Farman III

Farman III

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type=Pusher biplane
designer=Henry Farman
first flight=1909
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The Farman III was an early 1900s French pusher biplane designed and built by Henry Farman(1874-1958) [ [ Monash University: "Hardgrave Histories - Heny Farman"] History and photos] .

Design and development

Henry Farman's first aircraft had been bought from the Voisin brothers in 1907. Soon after the first flight Farman started to modify and improve the design of the aircraft which was known as either the Farman I or Voisin-Farman I. During 1908 Farman re-covered the aircraft with a rubberized fabric and it was re-designated the Farman I-bis. Also in 1908 the Voisin brothers built him another aircraft the Farman II, the design was not successful and was abandoned.

Farman started his own aircraft construction business in 1909 with his brother Maurice Farman and using his experience with the Farman I designed and built the Farman III. The Farman III was a biplane with a single forward elevator and originally had a cellular tailplane and ailerons on all four wings. It first flew in April 1909 powered by a 50hp (37kW) Vivinus 4-cylinder inline engine. Farman soon introduced an open tailplane with trailing rudders and an extended-span upper wing and a lighweight four-wheel landing gear. Farman also replaced the engine with the new 50hp (37kW) Gnome rotary engine.

The Farman III is considered to be a decisive aircraft in the history of aviation, due to a carefully thought out design it was one of the first aircraft to introduce the concept of "flyability" with its use of ailerons and a wheeled landing gear. He had borrowed the idea of wheels instead of skids from the Wright brothers. The Wright brothers adopted the superior Farman aileron design. Almost all later aircraft employed ailerons and wheels.

In 1909 he established two world distance records with flights of 180 km (111.8 miles) in just under 3 hours 5 minutes at Rheims on August 27 and 232 km (145 miles) in 4 hours 17 minutes and 53 seconds at Mourmelon on November 3.

pecifications (1909 standard type)

ref=The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft (Part Work 1982-1985), 1985, Orbis Publishing, Page 1734
met or eng?= met

length m=12
length ft=39
length in=4½
span m=10
span ft=33
span in=9¾
swept m=
swept ft=
swept in=
rot number=
rot dia m=
rot dia ft=
rot dia in=
dia m=
dia ft=
dia in=
width m=
width ft=
width in=
height m=3.5
height ft=11
height in=6
wing area sqm=40
wing area sqft=430.56
swept area sqm=
swept area sqft=
rot area sqm=
rot area sqft=
volume m3=
volume ft3=
aspect ratio=
empty weight kg=
empty weight lb=
gross weight kg=550
gross weight lb=1213
lift kg=
lift lb=

eng1 number=1
eng1 type=Gnome 7-cylinder rotary engine
eng1 kw= 37
eng1 hp= 50
eng1 kn=
eng1 lbf=
eng1 kn-ab=
eng1 lbf-ab=
eng2 number=
eng2 type=
eng2 kw=
eng2 hp=
eng2 kn=
eng2 lbf=
eng2 kn-ab=
eng2 lbf-ab=

max speed kmh=60
max speed mph=37
max speed mach=
cruise speed kmh=
cruise speed mph=
range km=
range miles=
endurance h=
endurance min=
ceiling m=
ceiling ft=
glide ratio=
climb rate ms=
climb rate ftmin=
sink rate ms=
sink rate ftmin=


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* The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft (Part Work 1982-1985), 1985, Orbis Publishingm Page 1734

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