Howard (surname)

Howard (surname)

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name = Howard

pronunciation ="HOW-erd"
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related names =Howerd, Heward and Huard
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Howard is a common English language surname. Its origins are unclear. One theory is that it derived from the Norman-French personal name "Huard" or "Heward" adapting after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Another theory is that its origin may be pre 7th century Germanic from the personal name "Hughard" (prefix "hug", meaning "heart"/"spirit"; suffix "hard", meaning "hardy"/"brave"). Yet another theory is that the surname derived from the Anglo-Scandinavian personal name "Haward" (prefix "ha", meaning "high"; suffix "varthr", meaning "guardian"). The first public record of the surname is dated 1221 in Cambridgeshire. There are several variant surname spellings. [cite web |url= |title=Surname: Howard | |accessdate=2008-02-12] People with the surname Howard include:

* Ada Howard (1829–1907), first president of Wellesley College
* Arliss Howard (b. 1954), American actor, writer, director
* Barbara Howard, RCA (1926–2002), Canadian artist and wood-engraver
* Bryce Dallas Howard (born 1981), U.S. actress
* Catherine Howard (between 1520 and 1525–1542), Fifth Wife of Henry VIII of England
* Charles Howard (various)
* Chaunte Howard (born 1984), African American highjumper
* Clint Howard (born 1959), U.S. actor
* Curly Howard (1903–1952), U.S. actor, member of the "Three Stooges"
* Dominic Howard (born 1977), English drummer
* Daniel Edward Howard (1861–1935), president of Liberia
* Desmond Howard (born 1970), American, Heisman Trophy winner and former professional football player
* Dwight Howard (born 1985), American basketball player
* Ebenezer Howard (1850–1928), British urban planner
* Elizabeth Jane Howard (born 1923), English novelist
* Elston Howard (1929–1980), American baseball player
* Frank Howard (various)
* George Howard (various)
* Howard family, British aristocratic family
* Jim Howard (born 1959), American high jumper
* John Howard (various)
* Josh Howard (born 1980), American basketball player
* Julia C. Howard, American politician
* Juwan Howard (born 1973), American basketball player
* Kenneth Howard (various)
* Leslie Howard (disambiguation)
* Madeline Howard (born 1949), American fantasy author
* Michael Howard (formerly Hecht) (born 1941), British politician
* Milford W. Howard (1862–1937), American politician
* Moe Howard (1897–1975), American actor, member of the "Three Stooges"
* Oliver O. Howard (1830–1909), General in the U.S. Civil War
* Pat Howard (born 1973), Australia rugby team head coach
* Robert Howard (various)
* Ronald Howard (various)
* Ryan Howard (born 1979), American baseball player
* Shemp Howard (1895–1955), American actor, member of the "Three Stooges"
* Sophie Howard (born 1983), British model
* T. R. M. Howard (1908–1976), Afro American civil rights leader
* Trevor Howard, (1913–1987), English actor
* Terrence Howard (born 1969), U.S. actor
* Tim Howard (born 1979), U.S. football player
* William Alvin Howard (born 1926), American mathematician
* William J. Howard (1799–1862), Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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