List of FIA member organisations

List of FIA member organisations

This is a list of FIA member organisations. [ [ FIA homepage - index of members] ] These are the clubs, local authorities and governing bodies that work on a more localized level to help the global FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) organise racing events, among other pursuits.

There are hundreds of different groups all around the world. Not every country is necessarily represented (yet), and only a select few of these are actually regarded as motorsport groups - a great number of them are motorist service organizations or touring groups, concerned more with road travel than competition.

The list is broken out alphabetically, by continent, and with organisation initials included where available.


flagicon|Algeria Algeria
*Automobile Club et Randonnees d'Algerie
*Federation Algerienne des Sports Mecaniques (FASM)
*Touring Club d'Algerie (TCA)flagicon|Burundi Burundi
*Club Automobile du Burundi (CAB)flagicon|Congo Congo
*Federation Automobile de la Republique Democratique du Congo (FEDACO)flagicon|Egypt Egypt
*Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt (ATCE)
*Ministry of Tourism of the Arab Republic of Egyptflagicon|Eritrea Eritrea
*National Federation Motor Racing Eritreaflagicon|Ethiopia Ethiopia
*Ethiopian Motor Association (EMA)flagicon|Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
*Federation Ivoirienne de Sports Automobile et de Motocyclisme (FISAM)flagicon|Kenya Kenya
*Automobile Association of Kenya (AAK)
*Kenya Motor Sports Foundation (KMSF)flagicon|Libya Libya
*Automobile and Touring Club of Libya (ATCL)flagicon|Madagascar Madagascar
*Federation du Sport Automobile de Madagascar (FSAM)flagicon|Mauritius Mauritius
*Club Automobile de Rallye (CAR)flagicon|Morocco Morocco
*Federation Royale Marocaine de Sport Automobile (FRMSA)
*Royal Automobile Club Marocain (RACM)flagicon|Mozambique Mozambique
*Automovel e Touring Clube de Mozambique (ATCM)flagicon|Namibia Namibia
*Automobile Association of Namibia (AAN)
*Namibia Motor Sport Federation (NMSF)flagicon|Nigeria Nigeria
*Automobile Sports Club of Nigeria (ASCN)flagicon|Rwanda Rwanda
*Rwanda Automobile Club (RAC)flagicon|Senegal Senegal
*Federation Senegalaise de Sport Automobile et Motocycliste (FSSAM)flagicon|South Africa South Africa
*Automobile Association of South Africa (AASA)
*Motorsport South Africa (MSA)flagicon|Sudan Sudan
*Sudan Automobile and Tourism Club (SAC)
*Sudanese Automobile and Touring Club (SATC)flagicon|Tanzania Tanzania
*Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT)flagicon|Tunisia Tunisia
*National Automobile Club de Tunisie (NACT)
*Touring Club de Tunisie (TCT)flagicon|Uganda Uganda
*Automobile Association of Uganda (AA Uganda)
*Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of Uganda (FMU)flagicon|Zambia Zambia
*Zambia Motor Sport Association (ZMSA)flagicon|Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
*Automobile Association of Zimbabwe (AAZ)
*Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation (ZMSF)


flagicon|Armenia Armenia
*Arvikon Automobile and Tourist Club
*Automobile Federation of Armenia (FAA)flagicon|Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
*Azerbaijan Auto Sport Federation (AASF)flagicon|Bahrain Bahrain
*Bahrain Motor Federation (BMF)flagicon|Bangladesh Bangladesh
*Automobile Association of Bangladesh (AAB)flagicon|China China
*China Tourism Automobile and Cruise Association (CTACA)
*Federation of Automobile Sports of China (FASC)flagicon|Cyprus Cyprus
*Cyprus Automobile Association (CAA)flagicon|Georgia Georgia
*Georgian Automobile Federation (GAF)flagicon|Hong Kong Hong Kong
*Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA)flagicon|India India
*Federation of Indian Automobile Associations (FIAA)
*Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI)
*Motorsports Association of India (MAI)flagicon|Indonesia Indonesia
*Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI)flagicon|Iran Iran
*Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (MAFIRI)
*Touring and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI)flagicon|Israel Israel
*Automobile and Touring Club of Israel (MEMSI)flagicon|Japan Japan
*Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)flagicon|Jordan Jordan
*Royal Automobile Club of Jordan (RACJ)flagicon|Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
*Automotorsport Federation of Republic of Kazakhstanflagicon|South Korea Korea (South)
*Korea Automobile Association (KAA)
*Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA)flagicon|Kuwait Kuwait
*Kuwait Automobile and Touring Club (KATC)
*Kuwait International Automobile Club (KIAC)flagicon|Lebanon Lebanon
*Automobile et Touring Club du Liban (ATCL)flagicon|Macau Macau
*Automovel Clube de Macau-China (China-Macau Autosports Club)flagicon|Malaysia Malaysia
*Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM)flagicon|Mongolia Mongolia
*Mongolian Automobile Motorcycle Sports Federation (MAMSF)flagicon|Oman Oman
*Oman Automobile Association (OAA)flagicon|Pakistan Pakistan
*Automobile Association of Pakistan (AAP)
*Motorsport Association of Pakistan (MAP)flagicon|Philippines Philippines
*Automobile Association Philippines (AAP)flagicon|Qatar Qatar
*Qatar Automobile and Touring Club (QATC)
*Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF)flagicon|Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
*Saudi Arabian Motor Sport Federation (SAMSF)
*Saudi Automobile and Touring Association (SATA)
*Saudi Automobile Federation (SAF)flagicon|Singapore Singapore
*Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS)
*Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA)flagicon|Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
*Automobile Association of Ceylon (AAC)
*Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC)flagicon|Syria Syria
*Automobile et Touring Club de Syrie (ATCS)
*Syrian Automobile Club (SAC)flagicon|Taiwan Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)
*Chinese Taipei Automobile Association (CTAA)
*Chinese Taipei Motor Sports Association (CTMSA)flagicon|Thailand Thailand
*Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (RAAT)flagicon|Turkey Turkey
*Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MITUR)
*Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED)
*Turkiye Turing ve Otomobil Kurumu (TTOK)flagicon|UAE United Arab Emirates
*Automobile and Touring Club for United Arab Emirates (ATC UAE)flagicon|Vietnam Vietnam
*Formula 1 Vietnam Fan Network (F1VN)flagicon|Yemen Yemen
*Yemen Club for Touring and Automobile (YCTA)


