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editor = Anthony Vitarelli (as of 2008)
discipline = Legal studies
language = English
abbreviation = YLJ
publisher = The Yale Law Journal Company, Inc.
country = United States
frequency = Monthly
(eight times a year from October through June)
history = 1891 to present
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impact = 4.05
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website = http://yalelawjournal.org/
ISSN = 0044-0094
The Yale Law Journal is a student-run journal of legal scholarship affiliated to the Yale Law School. Published continuously since 1891, it is the oldest and most widely known of the eight law reviews published by students at Yale Law School. The journal is one of the most cited legal publications in the nation and usually generates the highest number of citations per published article. [ [http://lawlib.wlu.edu/LJ/ Law journals' ranking] , Washington & Lee Law School.]

The journal, which is published eight times per year, contains articles, essays, and book reviews by professional legal scholars as well as student-written notes and comments. It is edited entirely by students. The journal also publishes an online companion, [http://www.thepocketpart.org "The Pocket Part"] , which features op-ed length versions of journal articles and responses from leading practitioners, policymakers, and scholars, and also serves as a forum for the journal's readers and authors to discuss legal scholarship.

The Yale Law Journal, in conjunction with the "Harvard Law Review", the "Columbia Law Review", and the "University of Pennsylvania Law Review", publishes "The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation", the most widely followed authority for legal citation formats in the United States.

Notable Alumni

Past editors of the Yale Law Journal include prominent law professors (Akhil Amar, Ian Ayres, Stephen L. Carter, John Hart Ely, Randall Kennedy, Kris Kobach, Martha Minow, Joseph Goldstein, Tomiko Brown-Nagin, political figures (journalist Michael Barone, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, Senator Arlen Specter), Supreme Court justices (Abe Fortas, Samuel Alito), and other judges (Guido Calabresi, Robert Katzmann, and Sonia Sotomayor).


The journal holds a two-part admissions competition each spring, consisting of a 4-5 hour "bluebooking exam," followed by a traditional writing competition. Unlike journals at most law schools, grades are never a factor in admissions to the Yale Law Journal or the selection of journal officers. Although the Yale Law Journal identifies a target maximum number of members to accept each year, it is not a firm number. Students may also join the staff if they publish a note in the journal. Due to the relatively small size of Yale Law School, a higher percentage of the student body is a member of the journal than at other top-tier law schools.

elected articles published in YLJ

Some of the most cited articles published by the Yale Law Journal include:

*cite journal |last=Hohfeld |first=Wesley N. |authorlink=Wesley N. Hohfeld |coauthors= |year=1913 |month= |title=Some Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=23 |issue=1 |pages=16–59 |doi=10.2307/785533 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Llewellyn |first=Karl N. |authorlink=Karl N. Llewellyn |coauthors= |year=1931 |month= |title=What Price Contract? — An Essay in Perspective |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=40 |issue=5 |pages=704–751 |doi=10.2307/790659 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Douglas |first=William O. |authorlink=William O. Douglas |coauthors=Bates, George E. |year=1933 |month= |title=The Federal Securities Act of 1933 |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=43 |issue=2 |pages=171–217 |doi=10.2307/791346 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Lasswell |first=Harold D. |authorlink=Harold D. Lasswell |coauthors=McDougal, Myres S. |year=1943 |month= |title=Legal Education and Public Policy: Professional Training in the Public Interest |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=52 |issue=2 |pages=203–295 |doi=10.2307/792244 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Kadish |first=Sanford H. |authorlink=Sanford H. Kadish |coauthors= |year=1957 |month= |title=Methodology and Criteria in Due Process Adjudication — A Survey and Criticism |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=66 |issue=3 |pages=319–363 |doi=10.2307/793970 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Prosser |first=William L. |authorlink=William L. Prosser |coauthors= |year=1960 |month= |title=The Assault upon the Citadel (Strict Liability to the Consumer) |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=69 |issue=7 |pages=1099–1148 |doi=10.2307/794385 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Emerson |first=Thomas I. |authorlink=Thomas I. Emerson |coauthors= |year=1963 |month= |title=Toward a General Theory of the First Amendment |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=72 |issue=5 |pages=877–956 |doi=10.2307/794655 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Reich |first=Charles A. |authorlink=Charles A. Reich |coauthors= |year=1964 |month= |title=The New Property |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=73 |issue=5 |pages=733–787 |doi=10.2307/794645 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Ely |first=John Hart |authorlink=John Hart Ely |coauthors= |year=1973 |month= |title=The Wages of Crying Wolf: A Comment on "Roe v. Wade" |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=82 |issue=5 |pages=920–949 |doi=10.2307/795536 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Mnookin |first=Robert H. |authorlink=Robert H. Mnookin |coauthors=Kornhauser, Lewis |year=1979 |month= |title=Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: The Case of Divorce |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=88 |issue=5 |pages=950–997 |doi=10.2307/795824 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Easterbrook |first=Frank R. |authorlink=Frank R. Easterbrook |coauthors=Fischel, Daniel R. |year=1982 |month= |title=Corporate Control Transactions |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=91 |issue=4 |pages=698–737 |doi=10.2307/796036 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Ackerman |first=Bruce A. |authorlink=Bruce A. Ackerman |coauthors= |year=1984 |month= |title=The Storrs Lectures: Discovering the Constitution |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=93 |issue=6 |pages=1013–1072 |doi=10.2307/796204 |url= |accessdate= |quote=
*cite journal |last=Singer |first=Joseph W. |authorlink=Joseph William Singer |coauthors= |year=1984 |month= |title=The Player and the Cards: Nihilism and Legal Theory |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=94 |issue=1 |pages=1–70 |doi=10.2307/796315 |url= |accessdate= |quote=


Further reading

*cite journal |last=Shapiro |first=Fred R. |authorlink= |coauthors= |year=1991 |month= |title=The Most-Cited Articles from "The Yale Law Journal" |journal=Yale Law Journal |volume=100 |issue=5 |pages=1449–1514 |doi=10.2307/796696 |url=http://www.yalelawjournal.org/history.html |accessdate= |quote=

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* [http://www.yalelawjournal.org/current.asp The Yale Law Journal]
* [http://www.thepocketpart.org The Pocket Part]

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