Gothic plate armour

Gothic plate armour

Gothic armour, or Gothic plate armour is a full plate armour of steel made in German region and the Holy Roman Empire during the late Middle Ages (15th century). The armour provided all-around protection to the knight who wore it. They were common during the 15th century in central Europe and influenced Italian and English plate armours.

The Gothic armours, a specially those who were made under the Emperor Maximilian the first were modelled with curves, flutings and ridges in order to enhance the strength of the armour and deflect arrows. These armours were made during the 15th century and reached to their peak in 1480s, then they were considered the best in Europe. The structure of the armour were sharp and stingy, influenced by Gothic architecture and Gothic art. In addition to steel plates they included chainmails to protect under the bevor (neck and shoulders), joints and crotch.

The Gothic armours were often combined with a Gothic Sallet, which included long and sharp rear-plate that protected the back-side of the neck and head. ( [] ) A plate piece called a "bevor" protected the chin.

During the 16th century, under Italian influence, the Gothic armour evolved into Maximilian armour ( [ 1] , [ 2] ). The new armour was made rounder and more curved and the ridges were narrower, parallel to each other and covered the entier armour.


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