Lebanese Democratic Party

Lebanese Democratic Party

The Lebanese Democratic Party ("Hizb al-democraty al-lubnany") ("arabic":الحزب الديمقراطي) is a Lebanese political party established by former Lebanese minister Mir Talal Arslan in 2001. Mir Talal is son of Durzi leader Magid Arslan and has presided the party ever since it's establishment.

The Party is officially secular and it has members from all Lebanese sects, but the Lebanese Democratic Party enjoys most of its support from the Druze Arslan family.

The party is part of Michel Aoun's bloc and of the March 8 Alliance.

Arslan's LDP and Wi'am Wahhab's Lebanese Unification Movement are considered to be the rivals of the Jumblatt family's Progressive Socialist Party (part of March 14 Alliance).

The LDP have only reached the Lebanese parliament one time in 2000 and failed to have any candidates elected in 2005.

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