Patrol cap

Patrol cap

A patrol cap, also known as a field cap is a soft cap with a soft, rounded visor, and flat top, worn by military personnel in the field when a combat helmet is not required. [ CAP, FIELD, M-1951] ]


M1951 Field Cap and Ridgeway Cap

The M1951 Field Cap, introduced with the M1951 Uniform, was a derivative of the M1943 Field Cap, part of the M1943 Uniform. [ [ Field Cap] ] The M1951 cap was worn in the Korean War, where it became known as the "patrol cap" by the US Army Rangers there. It was constructed of wind-resistant olive drab cotton poplin, and had a flannel wool panel that folded down to cover the ears and the back of the head. It was soft enough to be worn underneath an M-1 helmet. After the Korean War, the cap was replaced by the Ridgeway Cap, a stiffened version of the M1951. The hat became famous outside America by being worn by Fidel Castro. The patrol cap was replaced altogether, early in the Vietnam War, with a baseball cap called the "Cap, Field (Hot Weather)" as well as the boonie hat. [ [ Cap, Field (Hot Weather) ] ] [ [ M1951 Field Cap ] ]

BDU and ACU Patrol Cap

In 1985, following the introduction of the M81 Battle Dress Uniform, the patrol cap was reintroduced. [ [ Battle Dress Uniform (Bdu) ] ] The patrol cap continues to be worn the Army Combat Uniform, introduced in 2004. [ [ Army Combat Uniform (Acu) ] ] The materials are 50% cotton, 50% nylon blend. [ [ Battle Dress Uniform (Bdu) ] ] It has been available in different variants and patterns, such as hot weather models which have eliminated the ear flaps. [ [ Battle Dress Uniform (Bdu) ] ] Patterns have included M81 Woodland, Six color desert camouflage, Three color desert camouflage, and the Universal Camouflage Pattern. [ [ Battle Dress Uniform (Bdu) ] ] [ [ Army Combat Uniform (Acu) ] ]

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