Grey Seer

Grey Seer

The Grey Seers are Skaven prophets that make up a religious order dedicated to the Horned Rat in the fantasy tabletop game Warhammer.

Description of the Grey Seers

The Grey Seers hold a very important position in the Skaven hierarchy. They rank just below the Council, and are above the Warlords of the Warlord clans. Grey Seers often have white or gray colored fur. They interpret the Horned Rat's will and desires to the rest of the Skaven. They advise and coerce the Warlord clans, in accordance to their own interpretations, and act as intermediates to relay decrees of the Council to the Skaven clans. Their leader, the Seerlord, sits on the Council of Thirteen, as one of the most powerful Lords of Decay. Some Skaven jealously say that the Seerlord's seat on the Council compromises the intended role of the Grey Seers. The Seers preach of the time when the Great Ascendancy will occur, in which the whole Skaven race will rise as one, and conquer the Upper World, overwhelming the races above. The Grey Seers are also very powerful, as anyone who argues against them would be denounced as heretics and be ultimately destroyed by the rest of the clans, who would wage a holy war against that clan. This, of course, does not stop the resentment against them by many important Skavens, and it is a very foolish Grey Seer who does not watch his back when separated from his brethren.

Jobs of the Grey Seers

The Grey Seers, as stated, interpret the will of the Horned Rat as his living prophets. However, they are also seen in battle as generals, and are the most proficient sorcerers of the Skaven. They also relay messages from the council to the clans.

Grey Seer magic

The Grey Seers are the most proficient magic-users of the Skaven race. The only other known magic users on the Skaven army list in the Skaven race are Warlock Engineers. Unlike Warlock Engineers, however, Grey Seers utilize the winds of magic, not machines, to use magic, as they are natural born wizards, unlike the Warlocks. Their spells are Skitterleap (which transport the caster or a man-sized character anywhere on the battlefield), Warp Lightning (A magic missile that summons green warp lightning. This lightning is more devastating than regular lightning, and can kill even the strongest creatures.), Vermintide (a swarm of rats are summoned and travel in one direction, eating and hurting anything in its path, friend or foe.), Pestilent Breath (A poisonous attack in which the wizard's breath turns venomous and huge green cloud comes out of his mouth, killing or hurting most creatures that inhale it), Death Frenzy (a dark cloud appears over the chosen squadron, and as they inhale its fumes, they become unnaturally murderous and violent, attacking savagely any enemy unit within the proximities, for better or worse), and Plague Spell, (where a mini-plague is cast and affects the whole squadron, sometimes friendly units if they are in combat. Only the tough creatures can survive or emerge unscathed. This mini plague, like a regular one, can spread to the enemy, or with bad luck, to nearby friendly units). Grey Seers can use various arcane items to improve their magic. These are Warpstorm Scrolls, Warp Scroll, Storm Daemons, Eyes of the Horned Rat, and Warpstone tokens. The rules for the Grey Seers' magic and items can be found in the "Warhammer Armies: Skaven book".

Grey Seers in combat

The Grey Seers are always the generals of the Skaven army, unless another hero or lord is present and wrests the honor from their paws. They are the most common magic users for the Skaven, and are very expensive if you want to bring one into your army. The Seers are sometimes seen riding on a Screaming Bell, an engine of horror and that brings certain doom to an opposing army. Its bell has high magic capabilities also. They, like most Skaven leaders, have a relatively low leadership (6).

Famous Grey Seers


Other Skaven magic users

*Warlock Engineer: Clan Skyre
*Eshin Sorcerer: Clan Eshin
*Warlock Master: Clan Skyre
*Festering Chantor: Clan Pestilens
*Harbinger of Mutation: Clan Moulder


* Warhammer Armies: SKAVEN ISBN: 1-84154-185-0

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