flagicon|Andorra Andorra
*Automobil Club d'Andorra (ACA)flagicon|Austria Austria
*Österreichischer Automobil Motorrad und Touring Club (ÖAMTC)
*Österreichischer Camping Club (ÖCC)flagicon|Belarus Belarus
*Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA)
*Federation de l'Automobile de Belarus (FAB)flagicon|Belgium Belgium
*Royal Automobile Club de Belgique (RACB)
*Touring Club Belgium (TCB)flagicon|Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
*Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club (BIHAMK)flagicon|Bulgaria Bulgaria
*Union des Automobilistes Bulgares (UAB)flagicon|Croatia Croatia
*Croatian Car and Karting Federation (CCKF)
*Hrvatski Autoklub (HAK)flagicon|Czech Republic Czech Republic
*Autoclub of the Czech Republic (ACCR)
*Ustredni Automotoklub CR (UAMK CR)flagicon|Denmark Denmark
*Dansk Automobil Sports Union (DASU)
*Forenede Danske Motorejere (FDM)flagicon|Estonia Estonia
*Automobile Club of Estonia (EAK)
*Estonian Autosport Union (EASU)flagicon|Finland Finland
*AKK Motorsport (AKK)
*Automobile and Touring Club of Finland (AL)
*SF-Caravan (SFC)flagicon|France France
*Automobile Club de France (ACF)
*Camping Club de France (CCDF)
*Federation Francaise des Automobile-Clubs et des Usagers de la Route (FFAC)
*Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile (FFSA)
*Union des Groupes du Touring Club de France (UGTCF)flagicon|Germany Germany
*Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC)
*Association Internationale des Circuits Permanents (AICP)
*Automobilclub von Deutschland (AVD)
*Deutscher Motor Sport Bund (DMSB)flagicon|Greece Greece
*Elliniki Leshi Periigiseon ke Aftokinitou (ELPA)flagicon|Hungary Hungary
*Magyar Autoklub (MAK)
*Magyar Nemzeti Autósport Szövetség (MNASZ)flagicon|Iceland Iceland
*Icelandic Automobile Association (FIB)
*Icelandic Motorsport Association (LIA)flagicon|Ireland Ireland
*Automobile Association Ireland (AA Ireland)
*Royal Irish Automobile Club (RIAC)flagicon|Italy Italy
*Automobile Club d'Italia (ACI)
*Confederazione Italiana Campeggiatori (ConfederCampeggio)flagicon|Latvia Latvia
*Auto-Moto Society of Latvia (LAMB)
*Latvijas Automobilu Federacija (LAF)flagicon|Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
*Automobil Club des Furstentums Liechtenstein (ACFL)flagicon|Lithuania Lithuania
*Association of Lithuanian Automobilists (LAS)
*Lithuanian Automobile Club (LAC)
*Lithuanian Automobile Sport Federation (LASF)flagicon|Luxembourg Luxembourg
*Automobile Club du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg (ACL)flagicon|Macedonia Macedonia
*Avto-Moto Sojuz na Makedonija (AMSM)flagicon|Malta Malta
*Malta Motorsport Federation
*Touring Club Malta (TCM)flagicon|Monaco Monaco
*Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM)flagicon|Netherlands Netherlands
*KNAC Nationale Autosport Federatie (KNAF)
*Koninklijke Nederlandsche Automobiel Club (KNAC)
*Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond (ANWB)flagicon|Norway Norway
*Norges Automobil-Forbund (NAF)
*Royal Norwegian Automobile Club (KNA)flagicon|Poland Poland
*Polski Związek Motorowy (PZM)flagicon|Portugal Portugal
*Automovel Club de Portugal (ACP)
*Federação Portuguesa de Automobilismo e Karting (FPAK)
*Federação Portuguesa de Cicloturismo e Utilizadores de Bicicleta (FPCUB)flagicon|Romania Romania
*Automobil Clubul Roman (ACR)flagicon|Russia Russia
*Avtoclub Assistance-Rus (ACAR)
*Russian Automobile Federation (RAF)
*Russian Automobile Society (RAS)
*Russian Federation Auto Sport and Tourism (RFAST)flagicon|San Marino San Marino
*Federazione Auto Motoristica Sammarinese (FAMS)flagicon|Serbia Serbia
*Auto-Moto Savez Srbije (AMSS)flagicon|Slovakia Slovakia
*Slovak Association of Motor Sport (SAMS)
*Slovensky Autoturist Klub (SATC)flagicon|Slovenia Slovenia
*Auto-Moto Zveza Slovenije (AMZS)flagicon|Spain Spain
*Real Automovil Club de Espana (RACE)
*Real Federacion Espanola de Automovilismo (RFEA)
*Reial Automobil Club de Catalunya (RACC)flagicon|Sweden Sweden
*Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA)
*Kungl Automobil Klubben (KAK)
*Motormannens Riksforbund (M)
*Svenska Bilsportforbundet (SBF)
*Sveriges Motorcyklister (SMC)flagicon|Switzerland Switzerland
*Automobile Club de Suisse (ACS)
*Auto Sport Suisse
*Touring Club Suisse (TCS)
*Zelt-Klub Zurich (ZKZ)flagicon|UK Great Britain (United Kingdom)
*Automobile Association (AA)
*Camping and Caravanning Club (CCC)
*Caravan Club (CC)
*Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)
*Motor Sports Association (MSA)
*RAC Motoring Services (RAC)
*Royal Automobile Club (RAC)flagicon|Ukraine Ukraine
*Company 112 Ukraine (112 UA)
*Federation Automobile d'Ukraine (FAU)flagicon|Vatican City Vatican City
*Conseil Pontifical pour la Pastorale des Migrants et des Personnes en Deplacement

