Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Tomica Hero Rescue Force

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genre = Tokusatsu
creator = Takara Tomy
writer = Shinichi Inotsume, Hiroyuki Kawasaki
director = Masato Tsujino
starring = Kenta Izuka
Seigo Noguchi (FLAME)
Emi Hasegawa
Hiroaki Iwanaga
Yu Hayami
Keiichi Wada
voices = Yasuda Dai Circus
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opentheme = "STORY" by camino
endtheme = "Moving Heart" by TRIPLANE
composer = Kei Wakakusa
country = Japan
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runtime = 22
channel = TV Aichi, TV Tokyo
picture_format = 720p (HDTV)
first_aired = April 5, 2008
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nihongo|"Tomica Hero Rescue Force"|トミカヒーロー レスキューフォース|Tomika Hīrō Resukyū Fōsu is a Japanese tokusatsu television series that began airing April 5, 2008, on TV Aichi. It is based on Tomy's Tomica toy car line. The characters use Tomica's nihongo|Super Tools|スーパーツール|Sūpā Tsūru and nihongo|Super Vehicles|スーパービークル|Sūpā Bīkuru to help save people from extreme disasters rather than battle the evil causing them. [cite web|url=|title=オリジナルコンテンツ「トミカ」発の特撮実写ドラマ! 「トミカヒーロー レスキューフォース」製作のお知らせ|accessdate=2007-12-25|format=PDF] [cite web|url=|title=「トミカ」が特撮ヒーローに 「レスキューフォース」来年放映 - ITMedia News|accessdate=2007-12-25] It is the second tokusatsu series that Tomy has been involved in following "Madan Senki Ryukendo". It is directed by nihongo|Masato Tsujino|辻野 正人|Tsujino Masato and written by nihongo|Shinichi Inotsume|猪爪 慎一|Inotsume Shin'ichi and nihongo|Hiroyuki Kawasaki|川崎 ヒロユキ|Kawasaki Hiroyuki, the same team behind "Ryukendo".cite web|url=|title=レスキューフォース_テレビ愛知|accessdate=2008-04-04] A film for "Tomica Hero Rescue Force" is scheduled for release in December 2008. [cite web|url=|title=映画ラインアップ(上映中と公開予定の作品) ! 松竹|accessdate=2008-08-02]

