List of songs by Jimmy Webb

List of songs by Jimmy Webb

The following is a partial chronological listing of recordings and performances of songs written by Jimmy Webb.


* The Contessas, single, "This Is Where I Came In" (arranged and conducted by Jimmy Webb)
* Jimmy Webb, single, "I Can't Quit" and "Lost Generation"
* Diana Ross and the Supremes, "Merry Christmas", "My Christmas Tree"
* Brenda Holloway, single, "This Time Last Summer"


* Don Ray Sampson, single, "Take It Easy"


* Strawberry Children, featuring Jimmy Webb, single, "Love Years Coming" and "One Stands Here"
* Johnny Rivers, "Changes", "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"
* The Fifth Dimension, "Up, Up, and Away" (arranged and conducted by Jimmy Webb, keyboards), "Up, Up and Away," "Which Way to Nowhere," "Never Gonna Be the Same," "Pattern People," and "Rosecrans Blvd."
* The Fifth Dimension, "The Magic Garden" (arranged and conducted by Jimmy Webb), "Prologue," "Magic Garden," "Summer's Daughter," "Dreams / Pax / Nepenthe," "Carpet Man," "Requiem: 820 Latham," "The Girls' Song," "The Worst That Could Happen," "Orange Air," "Paper Cup," and "Epilogue"
* Jimmy Webb, "Jim Webb Sings Jim Webb", "I Keep It Hid," "You're So Young," "I'll Be Back," "Life is Hard," "I Need You," "Our Time is Running Out," "I Can Do It on My Own," "Then," "I'm In Need," and "Run, Run, Run" (outtake, "Here's Four More")
* Vogues, "Turn Around Look at Me", "I Keep it Hid"
* Glen Campbell, "By the Time I Get to Phoenix", "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"


* Jimmy Webb, single, "One of the Nicer Things" and "I Don't Want This Modern Religion"
* Richard Harris, "A Tramp Shining", "Didn't We," "Paper Chase," "Name of My Sorrow," "Lovers Such As I," "In the Final Hours," "MacArthur Park," "Dancing Girl," "If You Must Leave My Life," and "A Tramp Shining"
* Richard Harris, "The Yard Went On Forever" (arranged by Jimmy Webb, piano), "The Yard Went On Forever," "Interim," "Watermark," "Gayla," "The Hymns form Grand Terrace," "The Hive," "Lucky Me," and "That's the Way It Was"
* Johny Rivers, "Rewind", "Do What You Gotta Do," "Carpet Man," "Sidewalk Song," "Sweet Smiling Children," "The Eleventh Song," and "Tunesmith"
* Bud Shank, "Magical Mystery", "Paper Cup"
* Walter Wanderly, "When It was Done", "When It was Done"
* Ronnie Kole Trio, "New Orleans' Newest Sound", "Galveston"
* The Brooklyn Bridge, "The Brooklyn Bridge", "The Worst That Could Happen"
* Picardy Singers, "How Sweet It Is", "How Sweet It Is," "Montage"
* The Love Generation, "Montage"
* Peggy Lipton, single, "Red Clay County Line"
* Glen Campbell, "Wichita Lineman", "Wichita Lineman"
* Frank Sinatra, "Cycles", "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"
* Frank Sinatra, "The Sinatra Family Wish You a Merry Christmas", "Whatever Happened to Christmas"
* Nina Simone, "'Nuff Said!", "Do What You Gotta Do"
* Bobby Vee, "Do What You Gotta Do", "Do What You Gotta Do"


* Glen Campbell, "Galveston", "Galveston" and "Where's the Playground Susie"
* Thelma Houston, "Sunshower" (written, arranged, and produced by Jimmy Webb), "Sunshower (from 'His Own Dark City')," "Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon," "To Make It Easier on You," "Didn't We," "Mixed-Up Girl," "Someone is Standing Outside," "This is Where I Came In," "Pocketful of Keys," "This is Your Life," "Cheap Lovin," and "If This Was the Last Song"
* Waylon Jennings, single, "MacArthur Park"
* Jimmy Webb, "How Sweet It Is" (Soundtrack), "Tell Them Willie Boy is Here"
* Dianne Davidson, "Baby", "Clowns Exit Laughing"
* B.J. Thomas, "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head", "If You Must Leave My Life"
* The Fifth Dimension, "The Age of Aquarius", "The Hideaway"
* Frank Sinatra, "My Way", "Didn't We"
* Johny Mann Singers, "Good Night My Love", "One Stands Here"
* Fortunes, "That Same Old Feeling", "Red Clay County Line"
* The Four Tops, single, "Do What You Gotta Do"
* Barbra Streisand, "What About Today?", "Little Tin Soldier"
* Jimmy Webb, "The Golden Songs of Jimmy Webb" (song book), "Fair Weather Lover," "Halfway in the Middle," "Here I'll Stand," "How Can You Do It," "I Can't Leave You All Alone," "I Don't Need You," "I Think Were Gonna Make It Baby," "If You Leave Me," "In My Wildest Dreams," "I'll Be Back when Winter's Gone," "Lost Generation," "Love Now, Mainlainer," Mirror Mind," "Moving On," "Parenthesis," "Plow this Ground," "Psalm for the semi-living," "Shadows of Summer," "The Girl who Needs Me," "Summer Lovers," "There aint No Doubt, "When Eddie Comes Home," "When I'm Dead," and "World Made of Windows"


