Beat Out!

Beat Out!

Infobox Album
Name = Beat Out!
Type = Album
Artist = GLAY

Released = July 2, 1996
Recorded =
Genre = Japanese rock/pop
Length = 62:00
Label = Platinum Records
Producer = GLAY
Last album = "Speed Pop"
This album = "Beat Out!"
Next album = "Beloved"
Misc = Singles
Name = Beat Out!
Type = studio
single 1 = Yes, Summerdays
single 1 date = August 9, 1995
single 2 = Ikiteku Tsuyosa
single 2 date = November 8 1995
single 3 = Glorious
single 3 date = January 17 1996

"Beat Out!" is the third album by Japanese Rock/Pop band GLAY. It was released on July 2, 1996, and peaked at #1 at Oricon charts, with 821,890 copies sold.

Track listing

#More than Love
#Yes, Summerdays
#nihongo|Genshoku no Sora|原色の空
#Trouble On Monday
#Tsuki ni Inoru (月に祈る)
#Ikiteku Tsuyosa (生きてく強さ)
#Shuumatsu no Baby Talk (週末のBaby talk)
#Guroriasu (Glorious) (グロリアス)
#Kisaki no Hate (軌跡の果て)
#Miki Piano


* [ Speed Pop page at Oricon]

External links

* [ GLAY Official Site]

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