The United Fire-Defense Agency/Rescue Force

The 2nd generation nihongo|Rescue Force|レスキューフォース|Resukyū Fōsu is a special team in the nihongo|United Fire-Defense Agency|世界消防庁|Sekai Shōbōchō or "UFDA", which protects human lives from various disasters too extreme for normal rescue workers. Normally stationed at the nihongo|Rescue Phoenix|レスキューフェニックス|Resukyū Fenikkusu, whenever the artificial satellite nihongo|Rescue Eye|レスキューアイ|Resukyū Ai detects an extreme disaster, the Rescue Phoenix assumes nihongo|Flight Mode|フライトモード|Furaito Mōdo from nihongo|Fortress Mode|フォートレスモード|Fōtoresu Mōdo to carry the Rescue Force and the ideal Rescue Vehicles to the disaster site, assuming nihongo|Spiral Catapult Mode|スパイラルカタパルトモード|Supairaru Kataparuto Mōdo when launching the Core Striker Max. Each of the Rescue Force members has an orange suit, but they each have different colored armor.
*nihongo|Hikaru Todoroki/R1|轟 輝/R1|Todoroki Hikaru/Āru Wan: Donning blue armor, Hikari was originally the hot-blooded rookie member of the Rescue Force who was transferred to the team from a special rescue academy for his excellence in emergency vehicle operations within a year, serving as Rescue Striker's Driver. Being in the Rescue Force was his childhood dream since his time in Kuresato where he met nihongo|Ryuji|竜司|Ryūji|4, believing in saving lives as an absolute. Hikaru eventually finds his predecessor's failed project and succeeds in gaining a new form, nihongo|R1 Max|R1マックス|Āru Wan Makkusu which has a white suit, donning new blue armor.
*nihongo|Kyosuke Jinrai/R2|陣雷 響助/R2|Jinrai Kyōsuke/Āru Tsū: The trusted cheerful and easygoing member of the Rescue Force, donning silver armor. Despite this personality, Kyosuke is always willing to risk himself for the successful completion of any rescue. Following the tornado incident, Kyosuke wishes to drive a Rescue Vehicle like Hikaru. After discovering the existence of the Rescue Saver, Kyosuke is assigned to be its driver after showing his stuff in the End Crisis Maker incident. Kyosuke showed that same spirit, along with his childhood skills as a sumo, to bring the Rescue Dozer out.
*nihongo|Rei Kozuki/R3|香月 レイ/R3|Kōzuki Rei/Āru Surī: The cool female member of the Rescue Force who has a sense of duty and is excellent also in Martial Arts, donning red armor. In time, she comes to understand the she needs not to just rescue people, but their smiles as well. Rei has a phobia of small animals.
*nihongo|Juri Shiraki/R4|白木 寿里/R4|Shiraki Juri/Āru Fō: The kindhearted gung-ho female member of the Rescue Force who is specialty of the medical rescue, donning white armor. However, by calling out the phrase nihongo|"Danger Zone Super Power"|火事場のスーパーパワー|Kajiba no Sūpā Pawā, she displays herculean strength in desperate times. While in the fourth grade, Juri fell in love with a boy named Yuto Fukuzawa. She eventually meets him in present day, with Yuto offering her his hand. However while on rescue mission soon after hearing Yuto is endangered, Juri is devastated when she finds him no longer her prince.
*nihongo|Eiji Ishiguro/R5|石黒 鋭二/R5|Ishiguro Eiji/Āru Faibu: The always calm leader of the Rescue Force, he is the one who makes the call for Final Rescue to be executed. He was the original member of the Rescue Force as R5, rarely suiting up as he becomes another person, gruff and rash in personality, after donning the black armored R5 suit. As R5, Eiji was prone to acting without restraint until Hikaru snaps him out of it.
*nihongo|Captain General|総司令|Sōshirei: The Captain General of the United Fire-Defense Agency, her real name being nihongo|Natsuno Nanbu|南部 奈津乃|Nanbu Natsuno, or "Nancy" to her friends. She gives mobilization order to the Rescue Force from UFDA headquarters, meeting the Rescue Force live when Eiji was depressed over his actions as R5.
*: The original R3 and Rei's mentor. She the chief of United Fire-Defense Agency's nihongo|System Development Department|システム開発部|Shisutemu Kaihatsu Bu, is also the chief of United Fire-Defense Agency's nihongo|Anti-android Research Section|対アンドロイド研究セクション|Tai Andoroido Kenkyū Sekushon created to understand Neo Thera.
*: The creditable advisor of the United Fire-Defense Agency belonging to the nihongo|International Rescue League|国際救助連盟|Kokusai Kyūjo Renmei who is the "father" of the Rescue Force, creating the arsenal used by them. His son works as a part-time janitor at the United Fire-Defense Agency, posing his father to meet the Rescue Force out of his admiration for them.
*: She is the chief of United Fire-Defense Agency's nihongo|Technology Development Organization|技術開発局|Gijutsu Kaihatsu Kyoku and a original member of the first Rescue Force, modifying the suits of R1-R4 to resist the residual waves of energy from the Terra Resetter and perfecting the R1 Max system.
*nihongo|Bunji Saeki|佐伯 文治|Saeki Bunji|21: The head of United Fire-Defense Agency's vehicle maintenance, he kept the Rescue Dozer until it made its first successive rescue.

Rescue Vehicles

Rescue Striker

The nihongo|Rescue Striker|レスキューストライカー|Resukyū Sutoraikā is R1's water truck, carrying the four small-sized vehicles to the disaster site. By itself, the Rescue Striker's Final Rescue is called nihongo|"Water Cannon"|ウォーターキャノン|Wōtā Kyanon, shooting a jetstream of water with freezing ability. The Rescue Striker can also execute "Rescue Combine" with the medium-sized vehicles for more power. The Rescue Striker forms the torso of Rescue Max.
*nihongo|Riser Striker|ライザーストライカー|Raizā Sutoraikā: A combination of Rescue Striker with the Rescue Riser, its Final Rescue is nihongo|"Riser Splash"|ライザースプラッシュ|Raizā Supurasshu, shooting twin jetstreams of freezing water at distant targets.
*nihongo|Shovel Striker|ショベルストライカー|Shoberu Sutoraikā: A combination of Rescue Striker with the Rescue Shovel, its Final Rescue is a crash attack called nihongo|"Shovel Crash"|ショベルクラッシュ|Shoberu Kurasshu and Claw Mode can also perform action to pull out.
*nihongo|Drill Striker|ドリルストライカー|Doriru Sutoraikā A combination of Rescue Striker with Rescue Drill, its Final Rescue is called nihongo|"Drill Boost"|ドリルブースト|Doriru Būsto which drills through the rock at high speed.
*nihongo|Turbo Striker|ターボストライカー|Tābo Sutoraikā: A combination of Rescue Striker with the Rescue Turbo, its Final Rescue is called nihongo|"Turbo Tornado"|ターボトルネード|Tābo Torunēdo which generates a tornado that counters any Extreme Disaster.
*nihongo|Dozer Striker|ドーザーセイバー|Dōzā Sutoraikā: A combination of Rescue Striker with the Rescue Dozer, its Final Rescue is called nihongo|"Dozer Drive"|ドーザードライブ|Dōzā Doraibu, able to crush anything between the jaws formed by the grill and dump bed of Rescue Dozer.

