Culture Online Made in Canada is the first website of its kind that introduces visitors to the strong and vibrant presence of Canadian culture online. On January 15, 2008, the honourable Josée Verner, Minister of Heritage Canada, Status of Women and of La Francophonie and Official Languages, with Peter Herrndorf, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Arts Centre announced the launch of the site.


For Teachers provides teachers and parents with a search tool designed to find ready-to-use lesson plans and e-learning tools as well as classroom activities and reference tools. [ [ For Teachers @ ] ] . The search function offers explorable categories under aboriginal studies, arts & languages, ethnocultural studies, health and physical education, mathematics-science and technology, reference tools and finally social studies. The search engine allows the user to search specific age demographics and in both English and French languages.

For Kids

Additional to the teachers section, features a section of the site titled [ For Kids] , which is dedicated to entertaining links covering genres such as games, videos, and television shows. The site often features links from CBC Television's "Kid Zone" which features interactive flash games. There are also other interesting links from other sites such as the Virtual Museum of Canada, Histor!ca, and TVO Kids where other interactive content is displayed. The links are refreshed and changed bi-weekly.


Recently, and in partnership with the National Arts Centre of Canada launched, the Canadian cultural [ Podcast Directory] . The directory is a unique collection of more than 300 selected high quality podcasts produced by Canadians across the country and the world. The directory features both audio and video podcasts in both official languages that reflect issues relating to Canadian culture and arts. The site offers new podcasts monthly and features 3 podcasts bi-weekly under the [ Our Picks] section that are considered particularly of note.

Cultural News, Showcase, Featured Sites, Blogs Etc offers additional areas of interest including a section titled [ Cultural News] [ [ Cultural News Archive Page @ ] ] which devoted entirly to featuring links to various news stories on the internet which report on Canadian culture in the news. [ Showcase] is a section of the website that provides a special presentation on topics of interest. Both the [ Featured Sites] and [ Blogs Etc] sections of the page offer links to Canadian websites and blogs of note.

Partners and Sponsors, Canada's cultural portal, is made possible by the support and collaboration of dozens of non-profit and corporate partners, including ' [ Canadian Culture Online Funding Program] of the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Histor!ca Foundation, Library and Archives Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the National Film Board of Canada, the Virtual Museum of Canada, and the National Arts Centre [ [ Our Partners and Sponsors @ ] ] Additional to the listed partners are many other organizations whose content is supported by the Canadian Culture Online Funding Program.


Additional links

* [ Culture.CA] : Canadian cultural portal online
* [ Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources]
* [ Canadian Heritage]
* [ Ontario Ministry of Culture]
* [ CRTC Canadian Content]

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