Kaicho R. David Farzinzad

Kaicho R. David Farzinzad

Kaicho R. David Farzinzad was born just north of Tehran, Iran in 1962. He is most noted in the history of Kyokushin karate as the youngest student of Sosai (President) Masutatsu Oyama,(founder of Kyokushin Karate) to receive a fifth degree black belt. He is the last student to train diligently under Sosai Oyama before his death in 1994.


From the age of twelve, foregoing his past interests in soccer and Olympic wrestling, Kaicho dedicated his life to Kyokushin. Kyokushin, literally translated means "Ultimate Truth." Spending eight to twelve hours per day in meditation, discipline and training, Kaicho won his first Kyokushin bare knuckle championship at the age of sixteen. Kaicho followed this win with ten consecutive national championships by the age of twenty-six. Kaicho took two national Kyokushin kata competitions. As a young leader, Kaicho was bestowed and assumed leadership in Iran's Kyokushin community at the manager of Iran's central dojo at age seventeen.

His discipline, leadership and highly advanced skill landed Kaicho candidacy for two World Karate tournaments in Japan in 1984 and 1987. Due to the Iran-Iraq war and his military obligations, he was not able to participate. At the special invitation of Sosai Mas Oyama, Kaicho traveled to Japan in 1989 to train under him. Oyama bestowed an honor to Kaicho; appointing him as the country of Iran's official representative to the International Kyokushinkai Organization (IKO). In 1990, Kaicho represented Sosai Oyama and the IKO Honbu (meaning dojo) as a fighter in Japan's national championship. Afer returning to Iran, Kaicho founded the Kyokuskinkai Karate Association Tehran in 1991. His hard work, coaching and training led the Iranian national team to the 5th World Championship Tournament in Japan. As the leader of his dojo in Tehran, his work received critical acclaim and recognition from Sosai Oyama and the entire Kyokushinkai community; making his organization the most active branch in the world. Kaicho convinced Sosai Oyama to officially create a Middle East branch position that allowed Kaicho to be responsible for identifying the Middle East chairman based upon his relationship and experience with member countries and his political savvy. Seeing Kaicho's capability to manage, administrate and continue with the highest form of training and technical knowledge as well as his competitive history Sosai Oyama made an exception to IKO policy awarding Kaicho his 5th Degree Mastery under the age of thirty; making him the youngest 5th Dan in Kyokushin History. Kaicho went on to negotiate between Arab states and Israel which culminated in a first-of-its kind joint participation in a World Tournament. Kaicho stated, "Any Kyokushin fighter who lives on this earth deserves the right to participate in the World Tournament Competition. If one side thinks they have something to prove, let them do it in the ring the Kyokushin way." Kaicho's philosophy based upon servanthood and humility institutes a strict meritocracy that included traditional black belt promotion system; which ended corruption and illegitimate certifications.

Upon the death of Sosai Oyama, the leadership of IKO was in great turmoil. Kaicho implemented his leadership skills and wisdom to keeping the senior members in the organization until matters of leadership could be settled. To his disappointment after he traveled twice to Japan to meet with Shokei Matsui who desired control of IKO, Kaicho came to the realization that IKO could not survive under Matsui's leadership and was the first director to decline a pledge of support and later left the organization.

Kaicho searched for other disciplines and masters, but found that the Kyokushin way was the only way for him. In 2003, Kaicho founded the American Kyokushinkai Organization and opened the International Kyokushinkai Union (IKU) headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut. His organizations manifests the true principles of Sosai Oyama.

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