George Henry (disambiguation)

George Henry (disambiguation)

George Henry may refer to:

* George Augustus Henry Sala (1828-1895), English journalist
* George Henry (baseball) (1863-1934), baseball player
* George Henry (painter) (1858-1943), Scottish painter
* George Henry Andrews (1926-1997), former Liberian sports journalist
* George Henry Barnard (1868-1954), Canadian lawyer and Conservative politician
* George Henry Bennett (1850-1908), Australian politician
* George Henry Bogert (1864-1944), American landscape painter
* George Henry Boker (1823-1890), American poet, playwright, and diplomat
* George Henry Bosch (1861-1934), Australian merchant and philanthropist
* George Henry Boughton (1834-1905), Anglo-American painter
* George Henry Boulter (born 1825), Ontario physician and political figure
* George Henry Burgess (1831-1905), landscape painter and lithographer
* George Henry Caton (1860-1941), British ornithologist
* George Henry Chase (1874-1952), U.S. archaeologist and educator
* George Henry Compton Cavendish (1784-1809), English politician
* George Henry Connor (1822-1883), Church of England clergyman
* George Henry Corliss (1817-1888), American inventor
* George Henry Cowan (1858-1935), Canadian lawyer and Conservative politician
* George Henry Craig (1845-1923), member of the United States House of Representatives
* George Henry Cram (1838-1872), officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War
* George Henry Dashwood (antiquary) (1801-1869), British antiquary
* George Henry Doucett (1897-1974), Canadian politician
* George Henry Ellis (1875-1898), United States Navy sailor
* George Henry Evans (died 1855), American activist
* George Henry Gordon (1823-1886), American lawyer
* George Henry Griebel (1846-1933), German-American architect
* George Henry Hall (1881-1965), Welsh Labour politician
* George Henry Hamilton Tate (1894-1953), American zoologist
* George Henry Lesch (1909-1994), president and CEO of the Colgate-Palmolive company
* George Henry Lewes (1817-1878), English philosopher
* George Henry Lewis (1833-1911), English lawyer
* George Henry Mackenzie (1837-1891), Scottish–American chess master
* George Henry Martin Johnson (1816-1884), First Nations leader
* George Henry Miles (1824-1871), American dramatist
* George Henry Monson (1755-1823), noted English amateur cricketer
* George Henry Moore (1811-1870), leader of the Independent Irish Party
* George Henry Moore (author) (1823-1892), American historical writer and librarian
* George Henry Morris (1872-1914), Irish Guards officer
* George Henry Murray (1861-1929), Nova Scotia politician
* George Henry Peters (1863-1947), American astronomer
* George Henry Powell (1880-1951), British songwriter
* George Henry Richards (1819-1896), Hydrographer to the British Admiralty
* George Henry Roberts (1868-1928), member of the United Kingdom Parliament
* George Henry Rose (1771-1855), Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Guelphic Order
* George Henry Ross (1878-1956), member of the Canadian House of Commons
* George Henry Sanderson (1824-1893), politician
* George Henry Smillie (1840-1921), American painter
* George Henry Smyth (born 1968), Northern Irish painter
* George Henry Tatham Paton (1895-1917), Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross
* George Henry Thomas (1816-1870), career U.S. Army officer
* George Henry Vanderbilt Cecil (born 1925), owner and operator of Biltmore Farms
* George Henry Verrall (1855-1911), English entomologist
* George Henry White (1852-1918), Republican U.S. Congressman
* George Henry Williams (1823-1910), American judge and politician
* George Morrison Reid Henry (1891-1983), entomologist and ornithologist
* George Stewart Henry (1871-1958), farmer, businessman and politician
* Lord George Henry Cavendish (1810-1880), member of the United Kingdom Parliament
* Sir George Henry Dashwood, 5th Baronet (circa 1790-1862), English landowner and politician

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* George Henri
* Henry George (disambiguation)

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