* Jimmy Webb, "Words and Music", "Sleepin in the Daytime," "P.F. Sloan," "Love Song," "Careless Weed," "Psalm 150," "Music for an Unmade Movie: I. Songseller II. Dorothy Chandler Blues III Jerusalem," and "Once Before I Die"
* Glen Campbell, "Try a Little Kindness", "Honey Come Back"
* Revelation, "Revelation", "Beyond Myself," "Evie," "Jerusalem," "One of the Nicer Things," "Paper Chase," "See You Then," "Shepherd's Daughter," and "Someone is Standing Outside"
* Glen Campbell, "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Album", "MacArthur Park" and "Just Another Piece of Paper"
* Connie Stevens, single, "5:30 Plane"
* Mark Lindsay, "You've Got a Friend", "Old Man at the Fair"
* Judy Mayhan, "Moments", "Old Man at the Fair"
* Tommy Overstreet, single, "The Smartest Fool"
* Roberta Flack, "Chapter Two", "Do What You Gotta Do"
* Jimmy Webb, "The Jimmy Webb Songbook", "Gypsy Moths" (vocal by Jimmy Webb), "I Think the Last One was the One," "Love Years Coming" (performed by the Match), "One of the Kind" (vocal by Jimmy Webb), "Right Here Where You Left me," "Summer Will End," "That World of Yours," and "You'll Be Back, I Know It"


* Jimmy Webb, "And So: On", "Met Her on a Plane," "All Night Show," "All My Love's Laughter," "Highpockets," "Marionette," "Laspitch," "One Lady," "If Ships Were Made to Sail," "Pocketful of Keys," and "See You Then"
* Richard Harris, "My Boy", "Beth," "Sidewalk-song," "Requiem," and "This Is Where I Came In"
* Tom Jones, "Sings She's A Lady", "Do What You Gotta Do"


* Jimmy Webb, "Letters", "Galveston," "Campo de Encino," "Simile," "Hurt Me Well," "Once in the Morning," "Catharsis," "Song Seller," "When Can Brown Begin," and "Piano"
* The Supremes, "The Supremes Produced And Arranged By Jimmy Webb" (produced and arranged by Jimmy Webb, keyboards), "5:30 Plane," "Where Can Brown Begin," "Beyond Myself," "Once in the Morning," "I Keep It Hid," and "Cheap Lovin"
* B.J. Thomas, "Billy Joe Thomas", "A Song For My Brother" (with Jimmy Webb on piano)
* Barbra Streisand, "Live Concert at The Forum", "Didn't We"
* Dionne Warwick, "From Within", "Macarthur Park"


* Jimmy Webb, "The Naked Ape (Soundtrack)", "9 A.M.," "D Minor Toccata," "Nake Ape Theme (Fingerpainting): Ape Inventory," "Carnivorock," "Arnie's Letter," "Cathy's Theme: Pair-Bonding," "Saturday Suit" (vocal by Jimmy Webb), "Fingerpainting" (vocal by Jimmy Webb), "You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me," "Jesus Loves Me" (vocal by Clydie King), "Survival Rag" (vocal by Donald Driver), "Gymnasts Ballet (Fingerpainting)", "Arnie's Appeasement," "Elephant Hunt," and "Naked Ape Theme (Fingerpainting): How Like an Angel"
* Art Garfunkel, "Angel Clare", "All I Know" and "Another Lullaby"
* Richard Harris, "Richard Harris' Greatest Performances", "Lovers Such as I" and "One of the Nicer Things"


* Jimmy Webb, "Land's End", "Ocean in his Eyes," "Walk Your Feet in the Sunshine," "Cloudman," "Lady Fits Her Bluejeans," "Just This One Time," "Crying in My Sleep," "It's a Sin," "Alyce Blue Gown," and "Land's End / Asleep on the Wind"
* Joe Cocker, "I Can Stand a Little Rain", "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and "It's a Sin When You Love Somebody"
* Glen Campbell, "Reunion" (arranged by Jimmy Webb), "Just This One Time," "You Might as Well Smile," "Wishing Now," "Ocean in His Eyes," "The Moon's a Harsh Mistress," "I Keep it Hid," "Adoration," and "It's a Sin"
* Johnny Rivers "Road", "See You Then"