Rescue Saver

The nihongo|Rescue Saver|レスキューセイバー|Resukyū Seibā is R2's all-terrain armored vehicle. By itself, the Rescue Saver's Final Rescue is called nihongo|"Flash Cannon"|フラッシュキャノン|Furasshu Kyanon, shooting a cannonball of freezing water. It is able separable into four smaller vehicles and can execute "Rescue Combine" with the medium-sized vehicles for more power. Rescue Saver forms the limbs and head of Rescue Max.
*nihongo|Riser Saver|ライザーセイバー|Raizā Seibā: A combination of Rescue Saver with the Rescue Riser, its Final Rescue is "Riser Splash", shooting twin jetstreams of freezing water at distant targets.
*nihongo|Shovel Saver|ショベルセイバー|Shoberu Seibā: A combination of Rescue Saver with the Rescue Shovel, its Final Rescue is a crash attack called "Shovel Crash" and Claw Mode can also perform action to pull out.
*nihongo|Drill Saver|ドリルセイバー|Doriru Seibā: A combination of Rescue Saver with Rescue Drill, its Final Rescue is called "Drill Boost" which drills through the rock at high speed.
*nihongo|Turbo Saver|ターボセイバー|Tābo Seibā: A combination of Rescue Saver with the Rescue Turbo. Its Final Rescue is called "Turbo Tornado", which generates a tornado that counters any Extreme Disaster.
*nihongo|Dozer Saver|ドーザーセイバー|Dōzā Seibā: A combination of Rescue Saver with the Rescue Dozer, its Final Rescue is called nihongo|"Dozer Drive"|ドーザードライブ|Dōzā Doraibu, able to crush anything between the jaws formed by the grill and dump bed of Rescue Dozer.

Rescue Max

The nihongo|Rescue Max|レスキューマックス|Resukyū Makkusu is a robot created when Rescue Striker and Rescue Saver "Max Combine". Its designs were found in Daen's cane. Its Final Rescue, nihongo|"Max Cannon"|マックスキャノン|Makkusu Kyanon, allows it to freeze the target before bursting it into pieces with its fists.

Medium-sized Rescue Vehicles

*nihongo|Rescue Riser|レスキューライザー|Resukyū Raizā: A hook/ladder truck which throws water from the point of a ladder.
*nihongo|Rescue Shovel|レスキューショベル|Resukyū Shoberu: An excavator which can transform also into nihongo|Claw Mode|クローモード|Kurō Mōdo.
*nihongo|Rescue Drill|レスキュードリル|Resukyū Doriru: A tank-like vehicle with twin drills and a cutoff saw on top.
*nihongo|Rescue Turbo|レスキューターボ|Resukyū Tābo: A green truck with a turbofan on it.
*nihongo|Rescue Dozer|レスキュードーザー|Resukyū Dōzā: A black dump truck which can transform also into nihongo|Dozer Drive Mode|ドーザードライブモード|Dōzā Doraibu Mōdo from nihongo|Dump Mode|ダンプモード|Danpu Mōdo, the most powerful of the five vehicles. Though originally unable to be used during the time of the previous Rescue Force, the Resuce Dozer was deployed because of Kyosuke.

mall-sized Rescue Vehicles

*nihongo|Core Striker|コアストライカー|Koa Sutoraikā: A police car with AI which is R1's personal car and makes the cockpit of the Rescue Striker, referring to his driver as "New Face" and amazed by his upredicable actions to save lifes. Feeling that it couldn't keep up with Hikaru as a result, Core Striker asked Ishiguro to replace him. However, in dangerous gamble, Ishiguro agrees to upgrade the Core Striker into the nihongo|Core Striker Max|コアストライカーマックス|Koa Sutoraikā Makkusu so it can continue to aid R1, now referring to him by his code name. In this form, Core Striker's speed is increased to reach speeds of 600 mph when it is launched through the Rescue Phoenix's Spiral Catapult Mode.

*nihongo|Core Aider|コアエイダー|Koa Eidā: An ambulance with the lifesaving appliance which R4 mainly uses.
*nihongo|Wave Search|ウエーブサーチ|Uēbu Sāchi: The driverless water truck for firefighting and scout.
*nihongo|Power Search|パワーサーチ|Pawā Sāchi: The driverless excavator for obstacle removing and scout.
*nihongo|Core Saver|コアセイバー|Koa Seibā: A police SUV with AI which is R2's personal car and makes the cockpit of the Rescue Saver.
*nihongo|Core Search|コアサーチ|Koa Sāchi: R3's personal car with AI.

Rescue Tools

Rescue Commander

The nihongo|Rescue Commander|レスキューコマンダー|Resukyū Komandā is an electronic pad for reading a Rescue Card, communicating with the Rescue Phoenix, searching a disaster site, and transmitting data collected at a disaster site to the Rescue Phoenix.

Max Commander

The nihongo|Max Commander|マックスコマンダー|Makkusu Komandā is R1's personal electronic pad for doing build-up into R1 Max.

