Counter-Revolutionary Violence - Bloodbaths in Fact & Propaganda

Counter-Revolutionary Violence - Bloodbaths in Fact & Propaganda

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"Counter-Revolutionary Violence - Bloodbaths in Fact & Propaganda" was a book written by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman, with a preface by Richard A. Falk. It was about U.S. state-sponsored terrorism, in countries like Vietnam. It frequently mentioned the My Lai Massacre, devoted one section to Operation Speedy Express, and another to the Phoenix Program. It was to be published by Warner Modular Publications, Inc., a subsidiary of Warner Communications in 1973. [cite web|last=Neilson|first=Jim|year=1999|url=|title=Warring Fictions : American Literary Culture and the Vietnam War Narrative|publisher=University Press of Mississippi|accessdate=2008-02-05] Warner Modular Publications was supposed to print 10,000 copies of it. According to the then publisher, Claude McCaleb, in a letter to Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman quoted in Ben Bagdikian's "The Media Monopoly", on August 27, 1973, the chief of book operations at Warner Communications, William Sarnoff, called McCaleb's office in Andover, Massachusetts and wanted to find out if the book would embarrass the parent company. Two hours later, Sarnoff called again and asked McCaleb to fly that night and bring an advance copy of the book to his office in New York. [cite web|last=Moore|first=Michael|date=September 1987|url=|title=THE MEDIA MONOPOLY|publisher=The Multinational Monitor|accessdate=2008-02-05] In the morning McCaleb dropped off the book at Sarnoff's office. Within a few hours, Sarnoff asked for McCaleb to come back to his office. [cite web|last=Barsky|first=Robert|date=March 1997|url=|title=Noam Chomsky: A Life of Dissent|publisher=MIT Press|accessdate=2008-02-05] McCaleb is quoted as saying:

:"Sarnoff immediately launched into a violent verbal attack on me for having published CRV [Counter-Revolutionary Violence] saying, among other things, that it was a pack of lies, a scurrilous attack on respected Americans, undocumented, a publication unworthy of a serious publisher."

He is quoted saying, furthermore, that:

:"He [Sarnoff] then announced that he had ordered the printer not to release a single copy to me and the book would not be published." [cite web|last=Bagdikian|first=Ben|year=2000-03-24|url=|title=The Media Monopoly|publisher=Beacon Press|accessdate=2008-02-05]

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* [ A speech by Noam Chomsky on YouTube describing what happened to this book]
* [ The full text, with additional commentary, links and email, created from one of the only 500 remaining original printed pamphlets]

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