Susan and the Surftones

Susan and the Surftones

Susan and the SurfTones is an American surf instrumental band. The band is considered part of the “third wave” of surf-revivalist bands that formed the 1990’s. The band was started in 1993 in Rochester, NY by lead guitarist Susan L. Yasinski, one of very few female lead guitarists in instrumental surf music. Influenced also by early Beatles, ‘’60’s garage and 70’s punk music, their sound incorporates traditional surf with elements associated with these other genres, such as the use of the combo-organ. The band’s first recording deal was with Gee-Dee Records in Hamburg, Germany who released their first CD, WIthout A Word, in 1995. Subsequent releases on Gee-Dee and two other European labels, Surf Waves (Belgium) and OmOm (Italy), and four European tours, earned them a fan base in Europe as well as the US.Susan relocated to the west coast in 2000, and reformed the band in Portland, Oregon. They continue to release albums both on CD and as digital releases.

Nissan (Italy) used two of their tunes, their cover of and Moon Woman ‘42, in a promotional DVD in 2005. They performed a showcase at the ROCKRGRL Music Conference in Seattle in 2005 and have played halftime shows for the NBA Portland Trail Blazers. In 2007 two of their original tunes (Tiki Kiki and The Blue Hammer) were used in MTV’s .In addition to ten full-length album releases and a vinyl EP, Susan & The SurfTones appear on compilation albums released in the US, Italy, Australia, Russia, and Germany. Their recordings have received airplay on numerous radio stations in the US and abroad.


Susan L. Yasinski is lead guitarist and band leader. In 2006 she also became the band’s bassist for studio recordings. Other members have included Dave Anderson,Buck Malen, Jim Fritz and Dan Ferguson (bass); Judd Williams, Brian Goodman, Bob Becker and Matt Miner (drums); and Kim13, Avory Gray and Marky Kelly (keyboards.)


*Without A Word (1995) Gee-Dee Music (Germany)
*Thunderbeach (1996) Gee-Dee Music (Germany)
*Bitchin' (1999) Gee-Dee Music (Germany)
*This Ain’t No Beach Party (1999) Surf Waves (Belgium) (four-song vinyl ep)
*All The Beat, All The Best - Live (2000) Surf Waves (Belgium)
*The Originals (2001) Acme Brothers Records (USA)
*Wrap-Around (2002) OmOm Music (Italy)
*Night In Old Town (2004) Acme Brothers Records (USA)
*Fluid Drive (2006) Acme Brothers Records (USA) Digital-only release
*There She Goes Again - S&ST Play The VU" (2007) Acme Brothers Records (USA) Limited release
*Untitled #10 (2007) Acme Brothers Records (USA) [Digital-only release]


*April 1996 - Germany
*February 1997 - Germany
*January / February 2000 - Germany, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, FranceJanuary / February 2001 - Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium

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