Rescue Card

The nihongo|Rescue Cards|レスキューカード|Resukyū Kādo are used by Rescue Force, slashed through the Rescue Commander. While the nihongo|Build Up|ビルドアップ|Birudo Appu card is used by all members to suit up while in the Rescue Phoenix, R1 and R2 use the other cards to activate the mecha they use in their missions. The nihongo|Max Up|マックスアップ|Makkusu Appu card is used by R1, slashed through the Max Commander.
*nihongo|Mantis Impact|マンティスインパクト|Mantisu Inpakuto: The powerful attack for the Rescue Crusher Mantis Mode.
*nihongo|Whale Impact|ホエールインパクト|Hoēru Inpakuto: The powerful attack for the Rescue Crusher Whale Mode.
*nihongo|Drill Impact|ドリルインパクト|Doriru Inpakuto: The powerful attack for the Drill Crusher.
*nihongo|Hyper Up|ハイパーアップ|Haipā Appu: The Rescue Striker/Saver and medium-sized vehicles are combined.
*nihongo|Max Hyper Up|マックスハイパーアップ|Makkusu Haipā Appu: The Rescue Striker and Rescue Saver are combined.
*nihongo|Core Striker|コアストライカー|Koa Sutoraikā: The Core Striker is started up.
*nihongo|Core Aider|コアエイダー|Koa Eidā: The Core Aider is started up.
*nihongo|Wave Search|ウエーブサーチ|Uēbu Sāchi: The Wave Search is started up.
*nihongo|Power Search|パワーサーチ|Pawā Sāchi: The Power Search is started up.
*nihongo|Core Saver|コアセイバー|Koa Seibā: The Core Saver is started up.
*nihongo|Core Striker Max|コアストライカーマックス|Koa Sutoraikā Makkusu: The Core Striker Max is started up.
*nihongo|Core Search|コアサーチ|Koa Sāchi: The Core Search is started up.
*nihongo|Rescue Striker|レスキューストライカー|Resukyū Sutoraikā: The Rescue Striker is started up.
*nihongo|Rescue Riser|レスキューライザー|Resukyū Raizā: The Rescue Riser is started up.
*nihongo|Rescue Shovel|レスキューショベル|Resukyū Shoberu: The Rescue Shovel is started up.
*nihongo|Rescue Drill|レスキュードリル|Resukyū Doriru: The Rescue Drill is started up.
*nihongo|Rescue Turbo|レスキューターボ|Resukyū Tābo: The Rescue Turbo is started up.
*nihongo|Rescue Dozer|レスキュードーザー|Resukyū Dōzā: The Rescue Dozer is started up.
*nihongo|Rescue Saver|レスキューセイバー|Resukyū Seibā: The Rescue Saver is started up.
*nihongo|Water Cannon|ウォーターキャノン|Wōtā Kyanon: Final Rescue for the Rescue Striker.
*nihongo|Flash Cannon|フラッシュキャノン|Furasshu Kyanon: Final Rescue for the Rescue Saver.
*nihongo|Riser Splash|ライザースプラッシュ|Raizā Supurasshu: Final Rescue for the Riser Striker/Saver.
*nihongo|Shovel Crash|ショベルクラッシュ|Shoberu Kurasshu: Final Rescue for the Shovel Striker/Saver.
*nihongo|Drill Boost|ドリルブースト|Doriru Būsto: Final Rescue for the Drill Striker/Saver.
*nihongo|Turbo Tornado|ターボトルネード|Tābo Torunēdo: Final Rescue for the Turbo Striker/Saver.
*nihongo|Dozer Drive|ドーザードライブ|Dōzā Doraibu: Final Rescue for the Dozer Striker/Saver.
*nihongo|Max Cannon|マックスキャノン|Makkusu Kyanon: Final Rescue for the Rescue Max.

Rescue Breaker

The nihongo|Rescue Breaker|レスキューブレイカー|Resukyū Bureikā is the common rescue tool of the Rescue Force with eight modes, usually in nihongo|Mobile Mode|モバイルモード|Mobairu Mōdo: until needed.
*nihongo|Break Hammer|ブレイクハンマー|Bureiku Hanmā: Hammer mode. R1 mainly uses it.
*nihongo|Break Ax|ブレイクアックス|Bureiku Akkusu: Ax mode. R2 mainly uses it.
*nihongo|Break Pick|ブレイクピック|Bureiku Pikku: Pick mode. R3 mainly uses it.
*nihongo|Break Hand|ブレイクハンド|Bureiku Hando: Manipulator mode. R4 mainly uses it.
*nihongo|Break Drill|ブレイクドリル|Bureiku Doriru: Drill mode.
*nihongo|Break Shot|ブレイクショット|Bureiku Shotto: Simple information analysis mode, and can be used also as a digital camera.
*nihongo|Break Rope|ブレイクロープ|Bureiku Rōpu: Rope mode.

