Felix net and nika and the gang of invisible people

Felix net and nika and the gang of invisible people

Felix Net and Nika and the Gang of Invisible People is the first book from the series of Felix, Net i Nika. It was first published on November 2004 by Powergraph. The book consists of 13 chapters. On the inside of the front and back cover, there are drawings representing situations or objects which appear throughout the book.This book was chosen as the book of 2005 by the Polish Literature Institute "i"BbY.

Plot summary

"A fantastic and hilarious story about thirteen-year-olds, not only for teenagers! Read about friendship, crazy inventions, artificial intelligence, treasures, ghosts, robots, UFO..."

Chapter 1 - We meet the protagonists of the story - Felix, Net and Nika. We find out that Net is an ICT expert, that Nika has very good "intuition" and that Felix' house is full of machines and robots. We also meet the bad guys of the school - Marcel and Ruben. The trio tries to defeat them...in the meantime, the Gang of Invisible People robbs another bank and...they are almost caught, thanks to FNandN!

Chapter 2 - Warsaw is jammed; there is traffic everywhere and you need at least an hour to get to school. Felix and Nika meet at Net's house and they are introduced to Manfred... an AI! As the story moves on, the trio suspects that it is Manfred who is causing all that traffic, but they are wrong and Manfred runs away. In the end they persuade him to come back. In the background, Net is having problems with his family...his father thinks that Net's mum is meeting someone!

Chapter 3 - It is soon Halloween, and the trio has unpleasant adventures with...ghosts in the attic! Moreover, the ghosts keep on following them! The three friends find out that their school hides a mystery, dating back from 1939. Also the 2 boys visit Nika's house, and realize that she is quite poor and that her mum died when she was young. She tells them her father is an inquisitor, but that is not true....

Chapter 4 - Felix's dad is working on a top top top secret project. But he has some problems, because he's missing something important. The trio goes on a class trip to Kitten Rock, where they visit a 16th century castle. While on the trip they find a gnome guarding a treasure. He tells them that this treasure is not for them, but they have to find their own treasure.

Chapter 5 - Grandma Lucy tells the trio that during World War II the Germans confiscated all the valuables but did not manage to take them away. Instead they hid it in the cellar of a tiny church and left it there. The church was demolished and it was replaced by a bank. The trio manages to locate that forgotten basement and they find the treasure. In it, they find many gold valuables but also an old book, with some calculations in it. The friends assume that it is an old account book so they leave it. At the end of this chapter the treasure lands in a museum.

Chapter 6 - It is Christmas Eve and each friend spends that time at home. Nika stays alone at home until...Santa Claus comes to her house! Felix stays at home with his family. He gives Grandma Lucy the ring he found in the treasure box. The same ring she got from her husband. Net and his parents are alone at home also until Nika visits them. After the supper, Net and Nika go out on the terrace, and Net gives her a ring as a Christmas present.

Chapter 7 - The trio goes on a class trip for a week to the Tatra Mountains. One day, the three friends realize that they are being followed by no one else than...Morten himself! Meanwhile Nika gets jealous of Aurelia, the prettiest girl from the class. When Aurelia and Net go skiing together, Nika is furious and tries to follow them, even though she doesn't know how to ski. She gets lost and Net feels guilty. Felix and Net go out to search for her, but instead of her they find a troop of soldiers and fighter planes. What is going on?In the end, Nika is found, and the two boys discover that Nika is telekineticand that she lives alone, since both her parents died.

Chapter 8 - The trio is having fun in the mountains until they discover a UFO. They decide to make photos of it and sell it to a newspaper. When the photos come out, the friends observe that warnings on the UFO are written in English. The trip in the mountains comes to an end and the friends have to go back to school, much to their dismay.

Chapter 9 - Felix's dad finds the photos of the "UFO". He tells them that what they had seen, is not a space vessel used by the aliens, but a new prototype of an air vessel used by the armies. He needs to find the last book of Professor Kuszmiński, so as to finish the prototype. The trio destroys the photos, but Manfred has bad news for them. The photos are not completely destroyed. They are still kept in the memory of a image editing program. Also, they realize, that the account book they found with the treasure, was not really an account book, but the last book of Professor Kuszmiński! The friends have to find a way to get that book back. The trio is still observed by Morten.

Chapter 10 - The three friends give Marcel and Ruben a lesson- not to bully others. But the trio faces another problem. How to find the right disk where the book is being studied? Manfred offers his help and shows them how he is built. FNandN plan how to get to the 50th floor of the Silver Tower, where the image editing program which is studying Prof.Kuszmiński is found..

Chapter 11 - Felix and Net, without telling Nika, go to the Silver Tower on a mission to find Prof.Kuszmiński's notes. After much disguise and hard work they finally find them, only to see a maid carrying it out! They are even more surprised to see that Nika is that maid! The trio is reliefed: mission complete! But not everything goes as planned...they are lured into a trap by Morten.

Chapter 12 - The trio is trapped in a room without any exits. Their mobiles are not working, they cannot call for help. They discover that Morten is not a human, but an artificial intelligence. He can control machines and can transform into anything he wants. He informs them that he was following them from the very beginning and now that they delivered him Prof.Kuszmiński's notes, he does not need them any more. The friends desperately try to escape, and in the end they manage to go out on the roof. Felix's dad comes for them with the UFO prototype and is amazed when they tell him what happened.

Chapter 13 - It's Easter and it is the last day of school before the holidays. The headmaster shows the students a boring film about the patron of the school : Professor Kuszmiński. The trio discredits Marcel and Ruben by showing a hilarious film about them. The three friends then go to Felix's house and await to see the landing of a Mars Exploration Rover.

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  • Felix, Net i Nika — ( Felix, Net and Nika ) is a best selling series of Polish language science fiction books for teenagers, written by Rafał Kosik.It tells the adventures of three friends Felix Polon, Net Bielecki and Nika Mickiewicz who attend Professor Kuszmiński …   Wikipedia

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