blow. She left her opponents under her Brabeus Talanton, and reappeared later with his husband Iapetos, observing his fight against Aiolia and Virgo Shaka. In the end she never fought again, for Iapetos killed her and merged her with himself. During the fight, Themis was no more than an appendage of one of his husband's xiphos, and was dead and cuddled by him when Iapetos threw himself in Tartarus.

As the embodiment of justice, Themis is able to give physical presence to the people's sins, in form of an extreme pressure able to crush those who are "judged" by her (of course, she judges from a god's point of view). Her Soma has the shape of a spear, and concentrates its power in her legs. Her special techniques, so far, are:

:: - nihongo|Brabeus Blade (Blade of Arbiter)|審判乃刃 - ブラベウス・ブレイド|Shinpon no Yaiba - Burabeus Bureido: A strong energy blast shot by Themis' legs, similar to Shura’s Excalibur. Brabeus Blade can also deflect an attack back to the person who used it.

:: - nihongo|Brabeus Talanton (Balance of Arbiter)|審判乃天秤 - ブラベウス・タラントン|Shinpon no Tenbin - Burabeus Taranton: A huge balance made of Cosmos that Themis creates, smashing its enemies with the weight of its sins. The weight is determined by the sins committed by the victim according to Themis sense of justice, so a crime against the gods – especially the Titans – will be enough to crush the body of the enemy. It seems to demand concentration from Themis to keep adequate weight. The technique is enough to hold Aiolia and Shura, but Aldebaran can easily lift the plates of the balance once he supports his sins, using them to become stronger.


nihongo|Mnemosyne|ムネモシュネ|Munemoshune is one of the six Titanesses released along with the other five, Oceanus and Kreios. She has a very childlike appearance, resembling a schoolgirl. Despite the fact that her eyes are cloudy, in the last chapters she seems to be able to fully use her sense of sight.

She is incredibly calm and this allows her to comprehend the situations easily. Being the one who controls the memories of the world, she is the one who figures out the reason to Cronus loses his memories after being released and, shamelessly, immediately noticed that Aiolia is the one who suppressed Cronus' Cosmo by destroying his projection. She also seems to be able to sense presences with great accuracy.

Mnemosyine played a phantom-like role for much of the manga, sometimes commenting the ominous happenings inside Cronus' Labyrinth or, on two occasions, conversing with his siblings. However, only recently she revealed herself to be some sort of an ally to Pontus, and she is indeed the one responsible of sealing her siblings' divinity, thus making them all but defeatable by mere humans such as the Gold Saints. What drives her is completely unknown, as only something of her true colours have been revealed.

As the embodiment of memory, Mnemosyne has complete control over every kind of memory, be it of a mortal or a god. With this power she was able to seal away his siblings true strength and also shape Hyperion's memories in the form of a monstrous snake-like creature, dubbed as the Egyptian demon Apopis. The true extent of her powers, and the power of her Soma, shaped as an axe, are not known.


nihongo|Phoebe|ポイベ|Poibe is one of the six Titanesses released along with the other five, Oceanus and Kreios. Not much else is known about her. As with all the other Titans, she seems to be very loyal to Cronus. In mythology, she was Coeus’ wife, but it is unknown if Episode G will use this. Her Soma has the shape of a falchion.


nihongo|Theia|テイア|Teia is one of the six Titanesses. She was released along with the other five, Oceanus and Kreios. Not much else is known about her. As with all the other Titans, she seems to be very loyal to Cronus. In mythology, she was Hyperion’s wife, but is unknown if Episode G will use this. Her Soma has the shape of a crossbow.


nihongo|Tethys|テテュス|Tetesu is one of the six Titanesses released along with the other five, Oceanus and Kreios. Not much else is known about her. As all the other Titans, she seems to be very loyal to Cronus. In mythology, she was Oceanus’ wife, but is unknown if Episode G will use this. Her Soma has the shape of a sledgehammer.

"All the Titans' Somas, except Cronos', Hyperion's and Iapetos', are shown in Saint Seiya Episode G, Volume 4, Chapter 17 [Saint Seiya Episode G vol. 4, chapter 17, by Megumu Okada.] ."


On par with the Titans, the nihongo|Gigas|ギガス兵神|Gigasu Heishin are nine deities summoned by Cronus to aid Hyperion, Iapetos, and Coeus. However, although they are regarded as powerful beings and are, in fact, gods themselves, all the Gigantes that have appeared thus far have suffered a quick defeat.