Rescue Crusher

The nihongo|Rescue Crusher|レスキュークラッシャー|Resukyū Kurasshā are two powerful rescue tools of the Rescue Force with three modes, usually in nihongo|Trunk Mode|トランクモード|Toranku Mōdo until needed. The Rescue Commanders can be installed onto the Rescue Crushers in their other two modes so they can use Rescue Cards, and its mode is called a nihongo|Special Mode|スペシャルモード|Supesharu Mōdo.
*nihongo|Mantis Mode|マンティスモード|Mantisu Mōdo: Chainsaw mode, its attack is nihongo|"Mantis Impact"|マンティスインパクト|Mantisu Inpakuto.
*nihongo|Whale Mode|ホエールモード|Hoēru Mōdo: Spray mode, its attack is nihongo|"Whale Impact"|ホエールインパクト|Hoēru Inpakuto.
*nihongo|Drill Crusher|ドリルクラッシャー|Doriru Kurasshā: When the Break Drill is inserted into the Rescue Crusher.

Max Divider

The nihongo|Max Divider|マックスディバイダー|Makkusu Dibaidā is R1 Max's gauntlet-type rescue tool with three modes.
*nihongo|Divider Mode|ディバイダーモード|Dibaidā Mōdo: Circular saw mode, its attack is nihongo|"Sonic Divider"|ソニックディバイダー|Sonikku Dibaidā.
*nihongo|Drill Mode|ドリルモード|Doriru Mōdo
*nihongo|Sword Mode|ソードモード|Sōdo Mōdo

Neo Thera

The nihongo|Neo Thera|ネオテーラ|Neo Tēra is an evil organization which causes disaster, working incognito until the events of episode 6 reveals their existence as the culprit of the disasters. Under its creator, Daen, Neo Thera exists to "reset the Earth". Their original base of operations is an air fortress that hides within the clouds until the time of Daen's death.

*nihongo|Daen|ダーエン|Dāen|14-25: The golden masked leader of Neo Thera, he is actually a human named nihongo|Obuchi|大淵|Ōbuchi, the original R1 and Ishiguro's sempai. As a member of the original team, he was responsible for creating many of the vehicles and his failed attempt in the R1 Max Development Program. But in the middle of a rescue mission at a foreign lab researching a new energy, Obuchi learned the energy was to be used for militant reasons and caused a man-made volcanic eruption that supposely killed him. However, Obuchi survived and was possessed a mysterious mermaid-like light which intensified his hating humans with a passion as he sees that their polluting of the Earth is the reason for many of the disasters his team were formed for in the first place. Over the next decade, Dean created Neo Thera and using his knowledge of the Rescue Force arsenal of his time to have an early advantage over the new team, developing a interest in Hikaru for being the new R-1. After a failed attempt to force Ishiguro to save him though it meant the continued suffering of many, Daaen uses his kidnapped former teamates to turn his base into a Giant Terra Resetter as well as repair his R1 suit, using it to target the Rescue Force one by one before attacking Ishiguro. But once seeing Hikaru succeed where he failed in achieving R1 Max form, the enity leaves Obuchi's body. Attempting to redeem himself for his actions as Daen, Obuchi gives Ishiguro his cane before he sacrfices himself to take his base out of the atomosphere and activates the base's self-destruct mechanism. Daen's name comes from the Japanese word for nihongo|"ellipse"|楕円|daen.
*nihongo|AI Daen|AIダーエン|Ē Ai Dāen|25-27: The AI of Obuchi's black Core Striker, the nihongo|Dark Striker|ダークストライカー|Dāku Sutoraikā, which modeled itself after Daen's thought patterns. Taking over after its master died, the Dark Striker takes control of all five medium-sized vehicles of Rescue Force, combining them into one vehicle before being defeated by the newly-formed Rescue Max.
*nihongo|Maen|マーエン|Māen|28-: The new golden masked leader of Neo Thera who is the woman type hologram with the gothic lolita fashion and two pigtails. Her true form is the subterranian super computer built by Daen. Maen's name comes from the Japanese word for nihongo|"enmity"|魔怨|maen.
*: They were created by Daen to carry out the task of destroying the Earth unnoticed until the End Crisis Maker incident where they are scrapped. However, Daen rebuilds the trio with new bodies more suited to fighting as well as later gaining the ability to assume human form.
**nihongo|Maare|マール|Māru: She is a gynoid who is the leader of the three executives who performs strategic command, armed with a whip and able to create a barrier. She battles Kyosuke during the End Crisis incident, overpowering him until she is destroyed when her barrier collapsed in midst of the End Crisis Maker's destruction. She is later rebuilt with a fighting mode, nihongo|New Maare|ニューマール|Nyū Māru, and intents to get pay back on Kyosuke. Maare's name comes from the Japanese word for nihongo|"circle"|丸|maru and is symbolized by gold.
**nihongo|San|サーン|Sān: He is an intellectual offer type android who analyzes a situation, usually reading a Crisis Maker instruction sheet. It is due to the Mt. Nanairo incident that both he and Sica are learned of by the Rescue Force. Using the data he and the others, he creates the End Crisis Maker. He confronts R2, R3, and R4 when they make their way to End Crisis Maker, overwhelming R3 and R4 with his martial arts skill until they turn the tables and dump their detonating bombs on while he is pinned under rubble. He is later rebuilt with a fighting mode and armed with twin daggers, nihongo|New San|ニューサーン|Nyū Sān. Later attempted to steal the Resetter Stone from World Museum at East City, intending to use it to create a new strong Terra Resetter. But he dropped it while taking his leave as the Terra Resetter he arrived on activates. San's name comes from the Japanese word for nihongo|"triangle"|三角|sankaku and is symbolized by silver.
**nihongo|Sica|シーカ|Shīka: He is a power type android excellent in strength and iron body defense. During the End Crisis Maker incident, Sica attempts to destroy the Rescue Turbo when R1 battles him, scrapping him with the Rescue Crusher's Mantis Impact. He is later rebuilt with a fighting mode and armed with knuckle weapons, nihongo|New Sica|ニューシーカ|Nyū Shīka. Sica's name comes from the Japanese word for nihongo|"square"|四角|shikaku and is symbolized by copper.
*nihongo|Axts|アクスト|Akusuto: The mass-produced android foot soldiers built by San to interfere with Rescue Force and set up a Crisis Maker. They are later upgraded into armored nihongo|New Axts|ニューアクスト|Nyū Akusuto. Three Great Executives' Axts have gold, silver, or copper lines, and Daen's Axts have red lines.

