Bear in Mind

Bear in Mind

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Name = Bear in Mind
Type = studio
Artist = Toby Leung

Released = June 2005
Recorded =
Genre = Cantopop
Length =
Label =
Producer = [ MusicNation-HK]
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This album = Bear in Mind
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"Bear in Mind" is the first album by Toby Leung, and was released in June 2005. It contains 9 tracks and 2 Music Videos.

The tracks on the album are:

Audio Tracks
# 我們仨 (Us Three)
# 你是最重要 (You are the most Important)
# 兌換晴天 (Exchanging Fine Skies)
# 望星打掛 (Looking at Stars)
# 熊之戀人 (Bear's Lover)
# 後宮佳麗 (Palace Wives)
# 我們仨Remix (Us Three Remix)

# 我們仨 (Us Three MV)
# 你是最重要 (You are the most Important MV)

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