Perky may refer to:

*Henry Perky (1843-1906), American lawyer, businessman
*Kirtland I. Perky (1867-1939), American politician
*Pinky and Perky, British children's television series

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  • Perky — Perk y, a. Perk; pert; jaunty; trim. [1913 Webster] There amid perky larches and pines. Tennyson. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • perky — [adj] animated, happy active, alert, aware, bouncy, bright, bright eyed and bushy tailed*, brisk, bubbly, buoyant, cheerful, cheery, gay, in fine fettle*, jaunty, lively, spirited, sprightly, sunny, vivacious; concepts 401,404 Ant. depressed,… …   New thesaurus

  • perky — ► ADJECTIVE (perkier, perkiest) 1) cheerful and lively. 2) cheeky. DERIVATIVES perkily adverb perkiness noun …   English terms dictionary

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  • perky — [[t]pɜ͟ː(r)ki[/t]] perkier, perkiest ADJ GRADED If someone is perky, they are cheerful and lively. He wasn t quite as perky as normal... She had a perky, independent spirit …   English dictionary

  • perky — UK [ˈpɜː(r)kɪ] / US [ˈpɜrkɪ] adjective Word forms perky : adjective perky comparative perkier superlative perkiest informal lively and happy She woke up the following morning feeling a lot perkier. Derived words: perkily adverb perkiness noun… …   English dictionary

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  • perky — adjective (perkier; est) Date: 1855 1. briskly self assured ; cocky 2. jaunty < a perky…waltz New Yorker > • perkily adverb • perkiness noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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