Przemyslaus II, Duke of Cieszyn

Przemyslaus II, Duke of Cieszyn

Przemysław II ( _cs. Přemyslav II., _de. Przemislaus II.), also known as Przemko II (around 1420 - 1477) was the Duke of Cieszyn and Głogów. He was the son of Bolesław I, fourth Duke of Cieszyn and Eufemia.

After the death of his father in 1431, Przemysław II ruled over the duchy together with his brothers and mother. After the division of duchy in 1442 he ruled over the Cieszyn part. After the death of his brother Bolesław II in 1452, he became the only ruler of the duchy. From 1460 he ruled also over the half of Głogów.

Przemysław II supported Bohemian king George of Podebrady and also maintained close ties with Polish king Kazimierz Jagiellończyk. He tried to bring closer to Bohemian and Polish rulers and in 1462 in Głogów both kings met and negotiated the future of Bohemian crown. In 1469 he took part in the election of the King of Hungary Mattias Corvinus in Olomouc, who became a Bohemian king then.

He had one daughter, Jadwiga.


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