*nihongo|Phoenix Rhuax (Crimson Lava)|紅の溶岩 - ポインクスのリュアクス|Kurenai no Yōgan - Poinkusu no Ryuakusu The first Giant to appear. Nothing is know about his power, however it is stated and seen that he, at least, had enormous physical strength. He challenges Eagle Marin at first, but is soon defeated by Aiolia.

*nihongo|Kyanos Phlox (Blue Flame)|群青の炎 - キュアノスのプロクス|Gunjō no honō - Kyuanos no Purokus The second Giant, appeared along with Crimson Lava at the Sanctuary. Able to manipulate and control molten rock and fire, he is also able to conjure the lava he created into a big pool, sharp nails and even long whips which he then can manipulate with ease. He is first challenged by Virgo Shaka at the Temple of Aries, where he argues briefly before being freed to go to the Temple of Cancer. There he is easily killed by Deathmask, after witnessing his cruelty and the horrifying vision of the thousands of faces inside his Temple.:: - nihongo|Blazing Claw Whip|焔爪鞭|Ensōben: This technique conjures whips of fire that Blue Flame extends from his nails. They appear to be sharp and durable, and the Giant can manipulate them easily.:: - nihongo|Melted Rock-forming|溶融造岩|Yōyūzūgan: Summons a great pool of lava from the ground. Blue Flame appears to be completely immune to the incandescent rock, and he states that all Giants have the same immunity.
*nihongo|Leukotes Anemos (White Wind)|白の風 - レウコテースのアネモス|Shiro no Kaze - Reukotēsu no Anemosu The third Giant, appeared with Black Thunder after the battle between Aiolia and Koios. Nothing is know about him, as he is killed as soon as he appeared by Virgo Shaka. However, as his own name states, it can be deduced that he had some sort of capability to manipulate wind.
*nihongo|Melas Brontes (Black Thunder)|黒の雷 - メラースのブロンテー|Kuro no Ikazuchi - Merāsu no Burontē The fourth Giant, appeared with White Wind after the battle between Aiolia and Koios. Like his comrade nothing is know about him, as he is killed by Virgo Shaka before taking any sort of action. As his name states, he probably could manipulate thunders (an impure, blackish form, like Koios).
*nihongo|Phaios Spathe (Grey Blade)|灰色の刃 - パイオスのスパテー|Haiiro no Yaiba - Paiosu no Supatē The fifth Giant, who challenges Capricorn Shura after slaughtering a group of soldiers of Cronos who are retreating due to the fierce Gold Saint's attacks. His name comes from the two enormous blades that he had on his arms. Even being gigantic and powerful, he is no match for Shura, and Grey Blade is mortally wounded by his Excalibur. Nevertheless, he is killed by Kreios' Aster Blade, sacrificing himself so the Titan could deliver an easy blow on the Saint of Capricorn.:: - nihongo|Eight Direction Claw|八陣爪|Hachijinsō: This technique splits one of the blades of the Giant into eight minor blades that works on their own accord, thus creating eight simultaneous attacks, gaining more chance of hitting the target. However, as the Cosmo are divided into into eight as well, the shots are less powerful.
* The sixth Giant, appears against both Aiolia and Aphrodite at the entrance of the dimension of the Titans. Resembling a giant warrior completely covered in iron splattered with blood, hence his name, he wields a giant ruby mace which can create blinding flashes of red and destructive waves of resonance that can disintegrate almost everything they touch. This power is also present inside the Giant's punches. He is firstly disarmed by Aphrodite's Piranhan Roses, with which he destroys his mace, then killed by a combination of Royal Demon Roses and Bloody Rose.

Other Gods

*nihongo|Pontus|ポントス|Pontosu: The primordial God of Sea, a first generation son of Gaia, and a mysterious ally of the Titans. Most of the time seen working with his cauldron, which can be used to observe anything, even the future. Hyperion greatly distrusts him, but nevertheless tolerates him for being the one responsible of the awakening of the Titans. Pontus is somewhat a strange character, as he is depicted as cold, cynical and analytical, whilst sometimes acting as a frothing madman guided by pure arrogance and disdain for everything except Gaia, for which he appears to be working. He fights once with Leo Aiolia, completely overwhelming him, but is forced to retreat when the other Gold Saints sent by the Sanctuary come to aid the Leo Saint. He is the one that orders Gemini Saga (disguised as the Pope of the Sanctuary) around, and he is a cunning figure indeed. His objectives are unknown: he appears to work for the resurrection of the Earth Goddess, but other than that everything about him remains a mystery. It is known however that, after revealing himself to Ebony Hyperion, he tries to gain his help, but to no avail.

