Liaison job

Liaison job

Liaison jobs are jobs that "link" two or more specialties. For example, "systems analyst" jobs work with customers and management to understand and document their automation needs and then transfer such information to computer programmers, who turn the collected information into working software. Thus the liaison worker coordinates customer and management needs into terms the technicians can relate to. Liaison workers usually need to understand both professions or "sides" to some degree. One could call them a "go-between".


Free trade and the Internet have allegedly made such jobs more common, but perhaps at the expense of direct technology jobs due to offshore outsourcing. It is disputed whether technology-only workers can make an effective transition to liaison positions to replace off shored technical positions, or if companies prefer those with "natural" social and diplomatic abilities over converted technicians. In other words, it may be that companies would rather have candidates with mediocre technical skills and advanced social skills instead of those with advanced technical skills and mediocre social skills.

ports Liaison Officer

Sports Liaison Officer is a "bridge" of the Sports Event collaborators. They help establishing smooth relation against culture conflict situation, specialties in language conflict. Officers must be strong and responsible to provide a satisfactory service after they have internalized a team-work spirit. During the Games period, Officer always wears uniform and some sign easy to identify that provided by Organization. Be punctual and determine the transport with very clear mind, like consults the capacity of the vehicle in accordance to the quantity of athletes, confirm the personnel data to the receiving list. Furthermore, every payment to the Guest must be justified for their advantages. Any propose must be bringing up in 24 hour before and pay attention to the request and privacy of the athletes. If Team Manager or athletes proposed request out of the job demanded, should report to Organization for further indication. Officer is always representative from Organization Committee who inherited a spirit that brings it to every outsider. And this is patient, sense of humor and conscious.

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