Atoll hospital

Atoll hospital

Atoll Hospital is the highest referral health facility in the atolls of the Maldives.

List of Atoll Hospitals

* Haa Alif Atoll Hospital
* Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital
* Shaviyani Atoll Hospital
* Noonu Atoll Hospital
* Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital
* Baa Atoll Hospital
* Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital
* Alif Alif Atoll Hospital
* Alif Dhaalu Atoll Hospital
* Vaavu Atoll Hospital
* Muli Regional Hospital
* Faafu Atoll Hospital
* Dhaalu Atoll Hospital
* Thaa Atoll Hospital
* Gan Regional Hospital
* Gaaf Alif Atoll Hospital
* Thinadhoo Regional Hospital
* Nyaviyani Atoll Hospital
* Hithadhoo Regional Hospital

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