Disaster Generating Devices

*nihongo|Crisis Maker|クライシスメーカー|Kuraishisu Mēkā|1-13: The first type of Disaster Generating Device, the Crisis Makers, each with a unique calamity to create a "Extreme Disaster", land on Earth for Maare and her group to get with an instruction sheet included for each Crisis Maker. The last Crisis Maker, the nihongo|End Crisis Maker|エンドクライシスメーカー|Endo Kuraishisu Mēkā, was created by San using data of previous Crisis Makers stored within himself and the other executives. As a result of the data, the End Crisis Maker is capable of causing numerous Extreme Disasters. It is destroyed by Turbo Striker's Turbo Tornado.
*nihongo|Terra Resetter|テラリセッター|Tera Risettā|14-25: Daen's personal Disaster Generating Devices, relaying commands from his fortress as it reforms an area into a desert. But each Terra Resetter had an alternate purpose as its residual waves damage the Rescue Suits overtime until they were modified to resist it. Daen eventually attaches all his remaining Terra Resetters onto his fortress, making it a giant Terra Resetter with enough power to turn 50% of Earth into a desert. However, once returned to normal, Daen uses his base self-destruct to destroy it after getting it above the atmosphere.
*nihongo|Yuruyuru Bacteria|ユルユル菌|Yuruyuru Kin|9: A bacteriological weapon created by San to dissemble metal-based things it infects from the inside out, having a side effect that has infected humans move in slow motion before a vaccine is developed to kill off the bacteria. A new strain of the bacteria, nihongo|Yuruyuru Bacteria 2|ユルユル菌2|Yuruyuru Kin Tsū|22 is later introduced on those gathered for the Asia Counter-Extreme Disaster Summit, infecting only humans in the form of chills, fever, and diarrhea before becoming fatal within an hour. Though a vaccine was developed to cure the infected, the remaining Yuruyuru Bacteria 2 gathered within the mountain and converged into a giant monster that attempts to cause a landslide until Rescue Saver and Drill Striker destroy it.
*nihongo|Zukcane|ズッケイン|Zukkein|28-: A walking tank type Disaster Generating Device, based on the technology of the Rescue Vehicles.


