Energy absorber

Energy absorber

Energy absorber may refer to several things:
*A panel to absorb the radiant energy of sunlight to heat a fluid, often water for domestic use (see solar hot water).
*A bolometer, a device to convert electromagnetic radiation and the momentum of energetic particles to thermal energy which in turn is easily measured.
*A shock absorber, a device to dampen spring rebound by expending work by forcing a fluid through ports, and so converting the mechanical energy to heat.
*A material or device to disperse and dissipate impact energy, useful in a protective helmet for sports or in armor such as a ballistic vest for protection in warfare, and also as packing to protect boxed contents during shipping.
*A portion of vehicle such as an automobile designed to protect the occupants, usually by creating "crumple zones" at each end of the vehicle while preserving a stiff central cage in which the occupants are secured by seat belts and protected by inflatable air bags.

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