Bricklin EVX/LS

Bricklin EVX/LS

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name = EVX/LS
manufacturer = Visionary Vehicles
parent_company =
aka =
production = 2010
assembly =
predecessor =
successor =
class = plug-in hybrid sedan
body_style =
layout =
platform =
engine =
transmission =
wheelbase = convert|124|in|mm|0|abbr=on
length = convert|205|in|mm|0|abbr=on
width = convert|78|in|mm|0|abbr=on
height = convert|57|in|mm|0|abbr=on
weight = convert|3900|lb|abbr=on
fuel_capacity =
electric_range = convert|60|mi|km
related =
designer =

The Bricklin EVX/LS is a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle from auto maker Visionary Vehicles. The 4 door, 5 passenger luxury sedan is touted, by the manufacturer, to be fuel efficient and affordable to the general customer.

The EVX/LS will go from zero to sixty in 5.9 seconds with an eight hundred and convert|50|mi range at 100mpgclarifyme|us or imp. The fuel with be a hybrid of gasoline and electricity with a lithium-iron battery.

Other than the impressive specifications the EVX/LS promises safety (the owner of Visionary Vehicles introduced the side impact air bag in the 1970s) as well as a sleek, luxurious design. The promised price tag is also very appealing. Visionary Vehicles is looking to keep the price at around $35,000 which opens it up to a large consumer base. The company is looking to premiere the vehicle in production in 2010.




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