#nihongo|Final Rescue Approved: Explosive Suppression Complete!|ファイナルレスキュー承認 爆鎮完了!|Fainaru Resukyū Shōnin: Bakuchin Kanryō!
#nihongo|The Enemy is the Sun: Explosively Suppress It!|敵は太陽だ 爆裂的に鎮圧せよ!|Teki wa Taiyō da: Bakuretsuteki ni Chin'atsu seyo!
#nihongo|Rescue Shovel Launch|レスキューショベル発進せよ|Resukyū Shoberu Hasshin seyo
#nihongo|Protect the Hometown: Riser Striker|古里を守れ ライザーストライカー|Furusato o Mamore: Raizā Sutoraikā
#nihongo|Hikaru, Save Juri: Electromagnetic Snake|ヒカル、寿里を助けろ 電磁の大蛇|Hikaru, Juri o Tasukero: Denji no Daija
#nihongo|The Children and Rei: Bridging the Rainbow|子どもたちはレイが 虹の架け橋|Kodomo-tachi wa Rei ga: Niji no Kakehashi
#nihongo|Kyosuke Pinch: Break the Vault Open|響助ピンチ かたい扉をこじあけろ|Kyōsuke Pinchi: Katai Tobira o Kojiakero
#nihongo|Core Striker: Believe in Your Teammates|コアストライカー 信じあう仲間|Koa Sutoraikā: Shinji au Nakama
#nihongo|Drill Striker: Turn the Screw of the Heart|ドリルストライカー 心のネジを回せ|Doriru Sutoraikā: Kokoro no Neji o Mawase
#nihongo|Everyone's Spirit in the Relay|みんなでたましいをリレーせよ|Minna de Tamashii o Rirē seyo
#nihongo|Professor Appears: Rescue Special Lecture|はかせ登場 レスキュー特別講義|Hakase Tōjō: Resukyū Tokubetsu Kōgi
#nihongo|Weatherwoman's Depression|お天気おねえさんのゆううつ|Otenki Oneesan no Yūutsu
#nihongo|Give a Complete Explosive Suppression: Promised Attack|爆鎮完了を教えてくれ 約束の一撃|Bakuchin Kanryō o Oshietekure: Yakusoku no Ichigeki
#nihongo|A New Enemy: Will Kyosuke Make it in Time?|新たな敵だ まにあうのか響助|Arata na Teki da: Ma ni Au no ka Kyōsuke
#nihongo|What Happened Hikaru? No Striker Today|どうしたヒカル ストライカーのない日|Dōshita Hikaru: Sutoraikā no Nai Hi
#nihongo|Rei and Juri: The Scene of a Fire's Friendship Power|レイと寿里 火事場の友情パワー|Rei to Juri: Kajiba no Yūjō Pawā
#nihongo|I Want to See Joy in Your Face: Every Soul|よろこぶ顔が見たい それぞれの魂|Yorokobu Kao ga Mitai: Sorezore no Tamashii
#nihongo|Rookie or Great Veteran? R5 Enters|新人それとも大先輩? R5登場|Shinjin soretomo Daisenpai? Āru Faibu Tōjō
#nihongo|The Captain General's Concern: Crashing Commander Ishiguro|総司令の心配 突貫する石黒隊長|Sōshirei no Shinpai: Tokkan suru Ishiguro Taichō
#nihongo|Remember the Glass Slipper? Juri's First Love|ガラスのくつを覚えてますか? 寿里の初恋|Garasu no Kutsu o Oboetemasu ka? Juri no Hatsukoi
#nihongo|Kyosuke's Partner: Rescue Dozer|響助のあいぼう レスキュードーザー|Kyōsuke no Aibō: Resukyū Dōzā
#nihongo|Look! This is a New Core Striker|見よ これが新たなコアストライカー|Miyo Kore ga Arata na Koa Sutoraikā
#nihongo|Hikaru and Rei Lose Their Way: The Strange Mansion|ヒカルとレイが迷い込んだ ふしぎな館|Hikaru to Rei ga Mayoikonda: Fushigi na Yakata
#nihongo|Daen's Tr
ダーエンのわな 危うし石黒隊長|Dāen no Wana: Ayaushi Ishiguro Taichō

#nihongo|Max Suit-Up Complete! New R1|マックス着装完了! 新たなるR1|Makkusu Chakusō Kanryō! Aratanaru Āru Wan
#nihongo|Oni Director Appears: Rescue the Filming|オニ監督登場 レスキュー映画撮影|Oni Kantoku Tōjō: Resukyū Eiga Satsuei
#nihongo|Ultimate Combination! Enter Rescue Max |究極合体! レスキューマックス出場|Kyūkyoku Gattai! Resukyū Makkusu Shutsujō
#nihongo|Daen's Daughter: It's Maen|ダーエンの娘 マーエンなのダー|Dāen no Musume: Māen nano dā
#nihongo|I Wanna Ride, too: Rei's Large-sized Rescue|私も乗りたい レイの大型レスキュー|Watashi mo Noritai: Rei no Ōgata Resukyū

"Mach Train Rescue!"

nihongo|"Tomica Hero Rescue Force Explosion Movie: The Mach Train Rescue!"|トミカヒーロー レスキューフォース 爆裂MOVIE マッハトレインをレスキューせよ!|Tomika Hīrō Resukyū Fōsu Bakuretsu Mūbī Mahha Torein o Resukyū seyo! opens in theaters December 20, 2008. The new character nihongo|R0|R0|Āru Zero who has an orange suit with black lines, donning golden armor, has the personal small-sized vehicle nihongo|Core Striker Fire|コアストライカーファイヤー|Koa Sutoraikā Faiyā and the personal large-sized vehicle nihongo|Zero Fire|ゼロファイヤー|Zero Faiyā with the big container and his suit up booth. The film features guest stars nihongo|Hiroshi Fujioka|藤岡 弘、|Hiroshi Fujioka, as the nihongo|Mysterious Man|謎の男|Nazo no Otoko who watches the Rescue Force, and nihongo|Ryota Yamasato|山里 亮太|Yamasato Ryōta of nihongo|Nankai Candies|南海キャンディーズ|Nankai Kyandīzu as nihongo|Doktor Madu|ドクトル・マドゥ|Dokutoru Madu who hijacks the Mach Train using his nihongo|Metal Train|メタルトレイン|Metaru Torein.