As the primordial god of sea, Pontus is able to control water, much like Current Oceanus (his water, however, is jet-black). His greatest power however remains the Dunamis, the Cosmos of the gods, an energy so potent that can create and destroy anything. His armor is called nihongo|Ars Magna (The Great Art)|大いなる秘宝 - アルス・マグナ|Ōinaru hihō - Arus Maguna. His techniques so far are:

:: - nihongo|Melas Kuma (Black Wave)|黒キ波 - メラス キューマ|Kuro ki Nami - Merasu Kyūma: Pontus' version of Oceanus' Thalassa Deluge, an immense wave of black water able to submerge, trample and crush everything in its path.

:: - nihongo|Melas Helix (Black Spiral)|黒渦 - メラス ヘリクス|Kuro Uzo - Merasu Herikusu: A gigantic spiral of black water merged with the Dunamis, acting like a tide of enormous force.

*nihongo|Prometheus|プロメテウス|Purometeusu:The black-winged son of Iapetos and Themis, carried his parents' bodies to Pontus.


=Triangle Noesis=

A noble Silver Saint. He is killed shortly after his introduction, when he and his apprentice Retsu are fighting against the gorgon Euryale. After having half of his body turned into stone, he uses his attack, Tritos Spharaghisma, making the gorgon unable to petrify Retsu. But this causes the rest of his body to turn into stone, and is accidentally blown the top part off. Later, he joins his Cosmo with Retsu's, and with the last remains of his soul, they defeat the gorgon. :: - nihongo|Tritos Spharagisma (Seal of past, present and future existences)|三界封印-トリトス・スプラギスマ|Sangai Fuin - Toritosu Supuragisuma:

=Lynx Retsu=

Triangle Noesis' apprentice. Shortly after receiving his bronze Lynx cloth, he and his master go to explore a cave where a mysteryous, dangerous Cosmo lurked. They discover a gorgon, which has been revived when the Titans awakes.

His master sacrifices himself to save him, telling Retsu to alert the Sanctuary of the danger. Some time afterwards, Leo Aiolia arrives. Retsu pleads him to let him finish the creature off. To satisfy his wishes, Aiolia lies, and say that he is only a messenger sent by the Sanctuary to make sure Retsu, who is assigned the task of defeating the monster, accomplishes that mission.

Retsu, with help from his masters' spirit, manages to defeat the gorgon, and avenges his master.:: - nihongo|Ressō Shippū|裂爪疾風 - Fissure Hurricane:

Non-Saints characters

Lithos Crysallis

A servant of Aiolia, who has once unwittingly mistaken her as a boy, and now sees her as his little sister. In Greek, her name means stone, her surname means chrysalis. This links her to her deceased father, a stone sculpturer whom she has once lived with. He dies of a terminal disease, and his soul possesses a colossus. During a mission of Aiolia's, Aiolia promises his soul within the colossus to take care of Lithos until she is capable of taking care of herself, releasing him from the emotional weight binding him to this world, allowing him to rest. During the fight against the Titans, she is kidnapped by Iapetos, and Aiolia immediately goes to their territory to save her.


A servant of Aiolia whose full name is Garalian Steiner, ["Saint Seiya Episode G", chapter 24, p.38] but is called Gaaran. He used to be a friend of Sagittarius Aiolos and once tries to be the Leo Gold Saint, [ [] Accessed on 2008-28-11.] but he can only be a guardian. At some point before Aiolos' death, Garan's mother has a terminal disease, and he tries to steal Ichor, the "sacred blood" and a secred treasure which can cure her, from the Sanctuary. However, by the time he returns, his mother is already dead.

He is caught, and ends up in prison. Aiolos is forced to fight against him and kill him as punishment. Aiolos wants to discuss about forgiving him, but Garan does not want to risk the life of his friend. However, during the fight Aiolos takes off his Gold cloth to fight at the same state and defeated him, making Garan lose his right eye and his right arm, causing him to start using a metal arm. After the supposed betrayal of Aiolos, Garan stays to live with Aiolia and takes care of him although he is also called a traitor. Aiolia starts looking Garan as a member of his family. During his fight with Pontus, his arm is cut by his attack. He felt Garan with him, saying that he can still win, and Aiolia reattaches his arm, saying that now his arm belongs to Garan.

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