Jonathan M. Gregory

Jonathan M. Gregory

Jonathan M. Gregory is a climate modeller working on mechanisms of global and large-scale change in climate and sea level on multidecadal and longer timescales. He is currently a senior scientist in the core team at the NCAS Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling (CGAM), located in the Department of Meteorology of the University of Reading; and a Met Office Fellow in the climate-change group at the Hadley Centre.

He was a co-ordinating Lead Author of the IPCC TAR chapter 11 "Changes in Sea Level" [] , and a contributing author to the SAR chapter.

Selected publications

* White, N. J ., J. A. Church, and J. M. Gregory, 2005. "Coastal and global averaged sea level rise for 1950 to 2000" Geophys. Res. Lett., 32, pg(s). L01601.
* Connolley, W. M ., J. M. Gregory, E. Hunke, and A. J. McLaren, 2004. "On the consistent scaling of terms in the sea ice dynamics equation" J. Phys. Oceanogr., 34, 7, pg(s). 1776-1780.
* Gregory, J. M ., H. T. Banks, P. A. Stott, J. A. Lowe, and M. D. Palmer, 2004. "Simulated and observed decadal variability in ocean heat content" Geophys. Res. Lett., 31, L15312
* Gregory, J. M ., P. Huybrechts and S. C. B. Raper, 2004. "Threatened loss of the Greenland ice-sheet", Nature, 428, 6983, pg(s). 616.
* Gregory, J. M ., O. A. Saenko and A. J. Weaver, 2003. "The role of the Atlantic freshwater balance in the hyteresis of the meridional overturning circulation" Climate Dynamics, 21, 7-8, pg(s). 707-717.
* Gregory, J. M ., R. J. Stouffer, S. C. B. Raper, P. A. Stott and N. A.Rayner, 2002. "An observationally based estimate of the climate sensitivity." Journal of Climate, 15, 22, pg(s). 3117-3121.
* Church, J. A . and J. M. Gregory, 2001. "Sea level change" In: Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences. J. H. Steele and K. K. Turekian eds. Academic Press, London
* Gregory, J. M ., J. A. Church, G. J. Boer, K. W. Dixon, G. M. Flato, D. R. Jackett, J. A. Lowe, S. P. O'Farrell, E. Roeckner, G. L. Russell, R. J. Stouffer and M. Winton, 2001. "Comparison of results from several AOGCMs for global and regional sea-level change 1900-2100." Climate Dynamics, 18, 3-4, pg(s). 225-240.

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