Bilbar Puppet Theatre

Bilbar Puppet Theatre

Bilbar Puppet Theatre [ Puppetry by David Logan (foreword)] was founded by Barbara Turbull and her husband Bill Turnbull (puppeteer) and was based in Toowoomba, Australia. The name of the company came from the first three letters of the first names of the two puppeteers. Bilbar Puppet Theatre toured extensively in Australia under the auspices of the Queensland Arts Council and other performing organisations with shows such as The Lucky Wish, Lazy Liza, Funnbyone, and a puppet version of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's famous operetta, Bastien and Bastienne. After the death of Bill Turnbull, the puppets from Bilbar Puppet Theatre were rarely seen until exhibited in the Toowoomba Regional Gallery in 1994-95. After discussions with the Queensland Performing Arts Museum, part of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex based at Southbank in Brisbane, Barbara Turnbull came to an arrangement with the museum for the the companies 27 rod and glove puppets, marionettes, portable stage, scenery, properties, audio tapes, photographs and other items from Bilbar Puppet Theatre collection to be held in the museum's permanent collection.


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