North America

flagicon|Barbados Barbados
*Barbados Motoring Federation (BMF)flagicon|Canada Canada
*Autorite Sportive Nationale du Canada (ASN Canada)
*Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)flagicon|Costa Rica Costa Rica
*Automovil Club de Costa Rica (ACCR)flagicon|Cuba Cuba
*Federacion de Automovilismo y Kartismo de Cuba (FAKC)flagicon|Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
*Automóvil Club Dominicano
*Federacion Dominicana de Automovilismoflagicon|El Salvador El Salvador
*Automovil Club de El Salvador (ACES)flagicon|Jamaica Jamaica
*Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA)
*Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC)flagicon|Mexico Mexico
*Asociacion Mexicana Automovilistica (AMA)
*Automovil Club de Mexico
*Organizacion Mexicana del Deporte Automovilistico Internacional (OMDAI)flagicon|Panama Panama
*Asociacion Automovilistica de Touring y Deportes de Panama (ASAI)flagicon|Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
*Primera Federacion de Automovilismo Motociclismo y Kartismo de Puerto Rico FIAflagicon|Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
*Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Association (TAA)
*Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sports Association (TTASA)flagicon|USA United States
*American Automobile Association (AAA)
*American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA)
*Automobile Competition Committee for the United States FIA (ACCUS)


flagicon|Australia Australia
*Australian Automobile Association (AAA)
*Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS)flagicon|New Zealand New Zealand
*Motorsport New Zealand (MSNZ)
*New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA)

outh America

flagicon|Argentina Argentina
*Automovil Club Argentino (ACA)flagicon|Bolivia Bolivia
*Automovil Club Boliviano (ACB)flagicon|Brazil Brazil
*Associacao Automobílistica do Brasil
*Car Club do Brasil (CCB)
*Confederação Brasileira de Automobilismo (CBA)flagicon|Chile Chile
*Automovil Club de Chile (ACCHI)
*Federacion Chilena de Automovilismo Deportivo (FADECH)flagicon|Colombia Colombia
*Touring y Automovil Club de Colombia (ACC)flagicon|Ecuador Ecuador
*Automovil Club del Ecuador (ANETA)flagicon|Paraguay Paraguay
*Touring y Automovil Club Paraguayo (TACPY)flagicon|Peru Peru
*Touring y Automovil Club del Peru (TACP)flagicon|Uruguay Uruguay
*Automovil Club del Uruguay (ACU)flagicon|Venezuela Venezuela
*Touring y Automovil Club de Venezuela (TACV)

ee also

*Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile


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