Transmission (record label)

Transmission (record label)

"Transmission" is an independent record label set by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree in 2003. It was named after an information service by mail of the same name the band had during the nineties (subscribers of the "Transmission" service could even receive some exclusive releases). In a similar way, Porcupine Tree uses the label to bring the fans live material or special limited editions of their albums though this does not limit other labels on releasing them, in fact, many albums get their regular editions on major labels and are launched as special limited printings through "Transmission" later or even simultaneously. For example, "Fear of a Blank Planet" was first released on Roadrunner and Atlantic, and thereafter reissued on "Transmission" as a limited DVDA version.


All the records released on the label bear a number to identify them, imitating the software versioning method (Steven Wilson's job before becoming a full-time musician was computing). For example, the first press of Porcupine Tree's first release on "Transmission" label, "XM", is numbered "Transmission 1.1" and the second press of the same album is identified as "Transmission 1.2" (if the album were issued for the third time it would be labeled "Transmission 1.3").


The following is a chronological list of the albums Porcupine Tree has released through "Transmission" label so far, and their respective version numbers:

*Transmission 1.1 - "XM" (released between July and August, 2003 for the US tour)
*Transmission 1.2 - "XM" (released in November, 2003 for the European tour)
*Transmission 2.1 - "Warszawa" (January, 2004)
*Transmission 3.1 - "Porcupine Tree Sampler 2005" (March, 2005)
*Transmission 4.1 - "XMII" (June, 2005)
*Transmission 5.1 - "Nil Recurring" (September, 2007)
*Transmission 6.1 - "Fear of a Blank Planet" [DVDA edition] (October, 2007)
*Transmission 7.1 - "We Lost The Skyline" (February, 2008)
*Transmission 8.1 - "Lightbulb Sun" [DVDA edition] (bonus disc) (April, 2008)

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