Terminologia Embryologica

Terminologia Embryologica

The Terminologia Embryologica (TE) is a standardized list of words to be used in the description of embryologic structures. It is produced by the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology.cite web |url=http://www.drugs.com/dict/terminologia-embryologica.html |title=Terminologia Embryologica Information from Drugs.com |accessdate=2007-12-06 |format= |work=]

It is analogous to the Terminologia Anatomica (TA), which standardizes terminology for adult anatomy, but the TE was excluded from the first edition of the TA in 1988.cite journal |author=Arráez-Aybar LA, González-Lorrio F, Marantos-Gamarra DG, Jiménez-Collado J |title=Cardiac developmental onomatology: the real heart of the matter |journal=Ann. Anat. |volume=185 |issue=6 |pages=525–33 |year=2003 |pmid=14703997 |doi=]

It is based upon the Nomina Embryologica, which was included as a component of the Nomina Anatomica.cite web |url=http://www.ifaa.net/Histry.htm |title=IFAA History |accessdate=2007-12-06 |format= |work=] cite book |author= |title=Nomina anatomica: approved by the Tenth International Congress of Anatomists at Tokyo, August 1975, together with Nomina histologica and Nomina embryologica |publisher=Excerpta Medica |location=Amsterdam |year=1977 |pages= |isbn=0-444-15259-8 |oclc= |doi=]


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