Dog Eat Dog (US game show)

Dog Eat Dog (US game show)
Dog Eat Dog
Format Game show
Created by David Young
Presented by Brooke Burns
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) Matt Kunitz
Stuart Krasnow
Sandra Soczka
Tracy Santomarco
Running time 45–48 minutes
Original channel NBC
Original run June 17, 2002 (2002-06-17) – August 26, 2003 (2003-08-26)
Related shows Dog Eat Dog (UK version)

Dog Eat Dog is an American game show, which originally ran from June 17, 2002 to August 26, 2003, it is loosely based on the UK version of the show by the same name. It is hosted by Brooke Burns, and has contestants compete against each other in physical competitions, trivia, and other assorted games for a prize of $25,000.


Main game

Six players spend a day together at a training camp before arriving at the studio for the show. A challenge is described, and the players each vote for the one they want to send into it. The player receiving the most votes takes the challenge. Failure to complete it sends the player to the "Dog Pound" and eliminates him/her from play, while completing it allows the player to send one of the people who voted for him/her to the "Dog Pound."

Four challenges are played in this manner. If a tie vote occurs on the first one, a player is chosen at random to break it; on all subsequent challenges, the last player eliminated acts as the tiebreaker. The last two players compete in a fifth, head-to-head challenge, with the winner being declared "Top Dog" and the loser going to the "Dog Pound." The "Top Dog" then faces the other five players in a trivia challenge in which $25,000 is awarded to the winning side.


These are some of the reoccurring challenges that appear in the show.

Rope Bridge: The contestant must attach 1 of each cylinder before the contestant falls off the bridge.

Ratchet Roulette: In a challenge similar to the electronic game "Simon," the contestant is shown a board with a series of lights, which flash in a certain sequence. The contestant must use a series of buttons to make the correct light pattern. The player is given five attempts to do it. Each unsuccessful attempt causes the player, who is attached to a bungee cord, to fall into the pool.

Treadmill Trivia: The contestant runs on a treadmill suspended high above the pool. The treadmill starts at a speed level of 1 while Brooke asks a series of general-knowledge questions. Each incorrect answer increases the treadmill speed by 1 level (to a maximum of 10). Giving 10 correct answers wins the challenge, and if the contestant falls off the treadmill, the stunt is over. On the premiere episode, one contestant named Widow (who uncannily resembled wrestler Sting and rocker Gene Simmons from KISS) became the only person to face the treadmill at speed level 10.

Pendulum Swing: Hooked up to a large pendulum-like device, the contestant must swing at a full 360 degrees within two minutes using only their own strength to move the pendulum. This challenge was rarely won.

Sliding-Floor Trivia: The contestant answers trivia questions while standing on two Plexiglas panels situated above the pool. Each incorrect answer causes the panels to slide apart. The stunt ends when either 10 correct answers have been given, or the contestant falls into the pool.

He or She: Out of six people, the contestant must select the woman from the drag queens. This challenge also had a variant where the contestant had to select the bearded woman.

Glacier Run: The contestant has to run across styrofoam glaciers in the water and have to grab the 8 flags before time runs out to win. Also the glaciers tip easily.

Swing Rings: The contestant has to cross a monkey bar like course and grab the flag at the end to win. If they fall off they lose.

Out on a Limb: The contestant had to run through a spinning X-shaped contraption within two minutes, collecting 8 flags, and make it back to the middle before time ran out to win. Also the blue flags had to be collected before the red flags.

Water Beam: There were several variants of this challenge, but the common goal was to travel from one end of a beam suspended over water to the other, collect an item, then return to the starting line. The contestant was allowed two attempts at the challenge.

Pandora's Box: The contestant gets five tennis balls from the top of the pool and puts them in a box within two minutes. If the contestant puts the balls in the box within the two-minute period he/she wins.

Strip Hangman/Darts/Quarterback/Golf: The contestant attempts to complete a given objective (such as throwing a football through a target) while being required to remove one article of clothing for each football. The game ends when the contestant either completes the task, elects to quit, or fails and has no further articles to provide.

In Strip Darts, the contestant attempts to score 30 points on a modified dartboard. Different sections earn 0-10 points, and the bull's-eye scores 20. Each dart costs the contestant one article of clothing.

In Strip Quarterback, the contestant attempts to throw a total of 2 footballs through a hole in a tower. Each football costs the contestant one article of clothing.

In Strip Golf, the contestant attempts to putt a golf ball into a hole on a putting green. Each shot costs the contestant one article of clothing and allows the player to move a little closer.

In Strip Hangman, contestants play the classic game of hangman. Every time they guess a wrong letter, they are forced to remove an article of clothing.

When a contestant has one article of clothing remaining, Brooke sometimes offers two last-shot attempts (e.g., two darts) in exchange for the last piece of clothing (only on Darts and Quarterback). At least two contestants have ended up completely naked, one woman ended up topless (and won), and most quit before they were completely naked.

Final Challenge

The previously determined "Top Dog" faces the five members of the "Dog Pound." A category is shown, like Music, Food and Drink, Business, Sports, Famous People, Politics, History and Animals, and the Top Dog chooses a member of the Dog Pound to answer the question. Each contestant can be chosen only once. If the Dog Pound member answers correctly, the Dog Pound earns a point; if not, the Top Dog scores it. The first side to score three points wins the game and $25,000 (split evenly among the five Dog Pound members if they win).

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