*Hikaru Todoroki/R1 - nihongo|Kenta Izuka|猪塚 健太|Izuka Kenta
*Kyosuke Jinrai/R2 - nihongo|Seigo Noguchi|野口 征吾|Noguchi Seigo (FLAME)
*Rei Kozuki/R3 - nihongo|Haruno|はるの|Haruno
*Juri Shiraki/R4 - nihongo|Emi Hasegawa|長谷川 恵美|Hasegawa Emi
*Eiji Ishiguro/R5 - nihongo|Hiroaki Iwanaga|岩永 洋昭|Iwanaga Hiroaki
*Captain General - nihongo|Yu Hayami|早見 優|Hayami Yū
*Obuchi/Daen - nihongo|Keiichi Wada|和田 圭市|Wada Keiichi
*Maare (Voice) - nihongo|Kuro-chan|クロちゃん|Kuro-chan (Yasuda Dai Circus)
*San (Voice) - nihongo|Danchō|団長|Danchō (Yasuda Dai Circus)
*Sica (Voice) - HIRO (Yasuda Dai Circus)

uit actors

*R1 - nihongo|Koya Nakashima|中島 厚也|Nakashima Kōya
*R2 - nihongo|Teruo Yamaguchi|山口 照雄|Yamaguchi Teruo
*R3 - nihongo|Masaru Shibue|渋江 勝|Shibue Masaru
*R4, Maare - nihongo|Rio Taura|田浦 リオ|Taura Rio
*R5 - nihongo|Suguru Onaga|翁長 卓|Onaga Suguru
*San - nihongo|Masaki Inoue|井上 雅稀|Inoue Masaki
*Sica - nihongo|Takeshi Matsui|松井 武士|Matsui Takeshi


;Opening themes:
**Composition: KIKU
**Arrangement: camino
**Artist: camino
**Episodes: 1-26
*:The single for "STORY" included the "TV edit" for the song as well as a full length version of the song with different lyrics.
*nihongo|"THE LIFE (TV Version)"|THE LIFE(TVバージョン|Za Raifu (Terebi Bājon)
**Composition: TAKA
**Arrangement: camino
**Artist: camino
**Episodes: 27-

;Ending themes:
*nihongo|"Moving Heart (TV version)"|ココロハコブ(TVバージョン)|Kokoro Hakobu (Terebi Bājon)
**Lyrics & Composition: nihongo|Hyōe Ebata|江畑 兵衛|Ebata Hyōe
**Arrangement: TRIPLANE & nihongo|Masanori Sasaji|笹路 正徳|Sasaji Masanori
**Artist: TRIPLANE
**Episodes: 1-26
*:TRIPLANE had previously released a version of "Moving Heart" on their second album, nihongo|"Heart Clearing Up"|ココロ晴れたら|Kokoro Haretara. The TV arrangement of the song was released on their next single, nihongo|"After the Summer/Moving Heart"|夏が終われば/ココロハコブ|Natsu ga Owareba/Kokoro Hakobu, on July 16, 2008. [cite web|url=|title=New Single発売決定!!! : TRIPLANE : mu-mo 音楽配信・着うた(R)・CD/DVD/アーティストグッズショッピング|accessdate=2008-05-27]
**Lyrics & Composition: nihongo|Kunio Tago|多胡 邦夫|Tago Kunio
**Arrangement: nihongo|Yasunari Nakamura|中村 康就|Nakamura Yasunari
**Artist: nihongo|Yusaku Kiyama|木山 裕策|Kiyama Yūsaku
**Episodes: 27-
*:"Arigatou" is included on Yusaku Kiyama's mini-album nihongo|"WAIT FOR YOU: Now It's Possible for Me"|WAIT FOR YOU~今の僕に出来る事~|WAIT FOR YOU ~Ima no Boku ni Dekiru Koto~. It is his first album, following the release of his first single, "home."


While "Tomica Hero Rescue Force" initially airs on TV Aichi, it is syndicated on TV Tokyo Network, Iwate Menkoi Television, Higashinippon Broadcasting, Fukushima Central Television, The Niigata Television Network 21, Nagano Broadcasting Systems, TV Shizuoka, Ehime Asahi Television, Nagasaki Broadcasting Company, Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting, and Biwako Broadcasting.


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* [ Rescue Force] at Takara-Tomy
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