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Seamless3d is open source 3D modeling software free and available for all under the MIT license [ [] Download Source Code for Seamless3d] .

The models for the virtual reality world, Techuelife Island were created using Seamless3d technology. Techuelife Island was developed years before Second Life existed and is showcased by Blaxxun as an example of what is possible when using the interactive multi-user Blaxxun platform [ [] Blaxxun programmed Techuelife Island to be permanently shown in the places list for the Blaxxun home community server] [ [] Techuelife Island is still in service to the public to this present day] [ [] 18/08/2001: Web3d-fr Techuelife Island: A beautiful world with a real personality] [ [] 2002 Holger Grahn (creator of Bitmanagement/Blaxxun Contact browser): Techuelife Island: A marvellous generated landscape with many scripted surprises] [ [] Blaxxun Home Site]

English and French versions of Seamless3d are now supported and most Seamless3d tutorials have been translated to French. [ [] Page Seamless3d de Thyme en français. Translated by Matthieu] [ [] Seamless3d - 3d underground stories]



In 2001 Seamless3d was made freely available online as a C++ library [ [] One of the first Seamless3d tutorials showing how to use the early C++ library] . The library centered around the creation of animated single mesh avatars for the Blaxxun 3d multi-user platform. It allowed the user to create smooth shaped triangle meshes and join different meshes together with tangent matching surfaces at the joining edges using a C++ compiler. [ [] Some early examples of avatars made in late 2001 using the Seamless3d library and a C++ compiler] By February 2003 Seamless3d had been transformed into a GUI based 3d modelling application with a file format designed around VRML format. This allowed Seamless3d files to be edited using VrmlPad utilising its syntax checking.

In 2005 a script compiler was developed and in May 2006 Seamless3d was able to act as a web browser for seamless3d files containing complex scripted animations. [ [] Online C++ Scripted Hoppy Demo for 2.099]

In 2006 a set of specialised nodes for creating simple shapes such as: Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Torus, Box and Bezier Lathe were added to make Seamless3d easier for the novice to quickly make simple models. [ [] Examples of vrml models created by school children using Seamless3d who had a very limited amount of learning time]

In 2007 the animation interface was greatly simplified by the introduction of a specialised control panel called the Anim bar. [ [] New Specialized Animation Controls for 2.121]

Towards the end of 2007 NURBS were introduced for making shapes and for synthesizing sounds. [ [] Creating a Sound Track Tutorial for 2.123] [ [] NurbsLathe for 2.127]

Build Node Technology


Seamless3d can be used as a mesh editor and an animator [ [] Seamless3d can be used as a mesh editor and an animator] , however its key feature is its build node technology.

Build nodes allow the user to perform a sequence of complex operations in real time whenever a control point in the 3d window is dragged.

Low Poly Editing using NURBS


Seamless3d lets the user optimize meshes for real time graphics by allowing the user edit flat triangle meshes before they are curved into shape by shaping nodes such as NURBS patches



Seamless3d has its own built in script compiler which compiles SeamlessScript (a very fast light weight scripting language [ [] GiL the B's polygon subdivision script showcased for 2.105 is an example of SeamlessScript running 36.2 times faster than a fast JavaScript engine] ) into native machine code.SeamlessScript is designed to look and feel a lot like JavaScript while being able to be compiled by a standard C++ compiler. This allows the user to develop complex animation sequences using a C++ IDE which gives the user access to professional debugging aids such as single step execution.

eamless3d format


Seamless3d format (smls) is a text based human readable format with some aspects common to VRML. [ [] Seamless3d VRML format comparison]

The following example shows the code (containing SeamlessScript) for an animated spinning box:

#SMLS V2.127 utf8

Seamless{ effect ColorEffect{} skeleton DEF part Part{} build BoxBuild{ part USE part Anim{ play TRUE pause FALSE loop TRUE period 4 void onFrame(float v){ part.rotation = Rotation(0, 1, 0, PI * 2 * v);



* Undo Redo
* Exports to VRML, X3D (including Humanoid Animation) and POV-Ray formats
* Imports VRML and X3D VRML Classic formats
* Imports Canal/Blaxxun Avatar Studio avatars [ [] Also does a good job of importing Avatar Studio avatars, translating them to single mesh, standard pose.]
* Imports Biovision Hierarchy Motion Capture (BVH) files.
* Support for FFmpeg which allows for the creation of AVI, MPG, MP4 and FLV movie formats.
* Transform hierarchies
* Morphing
* Skinned animation
* Partitioned texture mapping
* JPG and PNG texture formats (and BMP when using DirectX)
* Beziers & NURBS lathes and NURBS patches
* Tangent matched mesh joining
* Low poly modelling
* Built in script compiler
* Light weight C++ compatible script
* Software robot demonstration help
* Script based and key-frame based Animation
* Sound synthesis using NURBS
* Seamless3d files are a compact human readable text format


External links

* [ Seamless3d home page]
* [ Tutorials]
* [ Seamless3d Forum]
* [ Bumpy's 3D Model Gallery]

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