The Blueprint (band)

The Blueprint (band)

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Luke Moss
Chris Billam
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The Blueprint are a rock band based in Nottingham, England. Members of The Blueprint have played in other bands including Pitchshifter, earthtone9, Consumed and Army Of Flying Robots.

The group have only released one album to date, before that they released two 6 track e.p.'s, the first one entitled zero*zero*one was released in 2002 on Copro Records, the second named e.c.l.i.p.t.i.c following in 2003. In 2004 the band signed a one record deal with Golf Records and released their first album Phenomenology.

The band is currently working on their long overdue second album titled Walk Away, Let it Burn. This album is being recorded by the band's guitarist Matt Grundy.


*Karl Middleton – vocals
*Will Burchell – guitar, vocals
*Matt Grundy – guitar, programming
*Mark Clayden – bass (2000 – 2004)
*Luke Moss – bass (2004 –)
*Chris Billam – drums



* "zero*zero*one" EP (2002) Copro Records
* "e.c.l.i.p.t.i.c." (2003) Copro Records
* "Phenomenology" (2004) Golf


Chris Billam of the Blueprint wrote a piece for the bands website at the time stating the meanings behind the songs of Phenomenology and some other little known facts about the band. It is reprinted below with the full permission of the band:

THE BLUEPRINT - Phenomenology (2004)

Karl 'Fiddleton' Middleton - Vocals
'Nasty' Will Burchell - Guitar
Matt 'Kenneth' Grundy - Guitar
Luke 'Danger' Moss - Bass
Chris 'Dogman' Billam - Drums

OVERAfter completing a gruelling eleven year tour of the Lincolnshire Fens in 1986, relationships within the band kind of fell apart. With the tension on the verge of breaking point, the five of us agreed that the best thing we could do was to go our separate ways - leaving the band on an indefinite hiatus. We all knew that it was going to be completely over unless we wrote something special... As it happened, when we got together after a nine month break, we had ALL written this song independently of each other. Amazing! This song is just what we needed to help us love again. Vive le Rock!

BROADCASTLike most people, Karl is a big fan of other people's pubes, especially when they're lying idle in a public urinal. Naturally, you can imagine his frustration when the guy standing next to him pisses said pubes down the urinal's drain. This song is an emotional plea from Karl, bringing the listener closer to the inner anguish of a man desperate to ask a fellow man to stop doing what he's doing, without breaking the boundaries of social conduct. The title of the song refers to the recommended wide angle piss one should execute to avoid the idlers, and ultimately keep Karl happy.

ANSWERSThe reason this track was written is straightforward. We all need answers, even if sometimes we don't have any questions... In the case of this particular song, the question asked is 'What's the question?' and the answer is simply 'Yes'. Lyrically, this song deals with the age old Carnivorism versus Vegetablism debate, firmly putting forward the case for the latter, because as most of you know, Karl is a strict vegan. This is because he hates all animals. If you would like to know more about his opinions on the subject and indeed find the answers, you might want to check out his critically acclaimed first book, 'Meat and the Uncivilized Society', published by Subvert/Convert Press. Although Karl is well known for his uncompromising commitment to the cause, he is equally well known for his short bursts of prolonged ultraviolence, so if you see Karl anytime soon, please remember not to tell him you like sheep. Or cows.

THEY WILL BE NAMEDOriginally called 'The Blinding of Larry Driscoll', this track shot straight to the top of the Ollerton Miner's Welfare Community Radio listener's chart, and received numerous awards nationwide including Best Album. It was also named 'Song of the Millennium' by our friends at SCOPE.

EL MIEDOA daring political statement? An ode to antidisestablishmentarianism? A defiant challenge to a world that has lost its innocence? ....You decide. It's worthy of note that, in keeping with the title, the verses are sung in Foreignese.

LEADING INTO TREESMan, growing up in the eighties was tough...but it has made us the men we are today. This song draws on our collective experiences of surviving the wilderness years as teenagers in all the wrong places at all the wrong times. The dark and unpleasant experiences featured in the song include a young Karl tussling with pensioners on the mean streets of Donkey Town after dark, Will's horrifying gang related experiences at Lord Blitherington-Smedley School for gifted and lovely boys, and Matt and Chris both being led deep into their local woods (hence the title) by an intriguing trail of conkers only to discover that the trail ended at the feet of a demented looking man with his own conkers on full display, peeling back his wang, wearing a T- Shirt that read 'I sucked off J.R.'. Each painful memory has been skillfully interwoven to capture our lost childhood, and provide the listener a full and frank account of what life was really like back then. Of course, Luke had no part in the writing of this song as he was born in 1992.

PHENOMENOLOGYIf this song was human it would be called Paul. Paul would be a handsome man. Paul would have style. Paul would have a body mass index like a fucking Ninja. Paul would be firm but fair. Paul would have the gift of comedy, along with a deep understanding of pain. Paul would have an eye for the ladies, and the ladies would have an eye for Paul. Paul would not shoplift. Paul would also know how to do magic.

NO LOGIC/NO REASONMusically it's a pumper. Lyrically it's another scathing attack on animals. Overall, if this song was a car it would have six wheels and one HELL of an engine. Vrooooom.

THE HIGH COST OF LIVINGThis song is an attempt to redefine the all too familiar concept of modern rock music within a society that often only equates beauty with supple youth. It is also about the high cost of living.

THE COMMENTThis song is quite simply a chance for our lighter approach to songwriting shine through and touch the very hearts of our listeners. Lie back, relax, trump.....and enjoy.The title refers to something Will once said to some Christians. Legally I can't repeat what he actually said, but I can assure you it didn't go down well with the 'fucking bunch of shitty Godbothering bastards'.

LANDMARKSWay before The Blueprint we experienced global success as rhythm plate spinners in the Seventies comedy skiffle outfit 'Stinky Boo Baldwin and the Flangemasters'. This is a reworking of our greatest hit, Skidmarks. If you want to check out any of our old recordings, the following info should point you in the right direction...

Flange: The Here and Now (1973). Features the first two sublime hit singles - Feel The Flange, Tell Your Friends and I Shat.

A Plate Worse Than Death (1975). Features three now classic hits - It's Winking At Me, You And Who's Army? and Bodyslappin' (parts 1+2).

Flangemasters Of The Booniverse (1978)*. Features the seminal Just Doin' A Smell, the legendary My Balls, Your Face and, of course, the immortal Skidmarks.

* This album was re-released in 2001 and now includes three previously unreleased tracks The Trials And Tribulations Of Marmaduke Bonsiniere, Piss Off My Asshole and Fuck Me? FuckYou!

Discover the magic.....

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