C-602, also known as YJ-62, is a Chinese subsonic anti-ship missile that can also be used as a land attack cruise missile.

C-602 made its public debut in China at the end of 2006 during the 6th Zhuhai Airshow, though the name begun first appear in 2005. The missile is reportedly deployed onboard Type 052C destroyer. The subsonic missile has a designation of YJ-62, with YJ short for Ying Ji (Yingji, 鹰击), meaning Eagle Strike. In addition to anti-shipping capability, the missile is also capable of land attack. The missile has a maximum range in excess of 300 km, though the exact number is uncertain, but for the export version, the maximum range is reduced to 280 km to meet the international arms trade regulation which limits the maximum range below 300 km. The maximum speed of the missile is greater than Mach 0.9 but this speed is greatly reduced over the rugged terrain when used for land-attack missions. The missile can be launched in Sea State 6 environment. The cruising altitude over the ground can be as low as 30 metre while the cruising altitude over the sea can be as low as 10 metre. During the terminal attack phase against ships, the altitude is further decreased to 7 metre above the sea level. The missile is propelled by a turbojet engine with a solid fuel rocket booster weighing around 200 kg.

The missile is equipped with a “mono-pulse frequency agile (active) radar seeker” with a maximum detection range in excess of 40 km and a maximum lock-on range of 30 km. The sector of the scan of the seeker is ± 40 degrees. For the midcourse flight, inertial guidance is used with the help of strap-down inertial measurement unit (IMU) and GPS for the export version, while domestic version also incorporated GLONASS and domestic navigational systems. A variety of warhead could be adopted, and the fuse for the anti-ship version is “delayed electro-mechanical contact fuse”. The mid-body wings which deploy following launch. The engine inlet is mounted slightly forward of the cruciform tail fins. The missile has incorporated the capability similar to Boeing Harpoon so that it could abandon the original target and switch to more threatening ones should such threat arise, but it is not clear whether this capability in built-in like Boeing Harpoon or achieved via data link, or a combination of both. A new version of the missile with turbofan engine has already being completed and the submarine and air-launched version (tested on a version of Xian H-6) are also reported to be under development. However, such reports have yet to be confirmed because many domestic Chinese sources have disputed the missile in the photo by claiming it might have been a cruise missile instead.

*Length: 6 metres
*Diameter: 0.5 metres
*Weight: 0.5 ton
*Warhead: 300 kg
*Minimum speed: Mach 0.6
*Maximum speed: Mach 0.9+
*Cruising altitude over sea: 7-10 metres
*Cruising altitude over ground: 30 metres
*Maximum range: > 300 km and 280 km for export version
*Engine: turbojet with solid rocket booster
*Guidance: inertial + active radar
*Developer: [http://www.casic.com.cn China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation]


[http://www.sinodefence.com/navy/navalmissile/yj62.asp YJ-62/C-602]

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