The Ark (Doctor Who)

The Ark (Doctor Who)

] [cite web
title= The Ark
publisher = A Brief History of Time Travel
last = Sullivan
first = Shannon
date = 2005-04-29
accessdate = 2008-08-30
] Although Lesley Scott is credited as a co-writer, she does not appear to have done any actual work on the scripts. Her then-husband, Paul Erickson requested that she be given a credit, but her name appears on no other related documents [Pixley, Andrew, "Doctor Who Archive: "The Ark"," "Doctor Who Magazine", #228, 2 August 1995, Marvel Comics UK, Ltd., p. 26.] . Despite this, Scott was credited as a contributor to the "Dr. Who Annual"s published by World Distributors/World International [Pixley, Andrew, "The Ark": Archive Extra," "Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition", #7, 12 May 2004 ("The Complete First Doctor"), Panini Comics, p. 73.] .

The Monoids were played by actors, each holding a ping-pong ball in his mouth to represent the alien's single eye. The upper portion of the actor's face was hidden by a Beatle wig.

This serial features a guest appearance by Michael Sheard. (See also Celebrity appearances in Doctor Who.)

title=The Ark
series=Target novelisations

writer=Paul Erickson
publisher=Target Books
coverartist=David McAllister
date=October 1986 (Hardback)19th March 1987 (Paperback)
preceding=Black Orchid
following=The Mind Robber|

Commercial releases

This story was released on VHS, in 1998. It was later released on CD, with linking narration by Peter Purves. The CD also includes an interview with Peter about this story and his time on Doctor Who. This CD is available as an Audio Book on the iTunes store.

In print

A novelisation of this serial, written by Paul Erickson, was published by Target Books in October 1986.


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Target novelisation

* [ On Target — "The Ark"]

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