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ProCurve Training

HP ProCurve Networking is the networking division of HP. They produce a line of network switches, wireless access points, WAN routers, and Access Control Servers/Software sold under the "HP ProCurve Networking" brand name.

ProCurve offers trainings [ ProCurve Training Homepage] ] , typically delivered in HP Authorized Trainings Centers (ATCs) [ EMEA ATC List] ] by HP Certified Instructors (HPCI). The titles are oriented at the HP Certified Professional Program (HPCP) [ HPCP Overview] ] . Candidates can take most of the technical certification tests at Prometric [ HP Certification at Prometric] ] Testcenters. Sales certification tests can be taken online in the Internet [ Prometric Online] ] . Attending a course is currently not a prerequisite for achieving the titles. Annual based recertification can be achieved via Continuous Learning Program of HPCP [ Continuous Learning Homepage of HPCP] ] .


The Accredited Sales Professional (ASP) certifies that someone knowledgeable of networking concepts, like the OSI Model, and can describe the features & functions ProCurve products.
* ASP [] can be done online at []


The Accredited Sales Consultant (ASC) expands sales skills, to provide the ability to engage customers at the board level to understand business issues, and to design a solution that will meet evolving networking requirements.
* ASC []


The Accredited Platform Specialist (APS) will give Service technicians the ability to restore a single ProCurve Networking product (including hardware and internal operating system) to operational level as from factory.
* Installation and Service []


The Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) [] is the first level of technical certification. ProCurve Networking Primer (Free CBT) is an optional course. The qualification comprises
* Adaptive Edge Fundamentals []


The Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) has three specialisations - Mobility [] , WAN [] and Network Management [] . The AIS is a prerequisite before achieving this qualification.

The following are optional, but recommended, and are useful for some pre-knowledge:
* IP Routing Foundations (Free CBT) (optional)
* Network Security Fundamentals (Free CBT) (optional)
* Fundamental WAN Technologies (Free CBT) (optional)

The student must pass the following exams:
* Building ProCurve Resilient, Adaptive Networks (BPRAN) []
* Security []

To achieve the different specialisation, one of the following must be passed:
* Mobility []
* Secure WAN []
* Network Management []

The qualification ASE ProCurve Networking & Convergence, cannot be achieved any more.


The Master Accredited Systems Engineer (MASE) has three specializations - Secure Mobility [] , Security Specialist [] and Convergence []

Both the AIS and one ASE qualification are prerequisites before achieving this qualification.

To achieve the MASE Secure Mobility Specialist, the student must have also passed the ASE - ProCurve Networking & Mobility certification. The following must then be passed:
* Secure Mobility Solutions []

To achieve the MASE Security Specialist, the student must have also passed the ASE - ProCurve Network Management certification. The following must then be passed:
* Network Access Control []
* Network Immunity []

To achieve the MASE Convergence Specialist, the student can have passed ANY ASE certification, plus a VoIP Certification from the following vendors:
* 3Com
* Alcatel
* Avaya
* Cisco
* DVTel
* Ericsson
* Mitel
* Nortel
* Siemens


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* [ Prometric Homepage]

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