The Association of Juridical & Social Affairs

The Association of Juridical & Social Affairs

The Association of Juridical & Social Affairs (Portuguese: Associação dos Assuntos Jurídico e Social, Chinese: “法律及社會事務學會”, abbreviation: AAJS), is a non-profit legal organization in the Macau Special Administrative Region, provides the free legal consultation, the promotion for legal science & civic education, and the administrative support service for the resident.


After many newly immigrator come to the Macau for settle down, they initiated many societies’ problems. When they met the problems, due to the state-of-art is poor, economic capacity insufficiency, procedural trouble, inactive to the government or the judicial organ seeks the solution. At that time, Macau lacked the legal specialized association publicly to express the opinion. Therefore, at the beginning of 1999, three students in the University of Macau started to research and to organize an academic specialized association the feasibility. The Association of Juridical & Cultural has been established on 11 July 2001, they promoted the law and the Macau culture primarily. Published their Constitutions in the Official Gazette of Macau Special Administrative Region and formed the provisional committee to promote the conference affair. Meanwhile the establishment of the association obtained many academic circles and public figure's support.

The hereafter in the Fourth Assembly on 16 August 2003, has officially set up the leading body. After that, in the Fifth Assembly on 23 December 2004, approved to revise the association name to become “The Association of Juridical & Social Affairs”, and to this meeting objective, the range of service and the articles of the Constitutions makes the adjustment.


* The impetus society public welfare, especially includes the law, the society and youth business

* Pay attention to public benefit, maintains the youth, academic and the social aspect rights and interests

* Advocated the legal universalization, increases the citizen to realize

* Research legal science and social sciences, promoted and maintenance government by law spirit and academic freedom

* Promotes and conducts with the law, the education, charity, academic, correlation, so on sports and young people public welfare activity. Moreover strengthens with the similar association between the relation and the exchange

* Encourages the youth to participate in the social each kind of duty work, conducts each kind of recreation peace and happiness activity, devotes to serve for the public

Leadership Framework

The Assembly is the highest authority organization, be composed by all members, presides over the conference by the Congress Presidium.

The Administrative Committee and the Board of Supervisors for this meeting leading body, former are responsible to manage this meeting the administration and the financial operation, latter is responsible to this meeting activity to carry on the surveillance, and must submit the work report to the Assembly every year , makes the explanation to the member to the conference affair operation.

[ Composition for the Organization of AAJS]

Interactive TV

The AAJS set up “The Interactive Television” on-line at the beginning of 2006, provides 24 hours free legal and the social information services for the resident.

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