* The Fifth Dimension, "Earthbound" (produced and arranged by Jimmy Webb), "Earthbound (prologue)", "Lean On Me Always", "Feet In The Sunshine", "When Did I Lose Your Love", "Speaking With My Heart", "Earthbound (epilogue)"
* Nancy Wilson, "Come Get to This", "This Time Last Summer"
* Cher, "Stars" (produced by Jimmy Webb), "Just This One Time"


* Glen Campbell, "Bloodline", "Christiaan No"


* Jimmy Webb, "El Mirage", "Highwayman," "If You See Me Getting Smaller," "Mixed Up Guy," "Christiaan No," "Moment in a Shadow," "Sugarbird," "Where the Universes Are," "PF Sloan," "Moon is a Harsh Mistress," and "Skylark (A Meditation)"
* Glen Campbell, "Southern Nights", "This is Sarah's Song" and "Early Morning Song"
* Waylon Jennings, "Ol' Waylon", "If You See Me Getting Smaller"
* Glen Campbell, "Live at the Royal Festival Hall", "MacArthur Park," "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," "Galveston," "Wichita Lineman," and "This is Sarah's Song"


* Art Garfunkel, "Watermark" (with Jimmy Webb on keyboards), "Crying in My Sleep," "Marionette," "Shine It On Me," "Watermark," "Saturday Suit," "All My Love's Laughter", "Mr. Shuck n Jive," "Paper Chase," "Someone Else (1958)," and "Wooden Planes"
* Donna Summer, single, "MacArthur Park"


* Jimmy Webb, "Voices" (Soundtrack), "I Will Always Wait for You" (vocal by Burton Cummings), "Rosemarie's Theme," "Disco If You Want To," "Children's Song" (vocal by Andrew and David Williams), "Family Theme," "I Will Always Wait for You," "On a Stage" (vocal by Burton Cummings), "Across the River," "Rosemarie and Drew," "Children's Song (instrumental)," "Drunk as a Punk" (vocal by Burton Cummings), "Children's Song (instrumental)," and "Rosemarie's Dance / I Will Always Wait for You (reprise)"
* Lowell George, "Thanks, I'll Eat It Here", "Himmler's Ring"
* Glen Campbell, "Highwayman", "Highwayman", "Love Song"


* Thelma Houston, "Breakwater Cat", "Before There Could Be Me," "Breakwater Cat," "Gone," "Long Lasting Love," and "What Was that Song"
* Leah Kunkel, "I Run with Trouble", "Never Gonna Lose My Dream of Love Again" and "Let's Begin"
* Bob Dylan, live, "Let's Begin"
* Tanya Tucker, "Dream Lovers", "Tennessee Woman"
* Johny Logan, "Johny Logan", "Slippin Away"


* Art Garfunkel, "Scissors Cut", "Scissors Cut," "In Cars," and "That's All I've Got to Say"
* America and Jimmy Webb, "The Last Unicorn (Soundtrack)", "The Last Unicorn," "Man's Road," "In the Sea," "Now That I'm a Woman," "That's All I've Got To Say," "The Last Unicorn Part 2," "Forest Awakens," "Red Soup," "Red Bull Attacks," "The Cat," "The Tree," "Haggard's Unicorns," "Bull-Unicorn-Woman," "Unicorns in the Sea," "Unicorn and Lear"
* Arlo Guthrie, "Power of Love", "Oklahoma Nights"
* Glen Campbell, "It's The World Gone Crazy", "In Cars"


* Linda Ronstadt, "Get Closer", "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and "Easy for You to Say"
* Joe Cocker, "Sheffield Steel", "Just Like Always"
* The Everly Brothers, "Living Legends", "She Never Smiles Anymore"
* Jimmy Webb, "Angel Heart", "Angel Heart", "His World", "Ol' Wing Mouth", "In Cars", "Our Movie", "Work For A Dollar", "Nasty Love", "Scissors Cut", "God's Gift"
* Glen Campbell, "Old Home Town", "I Was Too Busy Loving You"


* Glen Campbell, "It's Just a Matter of Time", "Cowboy Hall of Fame", "Do What You Gotta Do" and "Shattered"
* Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson, "Highwayman", "Highwayman"


*Glen Campbell, "Still Within The Sound Of My Voice", "Still Within The Sound Of My Voice", "For Sure, For Certain, Forever, For Always"


