Sweeney (name)

Sweeney (name)

Sweeney is a surname that is in most cases, of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic "Mac Suibhne" meaning "son of Suibhne". The Gaelic name, "Suibhne", was a byname meaning "pleasant" or "well-disposed". [http://www.ireland.com/ancestor/surname/ Surname search] Retrieved on 2007-11-29] The Irish Sweeneys were originally Scottish mercenaries who settled in County Donegal in the fourteenth century (see Clan Sweeney).

In the United States, the name Sweeney can also be an Americanization of the French surname "Choinière". [http://www.ancestry.com/facts/Sweeney-name-meaning.ashx Sweeney Name Meaning and Origin] Retrieved on 2007-11-28]

People with the surname Sweeney

* Alison Sweeney, (born 1976), American, television actress.
* Anne Sweeney, (born 1957), Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks and President of Disney-ABC Television Group.
* Anne-Marie Sweeney, television broadcaster.
* Antony Sweeney, (born 1983), English, professional footballer.
* "several people", Bill Sweeney
**Bill Sweeney (first baseman), (1904-1957), professional baseball player.
**Bill Sweeney (ice hockey) (born 1937), Canadian, professional ice hockey player.
**Bill Sweeney (infielder), (1886-1948), American, professional baseball player.
**Bill Sweeney (pitcher), (died 1903), professional baseball player.
* "several people", Bob Sweeney
**Bob KO Sweeney, (1894-1961), American, boxer.
**Bob Sweeney (ice hockey), (born 1964), American, professional ice hockey player.
**Bob Sweeney (TV director and producer), (1918-1992) American, actor, director and producer.
* Brian Sweeney, (born 1974), professional baseball player.
* Brody Sweeney, Irish, entrepreneur.
* Bruce Sweeney, Canadian, film director.
* Calvin Sweeney, (born 1955), American, professional (American) football player.
* Cate Sweeney, English author and playwright
* Ceri Sweeney, Welsh, rugby player.
* Charles Sweeney, (1919–2004), American, USAAF pilot who dropped the atomic bomb "Fat Man" on Nagasaki.
* Charlie Sweeney, (1863–1902), professional baseball player.
* Christopher Sweeney, Australian, author and journalist.
* Claire Sweeney, (born 1971), English, actor and singer.
* Craig Sweeney, (born 1982), Welsh, child sex offender.
* D. B. Sweeney, (born 1961), American, actor.
* Daisy Sweeney, (born 1920), Canadian, music teacher.
* Dennis Sweeney, protestor and civil rights activist.
* Don Sweeney, (born 1966), Canadian, professional ice hockey player.
* Ed Sweeney, (1888–1947), professional baseball player.
* Fionnuala Sweeney - an Irish anchorwoman and reporter for CNN International
* Francis E. Sweeney, American, politician.
* Hank Sweeney, (1915–1980), American, professional baseball player.
* "several people", James Sweeney
**James Johnson Sweeney, (1900–1986), museum curator.
**James Joseph Sweeney, (1898-1968), American, Roman Catholic Bishop.
* Jamie Sweeney, British, actor.
* "several people", Jim Sweeney
**Jim Sweeney (coach), American, college (American) football coach.
**Jim Sweeney (comedian), (born 1955), English, actor and comedian.
**Jim Sweeney (football player), 1962, American, professional (American) football player.
* Joel Sweeney, (1810–1860), American, musician.
* "several people", John Sweeney
**John E. Sweeney, (born 1955), American politician.
**John Roland Sweeney, (1931-2001), Canadian, politician and educator.
**John Sweeney (journalist), BBC journalist.
**John Sweeney (labor leader), (born 1934), American president of AFL-CIO.
**John Thomas Sweeney, (born 1956), American, murderer.
* Joseph Sweeney (Irish politician), (1897–1980), Irish, politician.
* Joseph Sweeney, (1884–1963), American, actor.
* Julia Sweeney - an American actress and comedian
* Justin Sweeney, (born 1987), Australian rules footballer.
* "several people", Kevin Sweeney
**Kevin Sweeney (American football), 1963, American, professional (American) football player.
**Kevin Sweeney (consultant), author and consultant.
* Kyle Sweeney, (born 1981), American, professional lacrosse player.
* Larry Sweeney, (born 1981), American, professional wrestler.
* Madeline Amy Sweeney, a flight attendant on board American Airlines flight 11
* Mark Sweeney, (born 1969), professional baseball player.
* Martin L. Sweeney, (1885–1960), American, politician.
* Mary Sweeney, American, film editor and film producer.
* Matt Sweeney, musician.
* Michelle Sweeney, Canadian, actor and musician.
* "several people", Mike Sweeney (disambiguation)
**Mike Sweeney (DJ), (born 1947), radio DJ.
**Mike Sweeney (musician), American, musician.
**Mike Sweeney (soccer), (born 1959), Canadian, soccer player.
**Mike Sweeney, (born 1973), American, professional baseball player.
* Neil Sweeney, (born 1977), Australian, professional rugby player.
* Nigel Sweeney, barrister in the UK.
* "several people", Patrick Sweeney
**Patrick Sweeney (gunsmith), American, gunsmith and author.
**Patrick Sweeney (rower), British, Olympic Games rower.
* Pauric Sweeney, (born 1973), Irish, fashion designer.
* Peter Sweeney, (born 1984), Scottish, professional footballer.
* Peter Sweeney (soccer), Early twenieth century Scottish-U.S. professional footballer.
* Randy Sweeney, (born 1956), American, research scientist.
* "several people", Robert Sweeney
**Robert Augustus Sweeney, (1853–1890), American, a two time recipient of the Medal of Honor.
**Robert E. Sweeney, (1924-2007), American, politician.
**Robert K. Sweeney, American, politician.
* Ryan Sweeney, (born 1985), American, professional baseball player.
* Shelley Sweeney, Canadian, actress.
* Stephen M. Sweeney, (born 1959), American, politician.
* Steve Sweeney, American, comedian.
* Sylvia Sweeney, (born 1956), Canadian, journalist, television producer and Olympic athlete.
* Terry Sweeney, (born 1969), American, writer, comedian and actor.
* "several people", Tim Sweeney
**Tim Sweeney (game developer), game developer and founder of Epic Games
**Tim Sweeney (ice hockey), (born 1967), American, professional ice hockey player.
* Walt Sweeney, (born 1941), American, professional American football player.
* Walter Sweeney, (born 1949), British, politician.
* "several people", William Sweeney
**William Sweeney (composer), (born 1950), Scottish, composer.
**William N. Sweeney, (1832-1895), American, politician.

People with the given name Sweeney

* Sweeney Schriner, (1911-1990), Russian born Canadian, professional ice hockey player.
* Sweeney Young, (born 1988), Australian, actor.

Fictional people named Sweeney

* Sweeney, the violent, ape-like antihero of several poems by T. S. Eliot, including "The Waste Land"
* Moira/Max Sweeney, fictional character on the Showtime television network series "The L Word".
* Sweeney Todd, fictional barber and serial killer
* Sinbad Sweeney, fictional character in the Channel 4 soap opera "Brookside".
* Mr. Sweeney, fictional character in "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide".
* Lieutenant Sweeney, fictional character in Dead Men Walking (film)


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