Sollentuna Municipality

Sollentuna Municipality

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county=Stockholm County

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Sollentuna Municipality ("Sollentuna kommun") is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. Its seat is located in Sollentuna.

Sollentuna borders the municipalities of Solna, Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Järfälla, Upplands Väsby, Täby and Danderyd in clockwise order starting to the south.


Sollentuna evolved around the railway between Uppsala and Stockholm which is also obvious when looking at the 8 different districts that make up Sollentuna. 5 of those corresponds to railway stations now operated by commuter trains. From south to north: Helenelund, Tureberg (railway station is named Sollentuna), Häggvik, Norrviken and Rotebro. Viby is an extension of Norrviken and the 2 remaining districts - Edsberg and Sjöberg - are to be found along the road to Danderyd. Other roads into Sollentuna includes the road from Kallhäll to Rotebro and the motorway (E4) that approximates the same route as the railway.

Sollentuna received rights as a merchant town ("köping") in 1944. It never got a charter, but was made a municipality with the reform of 1971.

Politics and government

Sollentuna Municipality has a Municipal council with 61 members elected by proportional representation through municipal elections, held in conjunction with the national parliamentary elections every four years. The Council elects an executive committee, which is the municipality's main governing body, chaired by the Mayor (sw. "kommunstyrelsens ordförande"). The current mayor is Torbjörn Rosdahl, of the Moderate Party.

2006 election results

In the 2006 municipal elections, the seats in the Council are divided in the following way:

2002 election results

In the 2002 municipal elections, the seats in the Council are divided in the following way:

List of mayors since 1971

*(1971-1974) Urban Gibson (fp)
*(1974-1977) Carl-Erik Nilsson (c)
*(1977-1980) Sven Olle Isidor Persson (s)
*(1980-1987) Jan-Olov Sundström (m)
*(1987-1998) Gun Blomberg (m)
*(1998-2000) Christina Naess (m)
*(since 2000) Torbjörn Rosdahl (m)

Localities and districts

Since 1995 the bulk of the built-up area of the municipality is statistically counted to the mulitimunicipal Stockholm urban area. A few houses on the eastern border (with about 10 inh.) is in Täby urban area. Sjöberg is constituting a locality of its own.

The municipality is subdivided into the following districts:
*Tureberg, 13 380 inh.
*Rotebro, 8 632
*Helenelund, 8,337
*Edsberg, 8,039
*Viby, 5,744
*Sjöberg, 4,404
*Häggvik, 4,289
*Norrviken, 3,326
*Vaxmora, 2 234
*Järvafältet, 58


Central to the landscape of Sollentuna are the rather big lakes Norrviken and Edsviken -- the latter a bay of the Baltic Sea.

Norrviken is a popular lake for ice skating during the winter. Note that Norrviken is also the name of a district at the western shore of the Norrviken lake.

Other lakes:

ister cities

Sollentuna has four sister cities:
*Hvidovre in Denmark
*Saue in Estonia
*Tuusula in Finland
*Oppegård in Norway


*Edsbacka krog, located by Edsbacka lake and founded already in 1634, is the only Swedish restaurant with two stars in the Michelin Guide.
*Edsbergs slott was built in rococo 1760. Its 400 km² can be rented.
*Probable burial mound of King Agne from the 5th century.

Notable natives and residents

*Kajsa Bergqvist, high jumping world champion
*Thomas Bodström, football player, politician, former minister of justice
*Ted Gärdestad, pop musician
*Jonatan Johansson, snowboarder
*Ulrika Jonsson, television presenter
*Britta Leijon, politician
*Christer Pettersson, Olof Palme murder suspect and local hobo
*Rednex, country group
*Farhad Shakely, poet
*Sonic Dream Collective, pop group
*Linda Skugge, writer, and husband Johan Skugge, musician
*Mats Sundin, hockey player
*Yngwie Malmsteen, guitarist, composer and bandleader
*Johan Munck, Chief Justice of Sweden
*Caroline Winberg, Supermodel

*Linda Ireblad, Co founder of Skolastic

ee also

*Sollentuna Hundred

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