* Toto, "The Seventh One", "Home of the Brave"
* Kenny Rankin, "Hiding in Myself", "She Moves, Eyes Follow"
* Glen Campbell, "Light Years", "Light Years", "Lightning In A Bottle", "Saturday Night", "More Than Enough", "Almost Alright Again", "Brand New Eyes", "Our Movie", "If These Walls Could Speak"
* Amy Grant, "If These Walls Could Speak"


* Linda Ronstadt, "Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind", "Still Within the Sound of My Voice" (with Webb playing piano), "Adios" (with orchestral arrangement by Webb), "I Keep It Hid" (with Webb playing piano), and "Shattered"


* John Denver, "The Flower that Shattered the Stone", "Postcard from Paris"


* Kenny Rogers, "Back Home Again", "They Just Don't Make Em Like You Anymore"
* Glen Campbell, "Show Me Your Way", "Where I Am Going", "I Will Arise"


* Jimmy Webb, "Instant Intimacy" (a musical developed with the Tennessee Repertory Theatre), "Other People's Lives," "Wasn't There A Moment," "Instant Intimacy," "It Only Takes One Guy To Tap," "Two Women," "That's How A Lady Learns To Flirt," "What Does A Woman See In A Man," "Defiance," "Boat People Are Beautiful," "Yours For The Taking," "I Don't Know How To Love You Anymore," "Close By," and "Is There Love After You"
* Sheena Easton, "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)", "A Dream Worth Keeping"


* David Crosby, "Thousand Roads", "Too Young to Die" (with Jimmy Webb on piano)
* Jimmy Webb, "Suspending Disbelief", "Too Young to Die," "I Don't Know How to Love Her Anymore," "Elvis and Me," "It Won't Bring Her Back," "Sandy Cove," "Friends to Burn," "What Does A Woman See in a Man," "Postcard from Paris," "Just Like Always," "Adios," and "I Will Arise / I'll Fly Away"
* Michael Feinstein, "Forever", "Time Enough for Love"
* Art Garfunkel, "Up 'Til Now", "All I Know" (with Jimmy Webb on piano), "Skywriter" (recorded live in 1988), "The Decree," and "All My Love's Laughter" (with Jimmy Webb on piano and Larry Coryell on guitar)
* Linda Ronstadt, "Winter Light", "Do What You Gotta Do" and "You Can't Treat the Wrong Man Right"
* Glen Campbell, "Wings of Victory", "Only One Life", "The Four Horsemen"


* Jimmy Webb, "In Their Own Words, Volume One", "Wichita Lineman"
* Nanci Griffith, with Jimmy Webb, "Red, Hot & Country", "If These Walls Could Speak"
* Rosemary Clooney, "Demi-Centennial", "Time Flies"


* Michael Feinstein, "Such Sweet Sorrow", "Wasn't There a Moment" (arranged by Jimmy Webb, piano)
* Jimmy Webb, live, "Snow-Covered Christmas"


* Jimmy Webb, "Ten Easy Pieces", "Galveston," "Highwayman," "Wichita Lineman," "The Moon's a Harsh Mistress," "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," "If These Walls Could Speak," "Didn't We," "Worst That Could Happen," "All I Know," and "McArthur Park"

* R.E.M. ,"Bittersweet Me","Wichita Lineman" "(Live in Huston, TX 15.09.1995)"


* Carly Simon, "Film Noir" (co-produced by Jimmy Webb, piano), "Film Noir"


* Patti LuPone, "Matters of the Heart ", "Where Love Resides"


* Michael Feinstein and Jimmy Webb, "Only One Life: The Songs of Jimmy Webb", "After All The Loves Of My Life / Only One Life," "Didn't We," "Belmont Avenue," "Up, Up And Away," "She Moves, Eyes Follow," "All I Know," "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress," "Adios," "Skywriter," "Is There Love After You?," "Louisa Blu," "Time Flies," "These Are All Mine," "Piano," and "Only One Life"


* Louise Pitre, "Shattered", "Sandy Cove," "Is There Life After You," and "Shattered"


* Jimmy Webb, "Twilight of the Renegades", "Paul Gauguin in the South Seas," "Skywriter," "Why Do I Have to Make You Say You Love Me," "Class Clown," "Spanish Radio," "Time Flies," "How Quickly," "High Rent Ghetto," "She Moves and Eyes Follow," "Just Like Marylin," "No Signs of Age," and "Driftwood"


* Aimee Mann, "One More Drifter in the Snow", "Whatever Happened to Christmas"


* Jimmy Webb, "Live and at Large", "Paul Gauguin In The South Seas," "No Signs of Age," "Highwayman," "Campo de Encino," "Galveston," "Lightning In A Bottle," "All I Know," "Didn't We," "Wichita Lineman," "Time Flies," and "MacArthur Park"

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